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FULL ARTICLE @ POLITICO: Sarah Palin to Glenn Beck: "I hate violence"

Sarah Palin reached out to Glenn Beck over the weekend, and Beck read some of their email exchange on his radio show this morning.


The rhetoric of both Beck and Palin has been cited by both liberals and some of the mainstream media as examples of the kind of overheated political discourse that, if not directly connected to the Tucson shooting, has created an environment in which a similar thing might happen again.

"I hate violence," Palin wrote back. "I hate war. Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this."


Do you honestly believe Sarah Palin when she says she hates violence and war?

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90%301 votes
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This is an outrage in the making.

Palin aide defends imagery targeting Giffords

An aide to Sarah Palin defended the imagery that targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for defeat last year because she voted for the health care law.

Sarah Palin had targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 19 other lawmakers who voted for health care for defeat in 2010.

Rebecca Mansour told talk show host Tammy Bruce that images of crosshairs, contained on a graphic on a Palin website targeting Giffords and 19 other lawmakers for defeat in the 2010 election, were not meant to spark violence.

"We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights," Mansour said. She denounced attempts to tie Palin to the violence as "obscene" and "appalling."


Should Sarah Palin be held responsible for her own actions like any other adult?

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4%9 votes
7%16 votes
2%5 votes

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Yes. The beauty of politics is that once you get the responsibility to govern you just can't hide and act like you don't have anything to do.  

This in fact might be the scariest thing for the GOP, they have inherently set themselves up for failure, but I am not hoping they fail, I hope they succeed.

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When I saw the background the GOP decided to use to introduce their "brand new" 21 page bridge to nowhere, the one they called "Pledge to America" I just started laughing.  So we went from a contract in '94 to a pledge in 2010?  

Looks like desperate times require desperate measures.  And republicans, as usual, ARE very desperate (for non-lobbyists, non-bankers, non-insurance exec... a.k.a regular americans to like them.)

This thing is so easy to pick apart is unbelievable to me that Democrats haven't run an ad on it yet,  republicans committed the quintessential sin of politics, when you are ahead ACT like you are ahead.

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Where's the "Honor" in that?  And he doesn't even give credit to POTUS for basically writing his speech for him

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Ok America here is Becks Speech, it's called... I HAVE AN ITCH:

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Wow, there is trouble in paradise, looks like the GOP is back to the business of STEALING elections in FLORIDA.  This time without their friends in the SCOTUS.

I am no fan of Rick Scott but he is absolutely right to be mad, the republican machine has been unfairly supporting McCollum, again, if they believed in the democratic process they would let it all play out and the winner would be decided by the people, but they just don't believe in having a FAIR election.

Sadly the ones that lose are the republicans Florida, the GOP is committing a crime against it's own voters, elections should be FREE and FAIR no matter what party you belong to, the state party should never favor one candidate over another.

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Yes, the haters will find another BOGUS argument about why the Mosque should not be built next to the Statue of Liberty, well for one it's a historic place, but this is actually the perfect place to have not only a mosque but a church, a synagogue a mormon temple, atheist group that wants to practice their first Amendment rights.

This is federal land and it could be President Obamas greatest moment as President, to show that religious tolerance is not just words in the US Constitution but that America DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE, period.

The Federal Government has a duty to intervene when a State VIOLATES the Constitutional rights of any American, so this gives him the authority and the power to intervene and end this travesty once and for all.


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Hey Fox News, quick, check YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE... According to Rupert Murdoch, your daddy, YOU ARE HALF MUSLIM !

Maybe Rupert Murdoch can end the mosque stalemate and move the mosque to FOX NEWS HEADQUARTERS!

Yes, what do they say about never biting the hand that feeds you.  

Hannity, Oreilly and Beck should be BEGGING NY to build many mosques and embrace SHARIA LAW, thats  how they get paid and thats what THEIR EMPLOYER PROMOTES, the same muslims they have grown to hate ARE WRITING THEIR PAYCHECKS !... How rich is that ;^)

So when the crazy right wingers from Fox tell America, THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING... THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING... It's too late for them, the muslims already OWN FOX News.

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Funny, this is the same MSM that was so excited not too long ago because America saw that President Obama was not your average typical retail politician, yet now that he delivers on some of his major promises and keeping true to his core beliefs that is more important to do what is right even if it's unpopular the punditry turns against him.

Well, the title of Mr. Simons article @ Politico is "Obama, the one-term president", but I am not into promoting the sensationalist agenda of the MSM to make money from BP so I will just stick to the truth.

The truth is many in the media thought, and wrongly so, that President Obama would shy away from controversy, that he would not weigh in on issues of principle where there was clearly a right side and a wrong side.

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Seriously, this issue is so ridiculous it just shows how ignorant/intolerant most people really are.  Yes it's an emotional issue SO WHAT.  

Divorce is an emotional issue... Should the husband or the wife need to move out of state because it's an "emotional issue", does he/she has a right to build/buy a house in the same neighborhood as their former life partner, next to them they want to... it might not be tasteful but you should't be "crucified" 24x7 on national tv over your RIGHT to do what the law allows you to do.

The idea that religion determines our status in society is OFFENSIVE (I'm Roman Catholic btw).  What happened to separation of church and state which the famous 1st Amendment to the US Constitution according to President Thomas Jefferson was supposed to create.  The "wall of separation" as he referred to it.

Some people feared a Roman Catholic been elected President would change America for the worst, yet he took us, the United States of America and the world as a whole, to the moon.

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I can't imagine President Lincoln getting a lot of "Thank You" cards and well wishes for abolishing slavery. But it was the right thing to do.

In the same vein it would have been an instant boon to President Obamas poll numbers and maybe Democrats chances in November if President Obama stood up and did the REPUBLICAN thing, demagogue freedom of religion, tell Americans that the US Constitution can be applied selectively to the ones we consider "deserve" the rights the Constitution guarantees to every single American.

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