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Talk, unscripted and well worth a listen. We're shuffling our schedule: the not-yet-completely-settled plan is to run no more that one program a night. But first, from our growing collection of audio commentary on Jay Ackroyd’s You-Tube page: David Cay Johnston, author of Free Lunch and Perfectly Legal - and Jay's guest this coming Thursday - Jay's point: "income fairness and equality is a good thing and a good goal." describes the lifestyle of bus drivers in Sweden. ">

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Big week coming up; talk worth listening to. But first, from our growing collection of audio commentary on Jay Ackroyd’s You-Tube page: The Z Files: Success, in which Stuart Zechman describes Rush Limbaugh’s aided and abetted facility for distraction and disinformation.
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Update: Dave Dayen stepping in for McJoan tonight....

Talk worth listening to, live and unscripted. Update: do to a leetle snafu, I offer David Cay Johnston, author of Free Lunch and Perfectly Legal describes the lifestyle of bus drivers in Sweden. They own two houses, free and clear.

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Talk worth listening to. But first, from the top of Jay Ackroyd’s VS video collection: Extremists. In this week's edition of The Z FIles, Stuart Zechman reminds us that crazy Republicans are nothing new. Nor are centrist Democratic policy  positions. From this past VS Tuesdays with Dave Johnson and Natasha Chart. Listen to the whole episode.

Schedule for Sunday, March 4 through Thursday, March 8. This week: Avedon Carol, Culture of Truth, Alan Boyle, Dave Beaty, William K. Black, Stuart Zechman and Jay Ackroyd consider politics and culture in light of very current events and public affairs. Particulars below.

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Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 08:02 AM PST

Virtually Speaking: Feb 26-Mar 1

by CalifSherry

Talk worth listening to. But first, because we have the filmmakers on the 1st, the trailer from Heist: Who Stole the American Dream opening March 2-9 in NYC at The Quad. Add your name to their email list or follow @HeistDoc to get this film for the 99% into a theater or hall near you.

Schedule for Sunday, Feb 26 through Thursday, March 1 Dave Johnson, Natasha Chart, Marcy Wheeler, Dave Dayen, Frances Causey, Don Goldmacher,  Stuart Zechman, Jay Ackroyd consider politics, policy and science in light of very current events, timely trends and public affairs. Comments and questions courtesy of a   digitally present studio audience. Which could include you. All  programs webcast and archived at BlogTalkRadio (BTR). Subscribe free through iTunes. (Search Virtually Speaking from the  iTunes store.)


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Talk worth listening to, Sunday, Feb 19 through Thursday, Feb 25. But first, a little something from our growing VS video collection. Consider Accountability, in which Stuart Zechman addresses movement liberals, posing questions about the foreclosure fraud settlement, immunity for banks and holding the President and the elites accountable for the damage they have done to the United States.  From last weeks Virtually Speaking Tuesdays with Susie Madrak, David Dayen and Stuart Zechman. Avedon Carol provides the text">

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Talk worth listening to. But first, from our growing VS video collection: Contraception, in which Digby discusses conservative power, the religious right, the culture war and icky lady parts.

Below the jump: Schedule for Sunday, Feb 12 through Thursday, Feb 16 with Digby, Corey Robin, Susie Madrak, Dave Dayen, Tom Levenson, Matt Strassler, Richard Kirsch, Stuart Zechman and Jay Ackroyd.

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Schedule for Sunday, Sept 11 through Thursday Sept 15. With commentary and questions, courtesy of a digitally present studio audience - details below - we talk with some of your favorite writers: political analysts, media   critics, technologists, historians, etc.  Virtually Speaking is public affairs, progressive voices, current  events.  All programs webcast, then archived at BlogTalkRadio. Subscribe free from iTunes. I mean to post weekly, so  you can go  back to  previous posts.  Miss it the first time? Read an intro to Virtually Speaking here.

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Sat Mar 26, 2011 at 01:18 PM PDT

Virtually Speaking Mar 27-Mar 31

by CalifSherry

Some Kossacks may already be familiar with Virtually Speaking, founded in 2007 by Jay Ackroyd and Jordan Bigel to literally amplify the voices of bloggers, commentariat and readers who came together for Netroots Nation (then YearlyKos).

Since then, we've been plugging along, learning our craft, adding programs, adding voices. Past time to begin a another regular diary for Kossacks who might listen - both live and in the future - to the folks we read. (Update: For quite a while Jay Ackroyd posted regular VS notices.) I hope for a little attention and a lot of patience as I figure out the best way to provide useful info and solicit feedback. I thought I'd start by listing what's live this week and then adding a description of each of our six programs.

Avedon Carol and Culture of Truth on VS Sundays: a counterpoint to the Sunday morning talking heads. (What they're really saying when they're saying what they're saying):   | Listen here, on or after Sunday, March 27 @ 9pm edt|6pm pdt

• Caltech astrophysicist George Djorgovski is this week's guest on VS Sciencewith Cosmic Log's Alan Boyle and Space Studies Institute's Robin Snelson. They'll discuss topics ranging from black holes and dark energy to the use of Second Life for science, and the future of virtual worlds. Listen here on Sunday, March 27 @ 10 pm edt|7 pm pdt and then here, beginning Tuesday, March 29.

• PageOne blogger Mike Rogers comes to VS Susie to talk with Susie Madrak about closeted Republicans and why he outed them. Listen here, on or after Monday, March 28 @ 9pm edt|6pm pdt

• Stuart Zechman | Jay Ackroyd on VS A-Z. Ongoing rants and explorations of  liberalism. This week: the Disinformation Regime|Listen live here, on Thursday, March 31 @ 8pm edt|5pm pdt | Listen here after midnight Friday, April 1.

• Evolutionary Biologist PZ Myers on Virtually Speaking w/Jay Ackroyd:  Current developments in science, secular society and squids.|Listen live here, beginning Thursday, March 31, March 31 @ 9pm edt|6pm pdt

Whoa! you say? What is all this? How does it all fit together? There are now four regular programs, plus two in the try-out phase. We are 'casting four to five a week.  You can listen live or on demand. Mind the jump:

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Absent Second Life,  - I would not know Eshi Otawara. But here I 'am,' using the immersive virtual world that bundles all our 'web 2.0' tools. While Second Life doesn't exactly allow me to 'see' the world, certainly I get to know people - and there endlessly interesting internal landscapes - from around the planet.  Which is how I come to know Eshi.

Eshi would rather be known as an artist than one of too many casualties of the cruel, absurd and antiquated US Immigration Policy known as 'the widow's penalty.' Increasingly though, she is known as both. Friends and admirers of her wide range of graphic art (costumes, artifacts and temporary installations) are rallying 'round.

Earlier this week, Harper Beresford, noted SL graphic and performance artist as well as blogger, passed me a message about a 60 Minutes program set to air today, titled For Better or Worse and I said I would do my part to spread the word.

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After decades of taking my right to vote for granted and assuming my responsibilities began and ended with casting an informed ballot, I finally woke up. For many of you, awakening occurred in 2000, for me it was 2004. Since then, I've been part of many efforts to secure the integrity of our elections (as well as candidate campaigns.)

In 2004, while encouraged by efforts to assure that citizens could cast their ballots, I was dismayed by 'election protection' efforts that declared victory once those ballots were cast.

And here we are again. We are disturbed by too many incidents that could set the stage for a great lie and yet another grand upset. We've drafted a letter to Howard Dean, calling on him to act now, in the days remaining, to prevent both suppression of the vote and to prevent and challenge the destruction or miscounting of ballots that have been cast.

We are calling on all of you - particularly elected officials, delegates and committee members - to add your voices to ours. Please read the letter, make it your own and use the contact information at the bottom.

I am, for the record, adding names as electeds, delegates and committee members sign on.

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Hat tip to Land of Enchantment for those amusing shoe diaries and for inspiring me to beg and cajole shoes pics from my progressive friends and allies in Second Life.

Can't get to Austin this year? We have got a deal for you. Free. No registration fees, no hotel fees, no travel costs. Food, of course, is on you. Also, no sore feet, no sore backs. Bad hair days are possible, but that's a matter of taste.

Over the past year, we've been busily building community in Second Life. And for months we've building a great environment and planning a concurrent week of events, with a score of programs streamed in from Austin. We plan, we dance, we talk politics, we attend public affairs programs, we dance. We watch old movies and listen to political speeches.  Then we discuss. We post diaries here. We read, we rec, we comment. Sometimes the music is live, sometimes our DJs stream it in. Did I mention we dance?

Dance this way for pics and schedule highlights.


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