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From the BBC, news of a mass grave found near the site of a protest over teacher's rights.  Protesters were fired upon, resulting in six confirmed dead and fourty three missing after police arrested the survivors.  Warrants are out for the mayor and his chief of security in connection with the disappearances, in addition to the twenty two police officers already being held.  Going to try and find reports over the initial incident.

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Taken from the  Cincinnati Enquirer, we have a story of organization by in and out of state groups to demand a purge of Ohio's voter rolls in a manner similar to that being performed in Florida.  What IS that little orange whatsit called anyways?


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New from the BBC, French police have surrounded a house in which a man suspected of carrying out the terror attacks around Toulouse, France has barricaded himself.  The suspect is claimed to have professed support for al-Queada and wanted to "avenge Palenstinian children." Two officers are reported to be lightly injured after shots were fired by the suspect and his brother is under arrest.  From recent information obtained by the BBC, it seems the suspect's attempt to get his scooter repainted was part of what led police to him, along with the original email sent to one of the paratroopers over the sale of a scooter.

Edit- 3:16AM

No word on any connections to the French army and little other information available.

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