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Remember Colin Small?
He is the employee of Nathan Sproul's GOP-connected company which has been accused of multiple episodes of voter suppression. Back in October Small was caught tossing registration forms in a dumpster. He was charged with 13 counts, including 8 felonies. Yesterday the felony counts were dropped by (Republican) prosecutor Marsha Garst. Many more details are at including:

Unlike other Commonwealth Attorneys, observed a local Democratic-leaning political muckraker yesterday, Garst failed to recuse herself from the prosecution despite what would appear to be very clear conflicts of interests in the case.
Tribbet, citing the WHSV report, notes that "Small's defense was he thought the people who filled out these forms were 'already registered'. So he drove to a random dumpster to throw them out instead of just putting them in the trash at his office? This doesn't pass the laugh test."
Bradblog has a very complete writeup.
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I haven't found this on DKos, sorry if it's already been blogged.
Kris Crawford, a South Carolina State representative gave an interview to the Charleston Regional Business Journal back on January 29. His words just now seem to be gaining notice.
Crawford is also an emergency physician.

“The politics are going to overwhelm the policy. It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House right now, especially for the Republican Party,” Crawford said.

He encouraged the doctors to advocate the use of the budget to accomplish expansion of Medicaid, rather than passing additional laws.

Brave honesty, or just an accident?

Tammy Baldwin gave a great speech. Waiting for the president to come to the podium. Bascom Hill on campus is full with ~30,000, others turned away.

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Documents finally released from Wisconsin's redistricting process confirm that Republicans used their legislative majorities and a lot of taxpayer money to gerrymander districts to favor their incumbents.

[Link warning: the comments section at is a cesspool into which I have not waded in a long time. Go at your own risk.]

More details below the cheddar cheese curd.

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Marketplace (American Public Media) just broadcast a brief but nice piece on public safety workers hurt by the Walker administration in Wisconsin. There are some really articulate interviewees including Mahlon Mitchell. I kept waiting it to finish with a false-equivalency rebuttal but ... it didn't happen.

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Well I woke up to this headline on (Madison, WI):

Capitol Report: Deer hunting Texas style? Walker administration says 'no'

Democratic Assembly members are starting to push the issue. Brett Hulsey says “It’s a pay-to-play deal.” There is pushback from a Walker spokeswoman who says "It’s just rumors." The article is pretty balanced, except that they mention the original Texas Monthly piece about Deer Czar Kroll and they provide quotes from Kroll on his website defending himself, without giving any of the original extremely inflammatory quotes. I provided a couple examples in the comments section of the article.

Edit: some choice quotes (these are from since I haven't registered at Texas Monthly):

“Game Management,” says James Kroll, driving to his high-fenced, two-hundred-acre spread near Nacogdoches, “is the last bastion of communism.”
People who call for more public lands are “cocktail conservationists,” he says, who are really pining for socialism.
Where does this leave the public-land hunter? “It will suck to be you,” said one deer manager who asked to remain anonymous out of fear for his job. “The resources and efforts will go toward improving the private land sector. This is all about turning deer hunting away from the Public Land Doctrine and more toward a European-style of management — like they have in Texas.”
A bit more is below the annatto colored cheese curd
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