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Last week, I posted about a special needs puppy at the Lack Jackson, Texas,  SPCA shelter. Everyone was amazingly thoughtful, helpful, and kind in getting the word about the little guy who is gonna need all the help in the world... I am proud to report that he is now fostered! We also have additional video here:

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A friend of mine recently began volunteering at a shelter in Texas. Recently, she encountered a puppy whose front legs don't seem to work right, and she captured the following moment on video.

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Thu Feb 20, 2014 at 07:29 PM PST

Today, I gained health care.

by Birddroppings

"Actually, it says you're approved here for the Oregon Health Plan."

"I have health care?"

"Yes, you do."

"I have health care. Woo!"

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It was shortly after Christmas of 2000 when two police officers showed up at my door late one night. I was as confused by their appearance as their questions seemed to be. They told me they'd been asked to check on us, to see if we were okay, which was pretty odd, even despite the circumstances.

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I hate to ask for help here and I hope this isn't bad form, but I'm asking.

A transgendered friend of mine has been rendered homeless in Denver, Colorado. She doesn't know anyone up there and she could use a safe place to go to. I'm reaching out to every place I know where I think I might be able to get her some help.

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Thu Oct 04, 2012 at 10:37 PM PDT

An accidental mention.

by Birddroppings

It was so casual. An accidental slip of something that they'd never told me, my parents. A troubled life that connected to us that had been silenced in 1983, or 84. Or 85. They couldn't quite remember when it was she'd vanished, as she was never that close, and, they made sure to add, 'troubled'.

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The imminent and potential selection of Paul Ryan for vice president, and his avowed Randian beliefs got me thinking.

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Thanks to all those who've taken the time to read and respond to the diary. It's clear that my friend is in the wrong on some details (though I don't doubt the truth of her experiences at all) and has been mislead on reporting requirements, somewhere along the line. Commenters have taken the time to correct those mistakes, and in the interest of not providing inaccurate information, I must point to the additional info offered in the commentary by those with far more knowledge (and know how on where to find it) on the regulations and requirements for reporting of infectious diseases withiin prison. They are required to report it to the state. Part of this also  meshes well with her statement on local tracking, as well as how prisons can get around this. The original diary is below.

"What do you mean they don't have to report it?"

That was my response to my friend, who had just returned from quarantine after treating an outbreak of tuberculosis at a private prison in her home state of Texas. She then proceeded to tell me that they do not, in fact, have to report it at all to the CDC. Or anyone, really, for that matter. Outbreaks of infectious diseases in prisons are common, but unlike their publically run counterparts, have no obligtation or regulations in place to require them to report them, she told me.

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You'll have to forgive me. I'm not a writer -- and I'm certainly not up to the quality of diaries you'll find every day here on DailyKos. This diary is a mixture of my own frustrations and, in some ways, a plea for help. I don't know what to do -- I don't know what anyone can do in the face of some of the daily struggles we find ourselves in. And I know what we're going through doesn't even hold a candle to some of the difficult choices others are going through every day.

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