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[Hello, Kossacks! pattyp here, posting on behalf of Clint Curtis, Democratic candidate for the FL-24 district. I hope you will read and comment on Clint's statement on the proposed KSC launch pad and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Clint will check in during the day and respond to your comments. The photos in this diary were taken by me on a kayaking excursion at Merritt Island last summer. It's a beautiful place.]

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, one of my core issues is the preservation and empowerment of NASA, which I believe is not only healthy for Florida but the nation and the world. NASA represents everything that's great about the US - the spirit of discovery, the can-do, against-all-odds spirit that put us on the moon and beyond. But I am also concerned with protecting and preserving the incredible beauty of the great state of Florida.

Cormorant drying its wings

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Hey everyone, pattyp here, posting for Clint Curtis, candidate for U. S. House District FL-24 (currently held by Tom Feeney, Jack Abramoff's onetime golfing buddy). Many exciting things are happening with the campaign. First, Clint has once again received an endorsement from the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)! Clint not only talks about a progressive agenda, he acts. The members of PDA appreciate the work he is doing on election integrity and his commitment to work to keep jobs in America, to revitalize NASA, to bring our troops home, to provide universal health care for all Americans, to protect Social Security, and to achieve energy independence.

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Hello Daily Kos! For those who haven’t had a chance to virtually meet me, my name is Clint Curtis and I’m running for Congress against the notorious Tom Feeney in Florida’s 24 district. What few people know is that I used to work for my opponent. And one of the loosely guarded secrets of his success was to create a district specifically designed to help him and his nearby Republican friends get elected and remain in office. It’s an old tactic, but it’s every bit as effective today as it was a century ago. In fact because of pinpoint census and voter data, together with precision computer analysis, districts can now be gerrymandered to a degree that produces far greater impact than ever before possible. But there’s a trade off we can take advantage of. By increasing the number of districts once judged as safe for the GOP, the total Cook index margins have been reduced. Now, because of the collapse of the Republican Party, we can take them all.

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Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 05:45 AM PDT

When In Doubt, Ask Daily Kos

by ClintCurtis

Good morning Kossacks! Clint Curtis here, candidate for Congress in Florida’s 24th District. I was wondering if you could help me flesh out a fundraising letter. And I want to be clear about this: I’m not asking you for contributions. I promised on my first diary I won’t do that until such time as I feel I’ve earned the right. What I’m asking for today is some helpful suggestions on how to word a traditional fundraising letter that I’ll be sending to existing supporters’. I’m open to any ideas that might help it stand out: Most of all, it’s important to me that my existing supporters’ understand they are partners in my campaign, not just nameless, faceless piggy banks.

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Sun Sep 09, 2007 at 03:44 AM PDT

Net Energy

by ClintCurtis

Good morning! I’m Clint Curtis, candidate for Florida’s 24th District. On my last diary that so many Kossacks graciously recommended, some of you asked about my stance on energy. That’s an excellent question; one so vital that it demands a diary asking this entire community for input and feedback.

There is no greater looming threat to America’s national and economic security than our addiction to oil.  Terrorism, instability in the Middle East, sagging domestic auto sales, stagflation, recession, depression, interest rates, agriculture, disposable income, pollution, climate change; each and every one of these great challenges converge independently on one variable: energy. The good news is that that variable is within our control. The bad news of course is whose been controlling it for the last seven years.

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My name is Clint Curtis and I’m running for US Congress in Florida’s District 24. My District is bordered by Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Daytona Beach and Orlando. It is a district of stark contrast between the haves and the have nots. Million dollar beachfront palaces sit just a scant few miles away from thousands who subsist in grinding poverty, bereft of hope. Yes, I'm fortunate to live in a breathtakingly beautiful region of America. But there is one unsightly political feature marring an otherwise postcard landscape: our Congressman.

I write to you today not to ask for your hard-earned money. I will earn your trust before I ever hold out my hand for a nickel on Daily Kos. I’m here to ask for wealth of a different kind, one more valuable to our campaign than money: Your wisdom. You represent one of the greatest single repositories of passion, creativity, experience, and activism in the nation.

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