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Sat Mar 14, 2015 at 12:33 PM PDT

What's up with 47%?

by Cati

Is there something mystical about the number 47 for the Republicans that I just can't see?  

It was just a few years ago that presidential candidate Mitt Romney inserted his foot well into his mouth with comments about how 47% of American voters were "dependent on government", who "believe they are victims", who "pay no income tax".  Maybe a better way of saying it is that Romney shot himself in his foot before putting it into his mouth.  More than a few commentators at the time believed that one comment cost him the 2012 election.  

Now, the Republican contingent in the Senate is at it again, with 47 Republican Senators signing the infamous letter to Iran.  

So what's up with 47?

Is it a demonic symbol?  The insignia of a mystical society?  

Or could it be that the Democrats now have a lucky number?


The Texas GOP appears to have lost its collective mind.  Officially.

State party platforms are not binding on every elected member of the party, but they do speak to the general direction a party is moving in that state, and the Republican party in Texas has taken a hard turn to the right, straight off the edge of the US Constitution. The full platform - which is available, among other places, through a link on the Texas Tribune website as a PDF download - includes positions that seem to be based on the idea that if Texas can't secede from the Union, then they'll simply act as if they're a separate country - including insisting that any federal enforcement actions must be undertaken with the supervision of a Texas county Sheriff.

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