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Some uniniformed citizens say nuclear weapons are a threat to our safety. Nuclear weapons are not the problem. Nuclear weapons don't kill people. People kill people.

The problem is that all nations don't have nuclear weapons. Some nations are nuclear weapon free zones, inviting an attack from other nations.  If all nations had nuclear weapons there would be no fear of one nation attacking another.

In addition, if all nations equipped their citizens with smaller tactical nuclear weapons, neighborhoods would be safer. Neighbors wouldn't attack each other.

Better yet, if we equip every citizen with really small nukes, they can carry them to church, school, theathers, shopping malls, cars, and everywhere they go. There will be no personal attacks.

So, the answer is crystal clear. Equip everyone with nuclear weapons. All attacks will stop.

World peace will be acheived.

It's a no brainer.


Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 01:08 PM PST

Sick of "beliefs"

by BubbaNerdus

I don't know about you but I'm sick of people being praised for their strong beliefs and I'm sick of people holding others hostage because of their stupid beliefs. I'm sick of coddling people so we don't offend their beliefs.

Everywhere you turn and no matter what the topic, people have strongly held beliefs. Whether it's religion, politics, the environment, medical issues or whatever, people are sticking up for what they believe.

People believe they will spend eternity with 70 virgins if they die as a martyr. People believe cutting taxes will raise revenues. People believe human activities cause global warming. People believe human activities don't cause global warming. And then we have all the crazies in the current congress. Their beliefs defy belief.

The truth is beliefs are little more than opinions or points of view. They may be strongly held beliefs that adherents will die for, but they are still beliefs. There may be some facts that affect beliefs but too often, beliefs are fact free and they can't be proven.

"But I believe …." is usually the boast of someone who has no facts to prove his points. Yet, some people die for beliefs they hold very strongly. Take the 900+ followers of Jim Jones who drank his Koolaid and died by mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana or the 9/11 terrorists who flew their hijacked planes into the World Trade Towers and Pentagon.

We must remember that people are gullible and that people have proven they will believe anything. Most of what people have believed is false. The earth is not flat, diseases are not caused by demons, bleeding is not a medical cure, and Ronald Reagan raised taxes.  History is full of other examples.

Beliefs are often mutually exclusive. If I believe heaven exists and you don't then, by necessity, one of us is wrong. Devout Christians, Jews, and Muslims can not all be right because their beliefs are mutually exclusive. Either one is right and two are wrong or all three are wrong. There is no other way.

My point is that our personal beliefs are very suspect and, in most cases, more likely to be wrong than right.

So let's stop cowering to the "beliefs trump card."  Let's require facts, peer reviewed studies, etc. Show us the money.

If all someone has to defend their position is their "beliefs," then let's accept their "beliefs" for what they're worth--little or nothing. Let's expose the crazies for what they really are, little emperors without clothes.


All rifles and guns are not the same. Assault rifles and automatic pistols should be recategorized as WMD (or some other appropriate term) to distinguish them from single shot rifles, shotguns, and pistols used for hunting and personal defense.

Manufacturing, owning, or having WMDs or WMD ammunition in your possession should result in severe criminal penalties (more than an ounce of pot). There should be mandatory prison sentences for anyone involved with WMD.

We should treat these WMD like nuclear weapons. They should all be destroyed.

My two cents.


Wed Nov 28, 2012 at 02:23 PM PST

How to fix Social Security

by BubbaNerdus

The Social Security Trust Fund has approximately a $2.5 trillion surplus and is not a part of the budget so it should be off the table for the current fiscal cliff discussion.  Even so, SS needs to be fixed for the long term. Here's one idea.

(1)  Remove the cap so all earning are subject to the FICA tax.
(2)  Lower the FICA rate which will help the working poor and middle class.
(3)  Implement Al Gore's Lock Box to protect the fund.

Your ideas?


Thu Aug 30, 2012 at 02:20 PM PDT

Little Johnnie and the GOP Liars

by BubbaNerdus

When I was growing up, kids caught lying were in big trouble. I know because I got caught more than once and had my share of spankings and lectures. Mom threatened to wash out my mouth and told me, if I didn't learn to tell the truth, I would spend eternity in hell with the father of lies, Satan. I learned to be more truthful.

So, when Ryan and Romney give convention speeches on TV, and run ads that are blatant lies, what do I tell my kids? I'm not talking about minor distortions or stretching the truth. Politicians have always done that. These are "hand caught in the cookie jar" blatant lies: Obama closed a GM plant, Obama removed work from welfare, and Obama stole money from Medicare.  These are lies intended to mislead voters. Lies so blatant that the liars can’t lie their way out of them. The typical defenses -- "the woman made me do it" (Gen 3:12) or "Obama handed me the cookie" -- just won’t work. Ryan and Romney are liars. Media and fact checkers agree.

Let’s not give these liars a place to hide. It’s time to stop winking and smiling at blatant lies.

Become an example for your kids.

Reject Republican liars.


If we're going to run our government like a business, let's pay our leaders like corporate executives. Let's tie pay to performance.

Pay Scheme

If the annual GDP exceeds 3%, our executives get a 3% raise. Less than 0% annual GDP, a 3% pay cut. Zero to 3%, no pay change.

And, let'a add the annual budget to the mix to keep the executives honest. If the actual annual budget spending is within limits, they get a 3% raise. Otherwise, they get a 3% pay cut.

And, during times of war, executive pay is frozen.

Some examples (no war):

(1) GDP Growth of less than 3% but the budget is exceeded: a 6% pay cut.
(2) GDP Growth of more than 3% but the budgetis exceeded: a 0% pay change.
(3) GDP Growth of more than 3% and  the budget is within limits : a 6% pay increase.

Let's tie the pay of our President and Congress to performance.


Thu May 10, 2012 at 09:40 AM PDT

NC: Science vs Bible

by BubbaNerdus

Christians are trying to muscle their way into our public square and regulate our lives using a holy book that contradicts science. The question is whether we go back to the dark ages or use accumulated human knowledge to progress to a better future. Do we allow ancient norms and values to regulate our society or do we allow science to help point the way forward?

Consider the benefits of science. It was science that took us to the moon and back.  Science explains where we live and how we got here. Science teaches us how to live, prolongs our lives, and provides us with labor saving products and services.

On the other hand, the Bible tells us the earth is approximately 6000 years old, donkeys can talk, axe heads can float, diseases can be caused by demons, and dead people can live again. Science disputes these claims.

Which is right, science or the Bible?  Science is continually undergoing intense scrutiny and making adjustments based on test results. That's how science works. But can we test the Bible?

Yes, the Bible can be tested using it's own criteria (Mal 3:10). Elijah did it on Mount Carmel (I Kings 18:36-39). And Jesus proposed a test that can easily be measured. Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him." (Mk 11:23)

A mountain relocated to the sea will be totally miraculous! The question will be resolved and the Bible will be proven true!

Meanwhile, as we wait for Grandfather Mountain to be moved off Cape Hatteras, I hope Christians will respect other religions and non-believers the way they would like to be respected.


Wed Apr 25, 2012 at 11:20 AM PDT

Who is Romney?

by BubbaNerdus

It has been said that Romney is so fake, he makes plastic look real.

It's true. Romney is all over the map on every issue. He says whatever the "audience of the day" wants to hear. His many flip flops are well documented.  He'll say anything to get elected. To Romney, these are not lies, they're a business plan. Let the truth be damned.

But what will happen if Romney gains power and no longer has to appease the electorate? After a quick change in the phone booth, I think "Clark Kent Romney" will emerge as a  "Superman Romney," hell bent on buying more guns and cutting the butter.

Romney will quickly adopt Paul Ryan's budget proposal, aka the Paul Ryan Pathway to Poverty. There will be more money for war, banksters, corporations, and his rich friends and less money for infrastructure, education, research, enviornment, alternative energy, regulation, retirees, the disabled, and the poor.

Romney the Corporate Raider will become Romney the Country Raider. The super rich will get richer. The rest of America will get screwed.

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