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If there was any question over how far right Israel has drifted those are now answered. Ayelet Shaked has been appointed justice minister. You may or may not remember her from her comments in a facebook post calling for total war against the Palestinian people.

Enough with the oblique references. This is a war. Words have meanings. This is a war. It is not a war against terror, and not a war against extremists, and not even a war against the Palestinian Authority. These too are forms of avoiding reality. This is a war between two people. Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people."
Full post here including the use of Dresden as an example of justified actions in war. Dresden, for those who don't know, was entirely destroyed by allied bombing in a plan to specifically attack and kill civilians and destroy civilian infrastructure. A similar attack on Palestinian cities, and especially Gaza, would be tantamount to genocide in practice.

After Bibi's bait and switch on a Palestinian state in the lead up to the election this recent knews doesn't bode well for any sort of peace process or end to the occupation and regular attacks on Palestinians.

After the recent revelations about the actions of IDF forces in the attack on Gaza last year one could be excused for thinking that much of Israel agrees with Ayalet Shaked.


In Le Mans, a city some 200km South West of Paris, there has be two terror attacks reported. In one instance it was a Mosque that had grenades thrown at it, in the other it was a Kebab shop that was bombed.

In Southern France a Muslim prayer room was fired at.

An assailant also opened fire near a Muslim prayer room in the Port-la-Nouvelle district near Narbonne in southern France on Wednesday night. The door to the room was damaged and a window was broken, but no injuries were reported in the attack. The local prosecutor told AFP the room was empty at the time of the attack.
There are thankfully no reports of injuries or deaths from these attacks at this time but it is a worrying trend. It seems reasonable to assume that these attacks are in retaliation for the killing of 12 staff members of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

I'll update with any more information I can find.


An undercover police officer at an anti police violence and killing protest in Oakland last night pulled a gun on protesters before or after another officer was allegedly assaulted, depending on which account you read. There isn't a lot of information at this time but the officer had been involved with Occupy Oakland, presumably in his role as an undercover officer, prior to this protest and was called out as a cop at the protest along with another undercover officer.

Reports from at least one former participant of Occupy Oakland was that the officer closely resembled a man who had attempted to break up vigils previously with the stated intent of pushing for more militant action, but with the practical effect of merely causing strife among folks involved with OO.

There's not a lot more info right now, but I'll update as the info comes in.

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There will be no charges for the cops who shot Darrien Hunt in the back six times while he fled.

Posecutors in Utah have determined that two police officers were justified in the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Darrien Hunt.

The Saratoga Springs police officers — Cpl. Matt Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson – shot Hunt six times Sept. 10 after responding to two 911 calls about a man walking with a samurai-style sword along a commercial boulevard.

An autopsy revealed that Hunt, who was carrying a katana sword his family said was used for cosplay, had his back turned to the officers when all six shots were fired.

And of course, the case wouldn't be complete unless it included a cop that had a body camera but turned it off prior to the murder.
This is outrageous. On September 10, 22-year-old Darrien Hunt was shot in the back six times and killed by police in Saratoga Springs, Utah. The officer who shot Hunt has just admitted, according to a Salt Lake Tribune article, that he was wearing a body camera at the scene of the shooting, but claims that it was turned off:
And of course, the cops also claimed Darrien lunged at them with a sword. So yet again the official story is that a young black ma did something that they knew would get them shot by the cops. The official line seems to be that young black men are actually just suicidal based on how they supposedly act.

How many more times does this have to happen before something changes?


Fri Nov 21, 2014 at 09:40 AM PST

NYPD Kills Again

by AoT

Another young man has been killed by the NYPD. Unarmed, as is so often the case.

A “nervous” rookie cop fatally shot an unarmed man without a word of warning in the stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project late Thursday, a police source said.

The victim’s helpless girlfriend recounted Friday how she was left to watch Akai Gurley die after the single gunshot tore into his chest without so much as a word of warning.

Officer Peter Liang, who fired the fatal shot, “heard a noise,” a police source told the Daily News. “It was dark. He must have been nervous.”

I would hope that he'll at least be reprimanded, although at this point a lack thereof won't surprise me one bit. I'm sure he's off on his paid vacation already.

I love a good meta-pie as much as the next person and I've certainly been in my share over the last two days. But after a brief break and a little thinking I realized that I was wrong about a number of different things. The most important being what cost the Dems this election.

We all know that there were a bunch of razor thin races, and that the dems lost those races overwhelmingly. We can sit and blame the dems for not being progressive enough, which I agree with, or we can blame the progressives for not being excited enough and not doing enough, which I disagree with. But when it comes down to brass tacks the reality is that in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and possibly Texas and Kansas as well enough people were disenfranchised that they could have swung the election.

This is the elephant in the room. As in the 2000 election the GOP won because they are liars and cheats and disenfranchised millions of people. I have a lot of problems with the Democrats, but that doesn't change the fact that they should have held onto the Senate and they would have if it weren't for voter suppression by the GOP. Until this stuff stops the Dems will continue to be out of power. No matter how much we here argue about what ideological changes have to happen or what tactical changes have to happen, none of tat will mean anything as long as the GOP continues it's efforts at voter suppression.


Tue Oct 21, 2014 at 11:49 AM PDT

This is What a Good Cop Does

by AoT

The headline readsGood Cop? Lead Detective in the Murder of James Boyd Blows the Whistle on Albuquerque PD and what it describes is what we should expect of every single cop out there: A police officer who is blowing the whistle on bad, and potentially illegal, behavior by other cops. Until a majority of law enforcement officers act this way the police will continue to be a corrupt institution on the front lines of enforcing and enacting racism, classism, sexism, and other oppressions.

Of course, there are also laws that have to be changed to fix some of these things, but without more police officers who take actions like this officer have there will be no change.


Turkey has said it will allow Kurds[warning: autoplay video at link] to travel through Turkey to help in Kobani.

Still under siege despite gains against ISIS, fighters defending the Syrian city of Kobani are getting more help, in addition to U.S. airstrikes.
U.S. military cargo planes dropped in much-needed weapons, ammunition and medical gear in the dead of night Sunday.
And on Monday, Turkey's foreign minister announced his country would let Kurdish Peshmerga from Iraq use Turkish territory to enter Syria and reinforce fighters in Kobani.
This is what many of us have been called for and I hope that the US constrains it intervention to current levels, although I can't say I'm optimistic that will be the case.

According to the LA Times Turkey has agreed to allow its bases to be used for airstrikes in Syria and has agreed to train and equip "moderate" forces in Syria. It's not clear at this time what this means for the Kurds in Kobani.

Turkey has agreed to allow U.S. warplanes to use its air bases for bombing missions in Syria, as well as provide rebels there with light arms and train them with infantry tactics for the ongoing battle against Islamic State militants, the Pentagon said Sunday
At this point the US is still refusing to meet Turkey's previous demands of enforcing a no fly zone in the north of Syria, nor has it committed to regime change in Syria as Turkey wishes.

On Saturday afternoon at least a dozen open carry advocates marched in protest of the killing of John Crawford by the Police in Walmart because he was carrying a BB gun that looked real.

Virgil Vaduva, the man in charge of the group, says that the protest is not just about justice, but about educating the public and police alike about the law. Nothing that John Crawford did was illegal. In fact, police did not even have the right to confront him about anything he had done, and would not have had that right even if he was carrying an actual assault weapon like protesters did today, standing in the very place he lost his life to over-zealous police.
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GoFundMe, which allowed people to raise hundreds of thousands for a murdering cop in spite of the lack of bonefides of those raising the money has shut down the page of those trying to raise funds for a woman seeking an abortion.

For anyone paying attention to and supporting our campaign, I offer you endless thanks.

We have been live for much less than a week, and we have gained international attention (some much more desirable than others). Our GoFundMe page has been taken down because GoFundMe has decided they do not want to associate with our campaign. We are still getting hate mail via GoFundMe but are unable to receive donations. I will post the email we received from them this morning later on as I have time.

If you are still interested in donating to the now internationally known Bailey’s Abortion Fund, we need your help now more than ever.

Without hosting from GoFundMe, I don’t know any options other than offering my paypal address.
We weary of other crowdsourcing platforms right now and would hate to put something else up just to have it taken down.

Any support is appreciate more than you can imagine.

Thank you so much for reading this.

If you have donations, please paypal them to
Our goal is still $2,500.
Updates will be made as soon as possible.

-Lücifer and Bailey

Because the rights of a murdering cop are clearly more important than the rights of a woman who needs an abortion.

Sun Aug 31, 2014 at 07:50 AM PDT

Israel Steals More Land in the West Bank

by AoT

Yes, Israel continues to steal land.

"On the instructions of the political echelon... 4,000 dunams at (the settlement of) Gevaot is declared as state land," the army department charged with administering civil affairs in occupied territory said, adding that concerned parties have 45 days to appeal.

The Etzion settlements council welcomed Sunday's announcement, and said it was the prelude to expansion of the current Gevaot settlement.

It "paves the way for the new city of Gevaot", a statement said.

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