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Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 07:46 PM PDT

Gay Marriage & Unicorns

by DKM

Gay Marriage & Unicorns

Ok.   I know this is going to make a lot of people mad, but I’ve just go to say what I’ve got to say.  The whole Gay Marriage/Gay Rights thing has spun so far off the axis of truth, I just can’t take it anymore.  
So here is the TRUTH.  Take it or leave it.  At this point, I just don’t care.

First, God made man, not the other way around so He gets to make the rules (sorry Nietzsche).  The Alpha and Omega who made the universe and everything in it said that engaging in gay and lesbian sexual relations is a form of sin.  (see Leviticus 20:13, Judges 19:16-24, Romans 1:26 &27, 1 Timothy 1:8-10, Jude 7, etc.)  Many on the "Left" and some on the “Right”, including those self-described "intellectuals" who are in reality just a group of pettifogging sophists, are increasingly eager to ignore this fact and unwilling to hear the words of God.  I pity them because Humanism (i.e. the denial of any power or moral value superior to that of humanity and the rejection of religion in favor of a belief in the advancement of humanity by its own efforts) and the wisdom of God are ultimately incompatible.  

Second, God is love.  Because He cared enough to send Jesus to die for all of OUR sins, we should take the bible quite literally when it says we should love our neighbors as ourselves.  Unfortunately, many other “Christians” do the exact opposite of that.  They should be ashamed of the way we have treated gays and lesbians.  As Christians, we should love them like the brothers and sisters that they are and not treat their sin differently from the way we treat other sins.  I’m sorry “values voters”, but people who engage in adultery, drug use, drunkenness, lust, theft, premarital sex, etc., are just as guilty of sin in God’s eyes.  Yet, we “Christians” still love those people, invite them into our homes and don't ostracize them or consider them somehow inferior.  Against the teachings of Jesus, the Christian church has singled out gays and lesbians (particularly men) as "evil" and let everyone else slide or be treated differently.  Take a look at Uganda if you’re not up on what is going on.  The church body should be ashamed of itself.  Sin is sin and we shouldn't elevate one sin above the others, except in criminalizing those sins that hurt or harm others.  

Third, Gay marriage doesn’t exist, neither do unicorns.  God already defined marriage as one man + one woman + Him as Spirit in a covenant of love until death (Matthew 19:4-9).  Calling another arrangement a “marriage” isn’t enough to make it a marriage in the eyes of God, and who else’s opinion really matters.  Warning: “Christians” may not want to read those verses because they also say quite clearly that except for cases of fornication, divorce and remarriage is a form of adultery.  Swallow hard on that one, but as I said, the truth is the truth.  Where are the “values voters” on that one, I wonder?          

Fourth, I’m so very tired of those who say they support gay “marriage” and then say in the same breath they don’t support polygamy.  Rank hypocrites.  Consider this question:  Does anyone really believe that if gays and lesbians were as rare & isolated as polygamists are today and CONVERSELY polygamists were as numerous & visible as gays and lesbians are today, that the “progressives” among us would not adamantly be in favor of polygamy and vehemently against gay marriage?  If you answered yes, then it's really a numbers game to them and that's just plain least to me.  Right or wrong shouldn't be based on mere numbers, correct?  After all, polygamy has been a common human arrangement somewhere on the globe as long as man has kept written records.  Gay marriage is newer than cell phones.  Put simply, if we had even more polygamists, we would have even more people for it.  I find that really odd.

Fifth, all tax payers should be treated fairly and equally.  The only solution I can see is civil unions for everybody.  That way, the rights gay people are justly seeking will be the same for everybody.  The state of Georgia can’t really marry or divorce anyone anyway, so why pretend?  How could a political entity sever something that God has joined?  It can’t and never could.  Let’s get government out of the “marriage” business altogether and let the church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc. handle it.

Sixth, “Garriage” won’t do.  Gay and lesbian couples will not be satisfied with an arrangement that gives them all of the same rights as married couples, but is called something else.  Believe me, I’ve asked.  It’s more than just about taxes, hospital visitation rights, adoption, inheritance, etc.   The explicit and implicit approval of heterosexual relationships is constantly in the face of gays and lesbians who thereby are CONSTANTLY reminded that they are outside of the norm.  Confusion sets in and self esteem is crushed from at least the age of puberty and probably years before.  Young gays and lesbians who have learned to "suppress" their feelings and emotions only to face thoughts of suicide and the unimaginable fear and stress of “coming out” to their families are not going to be interested in something that doesn’t fully validate their beliefs, lifestyle and sense of self worth.

Seventh, be aware that we are headed for some real social wars on this issue.  The Supreme Court will not settle it.  With the way things are headed, I honestly have to wonder if we will soon get to the point where calling homosexuality a sin is considered “hate speech”.  Will religious people soon be considered “bigoted” simply because they quote the Bible or some other religious text in a college classroom?  All hail the Spiritus Mundi?  I won’t even get into all of the other issues that Gay “marriage” will soon create like whether religious colleges will be forced to recognize gay couples when offering dormitories for married couples, etcetera, etcetera…      

In sum, I support civil unions for everybody so no one gets treated unfairly.  Gays and lesbians should be loved as we are ALL sinners.  However, they do not get the "right" to redefine marriage for all of humanity.  Societies that never had any contact with each other got it right thousands and thousands of years ago.  

Sorry to be long winded, but we are about to do something that is unprecedented in the history of the world.  God, please guide us into obedience through your wisdom and love.


Thu Jan 24, 2008 at 05:41 PM PST

Obama "Fairytale" or Clinton Nightmare?

by DKM

I am a black conservative and therefore unlikely to vote for either Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton in the November election.  I say unlikely because there is a part of me that desperately wants to see a black president, even if it is a Democrat.  The changes to America would be far reaching and permanent.  I was recently reminded of this while getting my hair cut at a black barbershop.  While discussing politics I was told by the barber, along with a chorus of "amens brother", that Senator Obama would be assassinated if he got too close to winning the presidency.  


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