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Tue Jul 08, 2014 at 09:22 AM PDT

Republican Words In Daily Use

by BarryWolk

As someone who gets his news from various media sources, I have noticed that the same exact words continuously follow the word ‘Republican’ when stated in print or over the air.

Here are the Republican Top 20 Words in no particular order:

01.    Republicans won’t…
02.    Republicans don’t…
03.    Republicans deny…
04.    Republicans disallow…
05.    Republicans remove…
06.    Republicans nullify…
07.    Republicans oppose…
08.    Republicans refuse…
09.    Republicans reject…
10.    Republicans can’t…
11.    Republicans against…
12.    Republicans antagonistic…
13.    Republicans cynical…
14.    Republicans detrimental…
15.    Republicans uninterested…
16.    Republicans overturn…
17.    Republicans repeal…
18.    Republicans negate…
19.    Republicans invalidate…
20.    Republicans shutdown…


Today, the Supreme Court upheld Hobby Lobby’s alleged ‘Right’ to eliminate the civil Rights of their employees based on trumped-up religious grounds.

The decision was 5-4. Justice Alito wrote the majority opinion on this enormous expansion of corporate rights.  This new-found right applies to 'closely-held' corporations, which are corporations that are not publicly traded on open markets.  Hobby Lobby, yes, General Motors, no.  
The question is:  How many of these corporations will now declare themselves a 'religious entity'?

And, I say 'trumped up' because of the overt hypocrisy over the fact that Hobby Lobby's 401(k) employee retirement plan held more than $73 million in mutual funds with investments in companies that produce emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, and drugs commonly used in abortions.  So, it's against our Hobby Lobby corporate religious beliefs unless, of course, we can make some ca$h from it!
Does this now mean that your employer will soon be able to completely eliminate ‘pre & post-natal’ services for their unmarried female employees?

Perhaps they will also now have the right to fire any of their employees who refuse to sacrifice a lamb at the alter of the Hobby Lobby’s in-house chapel?!?

            Sorry, but MY bible says: "NO blood transfusions or vaccinations for... YOU!!"

So, now that SCOTUS has ruled that a 'closely-held' corporation can, in Myth Romney’s words: “Be a Person, Too”, I would think that it's time to make the top management of some of these corporations responsible to stand up to criminal trials for the crimes of their corporations!

To make this ruling possible, SCOTUS had to conclude that these corporations have the same rights to religious freedom as real live, walking/sleeping/eating/breathing/sneezing, human beings, which the Supreme Court has never concluded before IN THE HISTORY OF UNITED STATES JURISPRUDENCE!

Also, this ruling by SCOTUS has single-handedly unwound centuries of settled corporate law practice.

Further, with this ruling, the Court has also extended unprecedented protections to secular employers, which will certainly open up a tsunami of new religious freedom challenges to virtually every other law we have on the books.

I'm sorry, Mr. Constitution, but I, as a religious corporation, have a deep religious objection to paying my women employees as much as I pay the men, and, oh yeah, you can certainly understand how servicing gay customers violates my sacred religious principles!
                                            The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

But since this ruling shreds the corporate 'veil' that separates the 'closely-held' corporation from it's shareholders, thereby affording them less protection, perhaps this will consequently open up our Right, as individuals, to sue a corporation’s shareholders for the misbehavior of their corporations. I can’t wait to see how THIS one plays out!

This is a very sad moment for America.  Imagine that the day has come when Americans can expect to be treated this poorly just because they happen to work at an 'Arts & Crafts' store!

Bottom Line:  We have officially turned into a SCOTUS sanctioned corporate ‘oligarchy’ today… but us Daily Kos readers have known that for quite a while now.

Emily Bazelon of Slate summed this all up with one sentence: "The conservative Justices on SCOTUS have figured out how to 'weaponize' the 1st Amendment."

       (That ‘whirring’ sound you hear is our Founding Fathers spinning in their graves today!)


If you are anything like me, you may have been wondering (ever since that cheney/bush (s)election in 2001) what the heck is wrong with most American teapublicans as the words and thoughts that come out of their mouths these days can range from simply incomprehensible… to unbelievably inexplicable.

Whether it’s Science Denial, Ravaging Our Old, Our Poor, Our Women, or Taking Away People’s Human/Civil/Voting Rights, Destroying our Environment, Shutting Down the Gov't or Ruining the Credit of the United States... the list of these 'unique' anti-social behaviors, when it comes to teapubs, is basically endless.
So, what triggered this Diary from me today was my bad fortune to receive a digital copy of the current American Spectator Magazine.

The comments in this magazine were SO off the wall and so hatefully anti-progressive and anti-human, that I was wondering what can make people to even reach these depths and then I remembered a link to a Psychology Today article I came across earlier this week.

Well, what we have here is a possible medical explanation for all of this republican malarkey. (Thank you for the 'malarkey' word, Joe Biden!).

And, before I share this with you, I want you to know exactly who I’m talking about in reference to the following psychological explanations, so here’s a very short representative list of the type of republicans I'm referring to:

Dick Cheney, Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal Darrell Issa, Raphael (‘My Name Is NOT Really Ted’) Cruz.

The following article had such great insight to this previously unanswerable question: 'What on earth could possibly be going on in a republican's head?'  

So, to that end, I have ‘culled’ for us a brief synopsis of this Psychology Today article written by William Hirstein, Ph.D, originally published in Mindmelding in January, 2013, called:

>'What Is A Psychopath?'

Please keep in mind that the following are Dr. Hirstein’s words as I do not have the skills, nor the credentials required, to deal with these deeply complex medical issues.

Tell me if any of Dr. Hirstein's following words 'ring a bell' for you…

Anyone fitting enough of these criteria counts as a psychopath or sociopath."

Psychopaths have “callous unconcern for the feelings of others.” … Psychopaths are also not good at detecting fear in the faces of other people.”

Shallow emotions
“Psychopaths, and to a degree, sociopaths, show a lack of emotion, especially the social emotions, such as shame, guilt, and embarrassment.  “general poverty in major affective reactions,” and a “lack of remorse or shame.”

Psychopaths show “blame externalization,” which means that they blame others for events that are actually their fault. They may admit blame when forced into a corner, but these admissions are not accompanied by a sense of shame or remorse, and they have no power to change the sociopath’s future behavior.

Describes sociopaths as possessing a “grandiose sense of self worth.”  

Psychopaths show a “pathologic egocentricity [and incapacity for love],” which is affirmed in the PPI by its inclusion of egocentricity among its criteria.

Insincere speech
Tend to outright “pathological lying,” there is a trend toward devaluing speech among psychopaths by inflating and distorting it toward selfish ends. The criteria for APD include “conning others for personal profit or pleasure.”

So, I don't know about you, but this all sounds just like Mitt Romney’s Resume!

I just wish these teapubs would just get some help already and leave the rest of us alone!


This will be the most important blog that I write all year…

According to NBC News, an estimated 7,500 American children are hospitalized after being shot and wounded by guns - plus a additional 500 children are shot and killed by gunfire in America…  Every Single Year!

80% are shot by handguns with rifles making up the rest.

The question is: How Do YOU Feel About This?!?


I Believe That...

2%17 votes
2%19 votes
1%10 votes
92%597 votes

| 643 votes | Vote | Results

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Truth is, this title is a misnomer because we actually knew Cantor and his gang of republican congressional ne’er-do-wells all too well.  How many times have we seen him and boehner scurrying back and forth with great immediacy through the halls deep below Congress, running from one important ‘How Can We Try To Kill Obamacare Again (and Again)’ meeting to another, with a gaggle of reporters in tow, reluctantly relenting to the many requests for a Press Conference so he can now dispense his wisdom and secret knowledge of events to the ignorant masses.

And, let us not forget Cantor’s many $3,500 hand-tailored suits - perfectly pressed as if he just put it on for the cameras - hugging a slim fit $350 white Brioni shirt that would feed a family of four for three weeks.

No, we knew him way too well and I, for one, am glad to see him go.  Buh-Bye, Now!

The way the Main Stream Media makes excuses for the tea party’s so called recent election ‘success’ is exactly the same as the mother of a drug addict who enables his behavior by constantly making up really good reasons why it’s not really his fault that her son has been arrested 15 times.

These press pundits minimize the fact that the main reason cantor lost his district was because he completely alienated his constituents by rarely coming home, and when he did, it was with a security detail of speeding SUVs blowing through town.  He lost touch w/his voters years ago. He paid more and more attention to his national aspirations while sweeping his local congressional district and his constituents under the rug.

He lost because he was at a national fundraiser in Washington the DAY of the primary with his constituents located a mere 90 miles away in Virginia!


He lost because his ‘steakhouse’ food bill alone far exceeded his opponent’s ENTIRE campaign outlay!  And, BTW: you do realize that there are NO Bobby Van or B.L.T. steakhouses in his VA 7th congressional district!  They are, of course, along with his professional campaign managers, located within the beltway of Washington, DC, which is how he managed to completely cut his own voters out of the election process.

"...those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger, ended up inside."
John F. Kennedy - January 21, 1961

NOTE TO ERIC: Never, ever spend a million dollars plastering your completely unknown opponent’s name all over the television with media buys thereby enhancing his name recognition by a factor of ‘Mucho-Mucho’.

BTW: Cantor spent over $173 dollars for each vote he received, while his opponent spent a grand total of… $3.40 per vote!!!   Can I get a ‘WTF’?!?

Further, I can let you in on a secret.  It was NOT because Cantor was Jewish.  Do you think his constituents finally realized what his religion was AFTER he was previously elected to his seat SEVEN separate times over the last two decades?

And, it was NOT because of democrats invading the republican’s ‘open’ primary as that would have required a concerted effort of well over 5,000 dems to sabotage the polling stations that day, which didn't happen.

Immigration?  Nope.  Lindsey Graham survived that poison pill in his recent primary against tea party challengers with zero effort on his part.

And, most importantly, cantor most certainly did not lose because of a brilliant campaign waged by his tea party candidate opponent, which is what the Press now inexplicably asserts, including claims of an unfathomable public resurgence of tea party power and principles.  

        (Wait, I can’t breathe, give me a second to stop laughing about this one.)

No, the bottom line is that Cantor would have lost to SpongeBob SquarePants last Tuesday. Period.

Notice how the tea party is currently running around boasting about their ‘stunning’ upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, however, let’s sit back and watch the ‘establishment’ republicans predictably block ANY teapublican from ascending to that position as it is already slated to go to a party ‘regular’ instead.  Someone who can take orders.  

No Majority Leadership post for YOU, tea party!!

So, what’s next for Cantor?  Don’t worry, Eric, you can now start your retirement plan by becoming a multi-million dollar hooker, err, I mean, Lobbyist, for the highest bidder!  Boeing owes you BIG TIME for your rigging gov’t loans their way to facilitate BILLION$ of dollars in aircraft sales at the expense of other American manufacturers - all paid for by the American taxpayer.  So, give ‘em a call.  

Remember my mother's first rule, Mr. Former Congressman: "If you don’t ask, you don’t get".

Or, perhaps the GOP will offer you in the chairmanship of the RNC (Rethuglican National Committee)? What the heck? Maybe Shelly Adelson will throw you a bone? I hear he’s looking for someone to recharge his ‘Rascal Roundabout’.

This week’s big surprise was that we got rid of one of the bad guys, and a very powerful one at that!  Now there is not even ONE republican remaining in the House who is not a Christian!

Who would have thunk it?!?

Time to celebrate Eric’s loss, America!  Enjoy your Sunday!


Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 02:38 PM PDT

I Is Disgusted!

by BarryWolk

Hold on!  Before you attempt to correct my mangled grammar, hear me out.  If President George Bush (43) can ask America, with a slew of cameras rolling: “Is our children learning?”, then I believe that I can now take GWB’s Presidential grammatical lead and state with the absolute certainty of his ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner that indeed... “I IS disgusted!”

So, what is the cause of my angst this morning (and every morning these days)?

Our Founding Fathers have GOT to be spinning in their graves over the current political state, and exceptionally low quality, of our Congress (and lets throw in the SCOTUS for good measure)!

Since we can’t do anything about SCOTUS today, we’ll just have to live w/the four bad pennies, roberts, scalia, alito, and thomas {sic} and hope that they slow-down in their brutal assault against us average Americans for now.  

Perhaps a mandatory retirement age of 75 or so would be appropriate as we are living way too long these days to function effectively under such major legal workloads as an 80 year old Justice is faced with.  I can’t locate mortality rates for the late 1700’s, so consider the fact that Life Expectancy for a male in America in the year 1900 was 49 years of age.  I would imagine that was considerably lower back in 1787, when the Constitution was signed.  I say our Founding Fathers never imagined a 2014 mortality rate of over 81 years for an American male today.

One thing I would do to improve today’s Court is to immediately recommend to Elena Kagan that she stop defeating our Progressive agenda with her habit of recusing herself from the myriad of cases that she was once involved with as Solicitor General under President Obama.  As Solicitor General she specifically represented the President, however, as a Supreme Court Justice, now she specifically represents America - so there is NO conflict.  No more recusals, Justice Kagan! We need your vote.

Anyway, lawyers are trained to separate minor issues such as which side of the case they’re on.

Now, as far as the House is concerned, here’s some food for thought…why would the creators of the Constitution only give House members a mere two year term?

Answer:  It’s so that ‘everyman/everywoman’ type folks can take turns serving their nation. Our Founding Fathers NEVER envisioned 50 year, 25+ term, professional House members!

One Problem:  Here is a single glaring example of how Congress is not doing the ‘Peoples’ work as envisioned by those who lived and died to found our nation:  

In 2012 (and this is before the Sandy Hook murders of all those very young children) only 13% of all Americans thought that there should be NO registration of guns in America Gun Registration Poll and yet, Congress refuses to answer to the Will of the People and pass any laws relating to this issue as they are too busy answering to their Corporate Masters and cash-wielding/vote-threatening Lobbyists instead!

(Yup... I'm talking about YOU, and your "so what if 31,000 Americans are killed by guns every year" NRA, Wayne LaPierre)

So, to that end, someone once suggested that our Congresscritters be required to show up to the Chamber with their corporate logos sewn onto their suits like NASCAR drivers.  Can you see it now?  Very colorful ‘NRA’… ‘Koch Industries’… and ‘Halliburton’ patches!  At least it would be more honest than the current system of ‘dark’ and hidden money bribes.

Oh, gosh, did I actually use the word ‘bribes’?  You bet I did!  This is one remaining ‘bipartisan’ vestige left to being a member of Congress today, which the republicans AND the dems share… they’re BOTH corrupt and are very happy to be bought and paid for with any amount of cash, no matter how big or how small!!  Of course there are a few exceptions such as Saunders, Warren and Franken and a couple more but, hey, I just realized that all I've just mentioned are Senators, NOT House members!  My bad.

‘We The People’ currently have ZERO input in how Congress is run and what, and how, the issues that are important to us are dealt with.  Our national priorities are completely ignored by these arrogant members of congress who, BTW, if memory serves me well, are supposed to be working for US, not the other way around!!

(FYI: If you look up the words ‘Lazy Criminal Bastards’ in the dictionary, you will see a group photo of Congress!)

The question is: How did we end up with such a gaggle of poor quality legislators?  I suspect that part of the answer lies in the brutal scrutiny the Press bestows upon potential candidates, so why would a respectable, intelligent, human being want to put themselves, and their families, through all of this grief?  Not to mention the ‘tea party’ philosophy of electing people to all of these positions of power who HATE our gov’t and actually want to DESTROY it.

“We want to shrink the US Gov't down to the size of a bathtub so that we can then DROWN IT!!"  (Grover Norquist - 2012)

Bachmann on the ‘House Intelligence Committee’?  Congressmen who deny the very math of Economics on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee?  Science deniers who really, really believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old - that the Sun revolves around the Earth - that there is NO such thing as 'Climate Change' - that Jesus rode around on dinosaurs and that evolution doesn't exist have populated the United States House Committee on Science, Space and Technology for years now!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?   You can’t make this stuff up!!

(Personally, I can’t figure out why republicans hate America so much?!?  I think we're a wonderful conglomeration of people, no?)

Listen, I can go on all day about this so let me end with this, which sums up what we have to deal with on a daily basis re: the utter failure of the House.

Our last several (John Boehner/Eric Cantor) Congresses (the 110th,111th, 112th, & 113th) have accomplished LESS than any other congresses in our nation’s illustrious history.  And yet they all point to their legislative accomplishments over this multi-year period, which encompass the singular effort of re-naming hundreds of Post Offices so that they can say that they’re passing laws:

“We’re workin’, we’re workin’!” they say.

Let’s take a look at the actual facts:

The House has passed HUNDREDS of laws renaming Post Offices since Obama was elected President, Dedicated Post Offices however, there have been only FIVE postal facilities built in the last century (the 21st), with exactly ZERO built since 2006 Built Post Offices!!

So, renaming these Post Offices, which ALL pre-date President Obama’s election by years, was a superfluous and futile endeavor of the boehner congresses as 100% of these facilities were already in existence for years and were ALREADY NAMED by previous congresses!!

It was all a big fat ruse and a complete waste of our time and OUR tax dollars!  And it is important to note that all this was going on as America was swirling down the drain of the toilet while we lost every record of ‘exceptionality’ that we ever held as we all fell far behind the rest of the world!!

Some partial, immediate, solutions?  Take private money out of ALL of our elections and make Lobbying Congress, especially from former elected officials and former gov’t appointed officials, COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!  

If these Congresscritters need advice from private industry in the future, let them invite the appropriate non-governmental experts to speak to them in (mostly) open, and transparent, hearings.

Two: Gerrymandering is the very definition of 'vote-rigging' and I'm completely SICK of it!

(Vote ‘em ALL out in 2014!)

Because when Democrats vote, Democrats… WIN!!

Nuff’ Said!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Are You Satisfied W/The Competence of Congress

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First of all, at this historic moment, I would like to say to Eric Cantor…
What a great day for America!!

And, contrary to what you say, you are NOT “stepping down”…  
You were TERMINATED!  By your own constituents, no less!

Fired! Sacked! Canned! Let go! Given the axe!  
(See ya… wouldn't want to be ya!)

Here’s my question: What has happened to this once great country of ours?  I remember back in the day when both sides of the aisle not only spoke to each other, they actually ate dinners together and compromised and worked things out so we could have what’s best for America. And, oh yeah, they got their WORK done!  There was a sense of ‘unity’ in the air.

House election districts were recognizable as familiar shapes like rectangles and squares and the heck with how many Dems and Repubs ended up in each.  If you go back just 30 years and look at what was spent on elections compared to what is spent today you just wouldn't believe it!  

And, what ever happened to us all working together for a common good?  Remember developing nuclear deterrents to protect our nation from the evil Hun back in 1940?  Developing vaccines? Remember pulling together to put an American first on the moon?

Along with social safety nets like Social Security and Medicare these were NOT private capitalistic corporate endeavors, these were putting the right folks together to work for the common good and they were mostly accomplished by our gov’t and it’s workers!

That’s right, if you can think back real far into the recesses of your memory (if you’re old enough, that is), you may remember a time when we didn’t vilify our citizens who worked for the gov’t on a daily basis.  Our teachers and scientists and engineers were our next door neighbors.  We saw them as integral parts to our overall plan to have America succeed and make life better for us all.  We NEVER referred to them as ‘takers’ as they have now have been labeled by the republicans.

And while we’re at it, lets get ALL the private money out of the electoral process.  It has not just damaged us as a nation, it is most certainly leading to the death of all we know and recognize as a democracy.  Only the media benefits from this out of control ‘dark’ money spending.  The Supreme Court has hastened our demise with their ‘Citizens United’ type rulings.  

We must demand a Constitutional Amendment to fix this American death knell and I think that Senator Warren is just the person to write it!

So, let’s not just stand back and watch the republicans continue their attempt to sap the power from our women, our people of color, our poor, our immigrants, our gays, our veterans, our voters, our teachers and our other gov’t workers.  Let’s get involved in the fight for Truth and Justice, two innocent nouns that are nearly mortally wounded these days by the relentless efforts of the party of Scalia, Alito, Cruz, Palin, Issa, Rubio, Gohmert McConnell and Ryan.

And, I almost forgot...

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