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Yesterday we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. There were re-enactments of The I have The Dream speech and the usual marches honoring Dr. king but there was a little different type of marches too. Because of the Brown killing in Ferguson MO and the Garner choking death of Garner in Staten Island NY there were protest marches too. One of the major Marches was in St. Paul MN. The major portion of the march was along University Ave, that links Minneapolis and St. Paul MN. It crosses the Mississippi River. The march was was in two parts separated by The Green Line Lite Rail that is in the middle of University Avenue.

Dr. king's message was always about building bridges across racial lines He wanted the little children to walk holding hands White and black. The fact that the policemen both in Ferguson and Staten Island were White and their victims were Black was not the only problem. The most important problem is that both victims were unarmed.Using deadly force should always be the last resort!The Grand Juries in both cities got it wrong big time!

What needs to happen is that law enforcement  and leaders in the Black Community have to get together and have seminars on how to eliminate the hostility that seems to have grown between the two groups. But there are some simple answers  to solve this problem too. First of all schools and teachers must get back to the basics and teach ALL children to speak and write proper English. Schools have to also get into having Proper Etiquette classes too!Our current crass society is becoming a cesspool of foul  language! People are forgetting how to talk with out cursing. Cursing is the language of the uneducated, the low class and the language of amping up the anger!

People have to remember that the police are human beings too. They have feelings and  get tired of the insults they get from the criminal element. Black parents have to teach their children to have good manners. They have to stress the fact that authority figures have to be addressed with "Sir" and "Ms" and to have their children use their best language. Ebonics is not a form of proper English is a bastardization of English

 The Police have to  learn to walk the beat again and get toknow the people that they are supposed to be protecting. White policepersons have to eat their lunches in ethnic restaurants and try to learn as much as they can about other cultures. No more insulating themselves in a cocoon of ignorance!

Finally, our country can only fulfill Dr.King's dream if we are an inclusive country! That means we have to tear down the wall that says you  can only date people in your own race . Bi-racial dating should be a norm not an exception! I'm bi-racial and am delighted that I have more ethnicities to delight in! I feel bad that Heidi Klum and Seal divorced. They made a beautiful couple!

Let's honor Martin Luther King Junior by living the bi-racial life and building bridges to understanding!  


Have you dated or married bi-racially?

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I'm 69 and plan to live in infinity, I am youthful in looks and attitude. No, i don't have a power chair, a life alert(that's what cell phones are for) and the idea of gardening bores me. In the Summer I am out and about and do the club scene occasionally, enjoy dining out and going to movies and am looking for a man between 40-60 to become my soul mate and lover. In my blog, The Non-Trad Manifesto I cremated the word "Old" in reference to human beings and created the word usage "Mature or the adjective Maturing" to replace the (O) word. The (O) word is in the same class as the (N) word and the (R) word as being demeaning and cruel.

Ageism is a huge social detriment to society but it gets little coverage in the media. It puts the maturing people in a very bad light because it stereotypes us and creates walls that separates us from employment opportunities and screws us(especially women) when we are in search of dating opportunities. When mature women and men are featured in commercials the fashion statement is DULL AND BORING! Women usually wear matte color clothes that are lifeless, no excitement. All skirts and dresses are below the knee and  usually are accompanied by old fashioned sweaters that do nothing for their figures. Men wear floppy hats and baggy pants and loose sweaters. Of course, all we are allowed to hock is medical devices, medical alert devices, and power chairs. The only mature aimed commercials that I like are the L'Oreal commercials with Diane Keaton and Ageless Male commercials with basketball star, Walt Frazier.

I consider myself unemployed; I never plan to retire and retirement will kill you faster then staying on the job. You are better off mingling with various age groups and living the same life you led when you were in your twenties. Grey hair is obsolete ; your hair will be more healthy if you color and condition it. When you get up in the morning and look in your bathroom mirror and see no grey hair you will feel more youthful. Also use creams like Olay Regenerist to sculpt your neck and face to keep it taut and smooth.

Both TV and the movies have to use mature actors and actresses in more love stories. Mature stars have to have good self esteem and not be afraid to wear sexy clothes. They must rid themselves of the fact that they are too (O) and no longer sex symbols. We can be eternal seductresses and seductors at any age!

We can bring experience and good work ethics to the work force. Mandatory retirement laws must be eliminated let us work with paying jobs and don't stick us with non-paying volunteer work. Senior poverty can be eliminated if we can keep our paid jobs.

Finally, If the image of maturing people is changed and we are allowed to participate in a linear society it will be easier for younger people(especially men) to see us as an option to begin a relationship with. After the stereotypes are eliminated.


Do you think that maturing people deserve equal rights?

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Wed Sep 11, 2013 at 01:53 PM PDT

Commemorating 911 12 Years Later

by Blondmama

Hello Readers,
This is an anniversary of an event that didn't need to happen! The World Trade Center twin towers should still be standing proudly as part of New York City's Skyline. The Pentagon in Washington D.C. should have never been flown into! Flight 93 should have landed safely in it's destination instead of crash landing in a field in Stonycreek near Shanksville Pennsylvania.The Afghan war should never happened and most assuredly NOT the misadventure, The Iraq War!

Who do I blame for all the carnage, the loss of innocent lives, memories that will haunt some people forever, and trillions and trillions of dollars wasted on wars and reparation? This should lie squarely on the shoulders of one of the most inept presidents in the history of The United State, George Bush II! He wasn't taking care of business instead he spent major chunks of time at his ranch playing around. He should have stayed in Washington and paid attention to his messages and security communiques. An unheralded hero in this mess was FBI agent Coleen Rowley, she operated out of the Minneapolis Minnesota office of the FBI. She sent briefs to the main office of The  FBI in Washington, who then passed them on to Bush about the arrest of Zacarias Moussaoui because he was taking flying lessons on how to fly a plane but wasn't interested in learning how to land it. This made his flight instructor curious thereby leading to his arrest. There was many messages about the possibility of planes flying into buildings monitored by the FBI but Bush was too busy getting photo ops on his ranch to pay attention and protect our country!

Mohhamed Atta, the head hijacker was on the radar as a possible danger yet he was allowed on the plane under his real name and photo. To be a good president you have have critical thinking skills plus be very analytical. Bush was very much lacking these skills.

Osama Bin Ladin was at fault too. He was a scion of a wealthy Arabic family and had no reason to hate the USA. He could have(as a son of privilege) went to the finest schools of higher learning like Oxford, Harvard, Yale and The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul MN(my alma mature)and became a great leader and humanitarian like Andrew Carnegie( who started public libraries in America that bear his name). He could better help Muslims by starting social service organizations that help feed and clothe impoverished Muslims or create businesses in countries that have a high Muslim population so poverty would be abated. BUT NO with his insanity he put a "Kick Me! sign on the backs of all Muslims by this dastardly deed! (Read my open letter to Osama Bin Ladin  posted January 20th 2011 on my blog The Non-Trad Manifesto, the link:

Finally, The best way you can honor the people that died on or as the result of 911 is to prevent another 911 like event to happen! How? By tearing down walls of Ignorance and building bridges of acceptance.By having mixer parties between Muslim, Christian, and Jewish people. By having friends of all races and religions. By tolerating people of all faiths and NEVER DEMONIZING PEOPLE THAT DON'T PRACTICE THEIR FAITH LIKE YOU DO IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN! DON'T SPREAD INTOLERANCE!!


Do you have friends or family members in different religions?

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Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 07:04 AM PDT

A Prayer For Religious Peace

by Blondmama

This is a little unusual for a political blog but it will include political thoughts along with  a non-denominational prayer.
The crises in Egypt and Syria and most wars in the Near East are not only political but have a religious component to it.What is the problem? Theocracies don"t work and never will! Governments that operate on religious ideas can never serve all it's citizens because some citizens that belong to a different religion then the government is based on will  never have all their rights protected. Having said that, I am proposing that it isn't fair to that the most draconian ideas are usually the ones  that are defining most religions now days. This is most evident in two examples, The Taliban and Evangelical Christians. Both of these extremes create wars and produced 911.

What we need to do is bring a sense of unity in the World. And to do this we must adopt the fact that we all pray to the same God, whether we are Muslim, Christians, Jewish, or Buddhists! We may give him different names like Jesus, Allah, Yahway, or Buddha, The Crusades of old and Jihhads are both based on religious intolerance! We must all realize that we must learn to tolerate each other's religion! Christian, Muslim, and Jewish children must never be taught to demonize people of a different religion then there own! NEVER! This is the cure for many wars and to preserve our planet wars need to be STOPPED!

I propose a new way of life for a more peaceful World is that we must mingle more  with people of all races and religions. People should learn to reach out to people of other faiths and become friends. I see Muslim women huddled together at restaurants and not hanging with non-Muslims. It isn't healthy to be over religious.  In the global business World that we live in we should learn to be comfortable with all types of people. All religions have to trim away ideas that are outdated and keep traditions that don't stifle creative thinking! I am a cafeteria Catholic, I take what I need from my faith and dismiss the ideas that don't compute in a modern society.

I will go further, we should date and perhaps marry people of other faiths. A Muslim man should be able to date a Christian woman  and if they decided to marry both should be able to keep their own faiths. If they have children, let their kids be exposed to both faiths and when they are about 16 or 17 let them pick what religion works better for them. Another thing, forced prayer and making  the image of God to be spiteful and mean is a disservice to having healthy and open children. The God I believe in  is a kind God that is here to help His Children! How can one adore a mean God?

Finally, I have decided to work at bringing ALL RELIGIONS TOGETHER I was a Lay Minister in the Catholic faith but now I think my talents are better served by building bridges and tearing down walls that are preventing religions from joining hands together and having a group prayer to God:

      God, please grant that all faiths will join together and start the healing process.
      Grant that we all respect the humanity of all our sisters and brothers.
       May we see what unites us and not what divides us!


Are you ready to join in peace with other religions?

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Hi Readers,
We have just celebrated The Fourth of July,  watched the fireworks and all got stuffed at the barbecues.It was just a big party that we all had fun with. But did you sit back and think about what you were celebrating?. The formal name for the holiday you were celebrating is Independence Day. It is supposed to commemorate the freeing of The USA from British rule. It is also another vehicle for us to honor the soldiers that have gone to wars to protect our freedom  in various countries. That is all well and good if your ancestors came from Europe and emigrated to this country. This country provided emigres with a better future and a new beginning with better jobs, more freedoms, and an education for their children to become the next scientists, educators, and CEO's  Of corporations. But, there is a hidden group of people who as yet haven't had their share of the American Dream fully realized! They are barely recognized by American culture or media. They are ridiculed daily by many Americans with caricatures all over the place that show no respect for their culture and they were forced to live in small conclaves that are far from the general population that keeps them in never ending poverty, alcoholism, and drug addiction. The people are Native Americans(American Indians)or like in my case Ojibiway Indian!

I spent the first four years of my life on the LCO Indian Reservation in Northern Wisconsin. Sure I am also Caucasian but as my mom always said, "As long as you have a drop of Indian blood you are Indian!" I do favor my Indian blood over my other ethnicities and write that I am bi-racial on all my legal paperwork.

The vast land that is The USA was populated with numerous tribes with different customs and rituals. Most of the American Indian tribes have Mongolic ancestry because Mongolians traveled over the Bering Strait separating Russia from Alaska and settled in what is now Alaska then went south and populated Canada, The USA then Central and South America.

Before the Caucasian Invasion The land was virulent with lush forests  ample vegetation and the only time animals were hunted was to provide meat and pelts to make clothing for tribe members. There was no hunting just for sport or bragging rights. Native Americans were the first environmentalists.

The point I am making is when the Europeans came here they entered an already populated region. This land belonged to the tribes that populated it! The Europeans had NO right to take the land and it's assets without permission! What happened was an invasion! Yet most people in this country don't even say, "Sorry!" to Native Americans. To add more injury sports teams poke fun at us with team names using  nomenclature referring to American Indians complete with imbecilic caricatures that make us look ugly and stupid! People can call us all kinds of ugly terms like savages, squaws( that means vagina), and breeds (this was what my grandmother was called on my mom's birth certificate).

Picture how you would feel if Germany won WWII and the soldiers goose stepped their way in to our streets gather up people and forced them to walk to Death Valley and forced to live there. Also if another group of people were forced to live in the Mohave Desert. This is what happened to American Indians, they were forced to walk to Oklahoma in the 'Trail of Tears" to lands that weren't fertile and low quality to live. The Invaders kept the best land for themselves. I don't believe in reservations, since all the lands SHOULD belong to Native Americans we should live wherever we want.

 The treaties signed by Indian Chiefs were under duress. The language barrier is one consideration and the fact that White People introduced alcohol to the Native population and created an addiction to alcohol that is very much still a problem today! The question, was the Chief sober? The Native Americans were innocent and not book smart so they were easily persuaded by trinkets to sell their valuable property. $13 for Manhattan?

Have Native Americans won their independence? I don't think so. Not until we are seen as correspondents and anchors on TV news show. Not until we have skilled lawyers investigate all treaties and determine their validity. Not until we are respected or feared enough that they watch their language when referring to us. Not until November( the month to honor Native Americans) is respected and is honored with programs all over the media! We also need more then Famous Dave to represent Native American entrepreneurs.  


The sequester solution should never have been thought of! It is idiocy at it's worst! Our government has to remember that they are working for us and we would never have approved such an idea. This Teapublican idea ( people that are addicted to no taxes for the wealthy) Have no interest in serving the needs of the middle class and the poor. Their only function is to serve their Wall Street Contributors! Their thought is ," Who cares about the middle class and the poor as long as my Wall Street buddies are happy?" Congress has to think about the 99% because we don't have powerful lawyers and lobbyists to help us!

The sequester will cause massive cuts to medical research, the military, and education this will be a major Job Killer not Job Maker! We  can't let this happen! Tell Congress to let the wealthy pay their fare share to keep our country going and spend a little money for the least of us! Touch their heart(if they have one) with pictures of children not getting vaccines to keep them healthy. Tell them that needed research will not happen because funding will stop because of sequester! Let them know that schools with already bulging class sizes will get even larger because teachers will lose their jobs. Class sizes  of 75+ are not out of the picture.

There will be less police and law enforcement officers to do background checks on gun purchasers. Think more Sandy Hooks! The military will be shrunk too.

Congress has to work for us and yes Republicans too. They have to have consciences too! Only people that work for the common good should go into politics not the weak and greedy! We must have people that are warriors against poverty and ignorance and will see to it that everyone in this country will have their basic needs met and a chance to reach self actualization!


What do you think will help the ecnomy most?

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Columbine,Red Lake, Tucson Arizona( assassination attempt on Gabby Gifford),and Virginia State University all sights of mass murder. The list goes on Fort Hood, Aurora Colorado( the theater shooting), The Clackamas Mall, and now the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown  CT. must we add your child's school and your child's name to the list of this senseless killings with guns before you demand Congress, The Senate and the President to sign bills restricting the use of guns? Congressional leaders, how many deaths does it take for you to refuse the blood soaked money from NRA, and gun manufacturers and do the good work you should be doing and pass bills that protect your constituents and all citizens from the threat of being killed by a gun when we are going about our daily lives? Guns are killers when operated by psychopathic people!

Let's start this discussion by figuring out who needs guns. There are two professions that need guns and ammunition Law Enforcement and The Military. Average citizens only need guns(rifles) when they want to go hunting. I write a blog called The Non-Trad Manifesto. I wrote two blogs covering the topic of gun violence; the first one I wrote January 12 2011, it was titled,"Violence in Arizona-the Cause and the Cure." I wrote the other one July 27th 2012 titled,"Guns, Gangs, and Violence How to Cure the Scourge of Violence in the City." the link to my blog is: .You can read my ideas in more detail but I'll put it short, hunters could be issued a rifle with their hunting license and be required to return it each night to law enforcement.

I grew up in Hayward Wisconsin which had logging as one of their major industries along with tourism and farming. It was, at the time, a small city with the population of about 1,600 now it's over 2000. Many people were hunters and guns were part of Hayward's history. Hayward in the 1800's was where the lumber mill was for loggers to roll the logs down the river and take them to the mill to be made into lumber. When the loggers got paid they went to the saloons in downtown area of Hayward to get drunk and fights ensued so they had shoot outs on the street. It was like the Wild West. There was a saying, "Hayward, Hurley, and Hell!" Hurley was another lumber town.  The reason for the Second Amendment was because there was less law enforcement in this country. There was vast land that had little population and no sheriffs or deputies. People had to protect their own property. Now there is no reason for that Amendment! The USA is connected by the Internet and so is law enforcement. We have CODAS and other tracking services available to all cities and rural areas! Now citizens can call 911 if they have someone trying to rob them and other law enforcement problems. There are alarm companies that you can have them install their services. Most people have cell phones and can put 911 on their contacts so they can get help if they are being stalked or see suspicious behavior. The 2nd Amendment is outdated!

So we have to let law enforcement do their job. We also should have all citizens get psychological check ups to weed out the people that need help and put them in a mental health facility. WE DON'T NEED GUNS WE NEED COMMON SENSE!


Do you believe in gun conrol?

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Hi Readers,

I am feeling great that that I am part of Team Obama and that my guy won but I am not resting on my laurels. He won't start his second term until January and we got a big economic problem facing our nation that must be solved before this years is up. We still got a recalcitrant Republican lead Congress that wants to shred The Social Security program and gut Medicare so we still have a fight on our hands.

There is an economic tsunami over our heads because we have been putting band aids on the economy that last for a few months then we are back where we started trying to bargain with fiscal conservatives when the only cure is progressive thinking.

The state where I live, Minnesota, is more progressive then the national government. Us Democrats recaptured both The House and The Senate in this Election and we have a Democratic Governor, Mark Dayton. So there is more hope here then in other states. Our biggest flaw was that Michelle Bachmann  won again and so did Eric Paulson and Jim Kline all Republicans. But Amy Klobuchar and Keith Ellison retained their seats!

A breath of fresh air is returning to the Congress next year in the return of Florida Congressman Alan Grayson who got back the seat he lost in 2010. He speaks his mind and let the chips fall where they may. He is what a Democrat should be all about.

As citizens we still can't sit back on our duff and snooze! We have to keep our elected officials on their toes and do OUR BIDDING'S! Remember public officials work for US! They are there to to do what's best for the USA so we have to put our progressive hats  on and make them do it.

Progress is going forward to better days and Regress is going back to a time before some of the rights we take for granted didn't exist and only the wealthy were experiencing "The Good Old Days". So Let the Progress Begin!


Did you vote Absentee or on Election Day?

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Hi Readers,
My favorite author is Charles Dickens and since it is getting near the Holiday Season I thought I would write a unique political commentary. This a homage to Dickens, who wrote about poverty with understanding and he gave his impoverished characters a multi-dimensional personality and a dignity that modern writers fail to do. Before I write the story I will give you a few guidelines so you can understand what is going on better. My story is set in modern times and in the United States, not England. I'm casting Mitt Romney with the name, Mitt R Scrooge and since this is an alternative version the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, unlike Dickens' Christmas Carol are who inspired Scrooge to change his life for the better, are evil warlock creatures. Paul Ryan is cast as Jacob Marley and will be called Paul-Jacob R Marley and will enter the story in the final chapter. So sit back with your latte and enjoy the story!
                              Chapter 1 The Alternative Universe Christmas Carol

Mitt R. Scrooge hurried to his office nearly dropping his briefcase.  He was late and this was a person  he didn't want to keep waiting. It was one of his investors named Robert Crochette. Crochette had planned to visit his son in the Sports Medicine Clinic. Tim Crochette had a broken leg that he sustained while playing football. Scrooge's tardiness was making him late for the clinic. Mitt finally made it to his office and sat down at his desk panting deep breathes as he was winded. Crochette walked in the anger in his eyes blazed as he shouted,"SCROOGE! Do you think I have nothing better to do then wait for you? Now I'm late to the Clinic and my poor son is wondering why I'm not there!" Mitt in a timid voice, replied" I'm sorry Robert, I had a tough morning, My car lifter is on the blink and I had a tough time on deciding what to buy for my wife. Should I get her a Versachi gown or several $50,000 trinkets from Tiffanys'?" Crochette said" What foolishness you speak, here I wanted to invest in your new company Vain Capital but your tardiness and foolish worries made me change my mind, GOOD BYE!"

All night Mitt R. Scrooge tossed and turned trying to sleep. Then he heard a sound at the door. All of a sudden he felt so-o-o Hot! The door started to burn flames shot to the ceiling and Scrooge feared that he was about to die! Then all of a sudden it all stopped replaced by a rotund man standing at the door. He looked harmless at first but Mitt looked into his eyes, They were slits with  a black cornea surrounding a white pupil  The man shouted," I'm the warlock of Christmas Past. Why are you so worried about Robert Crochette? You grew up with lots of money, you could  threaten him and demand that he pay you some money! How does a cool trillion sound? Your family would be proud of you! They were power brokers. Man up show Crochette whose boss!" Scrooge said," What should I do?" "Hire a Russian Hit man to squeeze him! Tomorrow the Warlock of Christmas Present will come to see you. He will see what you have accomplished. Be ready!" The Warlock vanished.

                          Chapter 2 The Alternative Universe Version of The Christmas Carol

Mitt R. Scrooge went to a Russian Bar and asked the bartender what table the Russian mob hung out at. The bartender said,"The corner booth with the guys wearing black arm bands." Scrooge walked over to the booth and told them, "I need a man that is strong and can shoot well. I'll pay him a million dollars to go with me now!" Boris a tall man with a black trench-coat said "I'll do it." Mitt R Scrooge and Boris went to the office of Robert Crochette and told him," If you don't give me a trillion dollars I will tell the Daily News about the murder that you covered up!" Crochette said,"You don't scare me!" Boris got out his gun and shot Robert Crochette near his heart. Mitt and Boris ran out and Mitt R Scrooge had a policeman that he paid for protection report to the Daily News about Crochette's murdering a competitor and stealing his business.

The Warlock of Christmas Present appeared at the front door looking very happy. Mitt R Scrooge invited him in. This Warlock looked dapper in his tuxedo with a black rose on his lapel. "Good job Mitt! Have you heard, Crochette is in the hospital clinging for life; a  cop is guarding him?" He is going to jail and be indicted for murder!" "Now you got to have your lawyer forge an agreement that is signed by Crochette." The Warlock of Christmas Future will visit with you tomorrow morning."

                        Chapter 3 The Alternative Universe Version of The Christmas Carol

As promised an attractive man knocked on  Mitt R Scrooges' door, Mitt answered, "Who are you?" "Scrooge, let me introduce myself, I'm The Warlock of Christmas Future. Because I have been an effective warlock I have decided to become a human being. The Devil said, "Go for it but you will lose your ability to go through doors." That's Why I knocked." Scrooge said, "What's your name?" "Paul-Jacob R Marley, I have been assigned to help you. Already Crochette has lost his business. His workers lost their jobs and are on SNAP. Your company Vain Capital will skyrocket in profits. You will buy other companies and send jobs to other countries. Mitt, " we will be a great team!" "You know what, I would like to be President some day, Could you help me do it?" mused Scrooge. "But of course, why do you think the Devil sent me? H-m-m, a Scrooge and Marley ticket sounds FABULOUS!"


Sat Sep 08, 2012 at 03:41 PM PDT

Don't Be a Slacker Citizen!

by Blondmama

Hi Readers,
Most immigrants, when they come to the USA want a better life then they had. They come to have better paying jobs then in the old country. They want to taste the delicious freedom that we, Americans take for granted. They also want to have a safe place to raise their children. They also have to have more knowledge of this country in order to become citizens of The USA! Many natural citizens of this country couldn't pass the test that is administered to prospective citizens in order to become citizens. We are a complacent people too involved with The Kardashians, Lady Ga Ga and other unimportant "knowledge" to pick up a newspaper to find out what various polititions are stating about bread and butter issues that affect everyone in this country! Many people don't even know who their mayor is and other city officials! This is beyond sad it's frightening! How can we elect candidates for public office that will have our backs when we don't even pay attention to who's running?

But the biggest shocker is that the people that are most affected by draconian budget cuts that pull out the rug for the poor and remove their safety net don't vote and don't inform themselves of the issues that affect them the MOST! Being poor is NO EXCUSE for being ignorant! I have been poor most of my life but since I turned 21 in 1965 I have never missed voting in a Presidential Election to this day! I also vote in all Congressional Elections too. I take my obligations as an American citizen very seriously! Maybe it's the Ojibiway blood coursing through my veins that drives me to the polls to vote at every election(even when one year I had pneumonia!) The Native Americans greeted all the immigrants on shore.

This begs the question, why don't all citizens of The United States inform them selves about the issues and the candidate's stance on each issue and VOTE? The only answer I can come up with is that we live in a SLACKER SOCIETY! Too lazy to pick up a book at the "free" libraries across this land and learn more about the history of The USA. I have on occasion been forced because my computer wasn't working to rent the use of a computer at the Downtown Minneapolis Public Library. We were all sitting close together so I could see what others were using the computer for. Of course there was Facebook, but many people had their earphones on some even moving to the music they were listening to. They were wasting the precious 60 minutes they had listening to popular music when they could be researching about various subjects and becoming an informed citizen.

I blame the system too because public schools should be the market place of great ideas instead of a place that hands out photocopied worksheets to students to fill out for home work instead of stocking the schools with great works of art, literature, and philosophy that could peak the student's interest in the arts, history, and stimulate their minds to the max! Why don't we have this? Because of budget cuts in education (mostly from Republicans) that impede student growth. How did these Republicans get elected? By voter apathy, lack of voting by the poor(who pay the biggest price) and the brainwashing of Conservative Christians(even though many are part of the 99%) That don't vote with their pocket books in mind!

What is the cure? The Democratic Party has to train people from all ethnic and religious communities to hang out where the poor hang out like food shelves, financial aid offices, clinics, and homeless shelters. They must sign them up to vote, sternly warn them about the consequences for them if they don't vote and pick them up to go to the polls. Schools that have mostly immigrant populations must have classrooms that get the parents up to speed on their English skills! On news programs I've seen parents that have been in the USA for 10+ years and still need interpreters! This is unacceptable! It's a no brainer, you come to this country, you should be able to speak standard English in less then two years! If you aren't making the effort your a slacker!

This is the most important election in modern times so belly up to the voting booth and vote Democratic across the board they will help the 99%. The 1% don't need help, they can take care of themselves royally!


Have you voted in every election since you turned 21?

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Hi Readers,
I usually don't write about local politics but since I met the man I will profile I never met a person that deserves to win a public office they seek more then Bill David Ansari. He is running for the office of Mayor of Burnsville Minnesota. His opponent an incumbent who has held the office several years even reaching the Presidency of The National Office of Mayors! Talk about a David and Goliath situation! But Bill (David) Ansari trudges on ready to do battle so he can help the people of his beloved Burnsville!

Let me tell you about Bill David Ansari. Bill grew up in Jerusalem in an impoverished family but some how his older brother came to live in in the USA and was working in the Creamettes  Factory in Minneapolis and sent for his brother Bill to live with him in Burnsville Minnesota. Bill arrived in the USA with $10.00 in his pocket and not speaking a word of English. That was 37 years ago but during those 37 years he went to school and studied hard and learned English. He took on various jobs, from delivering airplane parts to learning how to be a chef and opening up a restaurant with his brothers. He is opening up a new restaurant in Hopkins Minnesota in October. He is an embodiment of the Horatio Alger story so iconic In the USA. He has pulled himself up with gigantic bootstraps!

While living in Burnsville he experienced the inequities of  the current mayor's lack of skill at running a city. The current mayor Elizabeth Kautz allowed Burnsville to be held hostage by excessive snow and didn't have the streets plowed out for several days. Bill had trouble trying to get groceries for his family and called the mayor for help which she took her time to provide it. He saw other blunders she made like allowing trash to rot along the Minnesota River and spending the the residents of Burnsville's money on an Arts Center that remains vacant most of the time. Bill David Ansari decided the only way his city would get better is if he ran for mayor.

I met him in The Boston Garden ( the restaurant he will take over in October) in Hopkins Minnesota. He saw my Obama button and we talked. He discovered that I was on my second time of being part of Team Obama and that I also worked on the Kerry/ Edwards Presidential Campaign. He asked for my help and after hearing his story I gladly became one of his advisers. He deserves to be Mayor of Burnsville Minnesota!


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Hi Readers,
I was on the bus yesterday on the way to Walmart. I was wearing my Obama Biden tee shirt and a pair of jean shorts. A man that I used to talk to on the bus on our way to work his was in the Warehouse District and me at The Mall of America got on the 17 line. We both moved to St. Louis Park MN and he was with his family. He complimented me on my shirt and I told him that I was part of Team Obama. Me the constant campaigner asked him if he would like to volunteer for the campaign at the Hopkins' office. He skirted the issue then he finally said he didn't vote. I said you should vote because as a citizen it is your Constitutional right. He said that his religion wouldn't let him vote and that he had to serve God and not man. He said he was a Jehovah's Witness. I said that his voting is his decision and he has to make up his own mind whether or not to vote. I said no religion has a right to  forbid you to vote. He left the bus before I could convert him to a more logical way of thinking.

I googled The Jehovah's Witnesses and found out that they are part of the Evangelicals which tells a lot of the story. The JW's  have a cult like profile because they demand their members only associate with other JW members. They forbid their members from participating in governmental functions. They don't go to movies or other entertainment functions. They refuse blood transfusions. They won't join the military. They are virtually cut off from the general society! Maybe not quite as cut off as the Amish but cut off to the enriching life of being free to use their minds as they please.

The trait that is most helpful to all USA citizens is to become a humanitarian irregardless of your religion! The only way that this great experiment in governance that is The USA will work is if we care  about our fellow homo sapiens and help those that need help(the poor and now the middle class) by providing jobs, health care, and safe housing to all! Our goal should be that all people have a comfortable life and eradicate poverty! That means we have to vote with our pocketbook. Barack Obama is the best candidate to watch over the poor and middle class! Mitt Romney is the darling of the 1% and he proves that all the time by flaunting his wealth! How many of you can fly across the water with your own jet ski?

The man I told you about in the beginning told me he was quite a player in the past. He, like most addictive personalities that quit their addiction of choice, true to their addiction choose draconian religions fearing that standard religions that allow free thinking will make them go back to their old ways. Unless you are living a free thinking life and making your own choices sans the Alcohol, drugs or tobacco, you are on eternal dry drunk even though you are screaming, "PRAISE THE LORD!' Last September 6th I celebrated  30 years of sobriety. I am Catholic and am a Lay Minister in my church but I am still a free thinker. I am part of Team Obama and am working for his re-election and I am a strong believer of the separation of church and state! Theocracies don't work and never will! The job of religion is to make us better people and to do God's work in helping humanity! Our government is to protect civil rights for all and to see that everyone's basic needs are met. Let's all achieve Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs!


Would you allow your religion forbid you to vote?

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