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Cedwyn's quilt at her memorial celebration this past Saturday, in Portland, OR

Gordon20024 has a cancerous mass on his neck.  It will be removed this Thursday -- so let us keep him in our thoughts.  This is from a comment he made in the Monday Night Cancer Club diary last night:

Thursday will be my day for removal of 'neck mass, limited neck dissection and removal of overlying skin'.

Seven weeks ago I noticed a small lump on the side of my throat about the size of a 00 buckshot pellet or 3/16" diameter. I'm not one to waste a lot of time sitting in an ER but was curious. Was it safe, normal or something to be addressed. The more the ER Dr probed it the more angry it became. Biopsies have tested positive for malignancy.

PET and CT scans have been conducted so the medics should have a good road map to work from.

I really appreciate the outpouring of support and well wishes from the DKos community. I means a lot to have so many wonderful friends from the far reaches of the compass who send healing energies and thoughts.

Bless you all.

Put your good thoughts for him on his quilt!  Just leave a message of love and support in the messages and I will transcribe it in archival ink onto muslin -- and my sister and I will sew it in.

We are short 9 messages and $67 for this quilt.  I will keep these numbers updated.

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I guess the North Carolina Board of Governors educational planning committee for the University educational system didn't think these programs were important to our education of our young adults, or warranted due to "market forces"...

“We’re capitalists, and we have to look at what the demand is, and we have to respond to the demand.”

 - Board member Steven Long.

So now our college educational system, of which North Carolin's had been the example and envy of most of the state systems in this country, is under the scrutiny of "market forces".  

Want to see which one they eliminated from the main univesity campus of UNC in Chapel Hill?

Thursday morning, the Board of Governors educational planning committee voted to discontinue 46 degree programs across the UNC-System, including one at UNC-Chapel Hill: human biology
"Human Biology"????


Follow me below to view the degree programs to be eliminated, and from which campuses....


"Market Forces" should always decide everything at the end of the day.

2%54 votes
79%1654 votes
17%361 votes

| 2069 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun May 24, 2015 at 02:06 PM PDT

North Carolina Open Thread

by randallt

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North Carolina Outer Banks

Welcome to North Carolina Open Thread, a new weekly feature of North Carolina Blue. We hope this regular platform will give readers interested in North Carolina politics a place to share their knowledge, insight, inspiration and connections as we work on taking back our state from the extreme, money blinded powers that pull the levers here.

Please join us below and every week as we try to Connect, Unite and Act with our community of North Carolina Daily Kos members. Listed below are NC issue diaries from the previous week and they include block buster news stories about fracking, coal plants, Obama Care and news about creating a North Carolina Kossack Google group as an organizational base for communicating and organizing.

Next week I will try to include other news that our bloggers might have missed, but for now, please stop in and say hello. This is the first Daily Kos weekly open thread for a state. For those in other states, please join us as we strive to establish state open threads in all fifty.

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Good day and welcome to DKos Asheville. This is the weekly DKos Asheville open thread for Saturday, May 23rd. We try to get together every weekend to share with everyone what we're all up to in Western North Carolina and beyond. We hope this group and others serve to invigorate us locally and regionally here on Daily Kos, building on the sense of community that's grown through our online engagement. DKos Asheville and other local and state groups can give us all a better sense of connection, a better understanding of who we stand with, work with, and share with. We hope this local and wider community can help leverage our orange passion for progressive politics to elect more and better Democrats.

Tip of the week:
1- Find your precinct.
2- Contact the precinct Captain.
3- Ask how you can help.
4- Follow up with what you can and want to do.
5- Feel good, make a difference.
At this website, Buncombe County provides easy one stop shopping to get information about your precinct and district. I'm sure all counties have something similar that provides potential activists a great starting point from which to make connections and get involved. The first screen lists all precincts and when you click on one it shows you the map on the screen below. It's pretty slick, give it try.



Please follow us below the fold. This week's edition is another opportunity to talk about North Carolina politics and discuss what we can do to support each other and build networks.

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A Nun Walks Free: Government's Sabotage Case Dismissed

Some here will recall that in the summer of 2012, three Plowshares pacifists - Gregory Boertje-Obed, Michael Walli and Sister Megan Rice - broke into the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The culprits cut through four fences with bolt cutters, evaded intruder alarms, and eluded armed guards authorized to kill in order to reach the heavily fortified Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility, aka the "Fort Knox of Uranium." Whereupon they proceeded to throw blood on its walls and spray paint some anti-nuclear war graffiti while they were at it.

At their trial in 2013 in Knoxville the three were convicted of sabotage and destruction of government property, and have been in federal prison ever since. On Saturday (May 16) the three were unexpectedly freed. Their attorneys won their appeal of the sabotage convictions from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in a 2-1 decision issued on May 8. The judges' excoriation of the government's absurd argument that the two 60-something pacifist men and an 85-year old nun had somehow managed to harm 'National Defense' by means of blood and spray paint on exterior walls. Per Judge Raymond Kethledge (appointed by George W. Bush),

The defendants' actions in this case had zero effect, at the time of their actions or anytime afterwards, on the nation's ability to wage war or defend against attack."
As to the argument that the action "diverted" guards of the facility from doing their usual jobs, the court pointed out that responding to intrusions IS the job of guards. The court vacated the prison sentences and sent the case back to the original judge for resentencing on their destruction of government property convictions.

Loyola University law professor William P. Quigley, a consultant for the defense team, said the "surprising" ruling and its scathing tone conveyed a radical message to the federal judiciary that "Peaceful protest isn't sabotage." I hope the federal judiciary takes serious collective notice. You never know when today's overmilitarized, steroid-addled law enforcement personnel might finally get the message, along with their enablers/defenders in prosecutorial ranks. They need to start losing regularly in their all-out push to criminalize peaceful protest in this country.

Reposted from DK GreenRoots by Joieau
This week I want to honor some of the most hard-working activists on our Beyond Coal campaign - Team Asheville in North Carolina. After years of rallies, public meetings, educational forums, leadership from the Asheville City council,  letter-writing, and even a visit from TV star Ian Somerhalder, on Tuesday, all that hard work paid off. Duke Energy announced it will retire its filthy Asheville coal plant, the 190th plant to announce retirement during the Beyond Coal campaign.

While Duke is unfortunately ignoring Asheville residents' demands of replacing it entirely with clean energy (Duke plans to replace the plant with natural gas), these tireless activists can still claim a victory to be proud of - winning a reprieve for the French Broad river from coal ash, eliminating the region's biggest source of air and climate pollution, and a making a strong show of grassroots power that held one of the nation’s most powerful companies accountable.  

"Duke's announcement to retire the coal plant came with the unwelcome news of a new gas plant, which of course is not the vision we hold for a clean energy economy here in North Carolina," said Kelly Martin of Asheville Beyond Coal. "We claimed our victory, but stayed honest about the outcome. At least now there is an end in sight to the coal ash pollution, the sulfur dioxide pollution, and the carbon pollution from this plant."

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Superior Court Judge of Wake County, Donald W. Stephens, temporarily halts permits pending review of how the states mining and Energy Commission was formed.

Environmental groups have argued that controversial commission was formed in violation of the state constitution.

The injunction will temporarily stop the commission form processing or accepting permit applications for hydraulic fracturing drilling units.

There is already another separate case that depends on other legal questions that are similar that will be ruled on by the court, later this summer, as to how state panels are formed.

The Southern Environmental Law Center said that the ruling will stop harm to the States environment from fracking


Tue May 19, 2015 at 07:20 PM PDT

Community Quilt for Gordon20024

by Sara R

Reposted from Community Quilt Project by davehouck

CelticLassie's quilt.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts...

It is a shock when you learn that a friend has cancer.  Gordon20024 recently learned that he does.  He is a person who is always there for others, as many Kossacks in several groups know well.  So now it is time for us to be there for him...  We can do this with a community quilt, full of words of love and support, that he can take with him to treatment or use anytime at home as he heals.

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Honest answer to a reader's question

No snark, no smartassery. This is one of the finest responses I've ever seen to this kind of question.

Setup: The Charlotte Observer's Taylor Batten wrote a piece about "Honesty Day," which "requires" you to honestly answer a question if it is posed to you. (Sidebar: The Observer is a McClatchy newspaper.) He was asked: "Question? Why do you support such a liberal agenda? Remember you’re supposed to answer honestly."

It would have been easy to respond defensively ("We're not liberal!") or with much snark and smartass ("Here's why we're not conservative...") or, easiest of all, to just ignore it -- with or without the high drama and pearl-clutching. Instead, Batten and the Observer chose to respond with a simple, elegant, and perfectly thought-out response. I'm not easily impressed by this kind of thing. Batten's words did so. This will resonate with me for, quite probably, the rest of my days.

Let's go see what he wrote.

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Reposted from DocDawg by DocDawg
North Carolina activist Kossacks on Doc's List, as of May 18, 2015
It's a start: geographic distribution of North Carolina activist Kossacks on Doc's List, as of May 17, 2015
Life is like a box of chocolates.

Last week, when I started issuing the call for North Carolina activist Kossacks to KosMail me their first names, ZIP codes, and email addresses, I figured the resulting list would take quite some time to grow to useful size, and that sooner or later the result would come in handy...although I really wasn't quite sure how.

I was completely wrong on the first count, and I've already been pleasantly surprised on the second.

Organizing Kossacks locally is an important and powerful tool...especially here in reddish-purple North Carolina, where we are struggling to take back our state. Meet me below the orange gerrymander to learn more about why, and how.


If something like Doc's List was happening in MY state, I would be:

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18%2 votes
9%1 votes
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Rev. Dr. William Barber II, former Netroots speaker and founder of Moral Mondays, along with Forward Together and the NC NAACP, released a new date for the NC NAACP v. McCrory trial. The lawsuit alleges voter suppression in North Carolina, and the trial is now slated for July 13, 2015, in Winston Salem. There is also a massive 'North Carolina Is Our Selma' march scheduled on that same day that will most likely become historic. So if you're in the neighborhood…

Here is an excerpt from the latest email from Rev. Barber, followed by a timeline of informative past events leading up to the pending trial.

From Rev. Barber and Forward Together/NC NAACP:
May 16, 2015
NC NAACP v. McCrory (New) Trial Date Set for July 13

The historic trial of our lawsuit against the McCrory-Tillis-Berger law designed to disenfranchise African American and other anti-racism voters has been postponed a week. The federal judge notified us that he wants the trial to begin on on July 13 in his court in Winston-Salem. "It gives us a week more to spread the word," Rev. Dr. Barber said. "Tell everyone. Monday, July 13, Winston-Salem! We march across our Edmund Pettus Bridge in Winston-Salem to expose and reverse the Tea Party's unconstitutional attack on the voting rights our parents and grandparents won with their lives and blood. North Carolina is our Selma!"

This Week We Called on Gov. McCrory to Explain the Substantial Drop in Voter Registrations at Public Assistance Agencies

The NC NAACP and Forward Together Moral Movement handed a request for e-mails between the Governor, Dr. Wos, who runs the Department of Health and Human Services, and the 100 county DSS Directors, trying to get evidence about why the voter registrations of people applying for public assistance had dropped 66% from the day Gov. McCrory took office in January 2013. We asked Gov. McCrory for an immediate public statement about this suspicious drop off in registration of welfare recipients, which is required by the 1993 National Voter Registration Act. Dr. Wos' staff has said we can get some e-mails, but we have to pay for them. Stay tuned.

On Thursday, May 7, the Daily Kos published a troubling report that showed a substantial drop in voter registrations submitted from public assistance agencies since the beginning of 2013. According to the State Board of Elections, in 2012, 41,162 registration applications were submitted from pubic assistance agencies . In 2013, this number dropped to 18,758 and in 2014, it dropped even further to 13,340.

You can watch the news conference by clicking HERE or on the image below. You can also read our letter to Governor McCrory by clicking HERE.

For those still learning about Moral Mondays and the North Carolina citizen protest, I have compiled a timeline of events, including links to various mainstream and social media articles:

Here are some of the events from 2013:

January 2013
Republican Governor Pat McCrory takes office along with Republicans who won the House and Senate seats in 2012. The election gave Republicans control of both the legislative and executive branch for the first time since 1870. The Republicans began passing bills that many believe negatively affect education, voting rights, women's rights, the environment, racial justice and many social programs.

April 2013
A weekly grassroots protest led by Rev. Dr. William Barber II begins in Raleigh, North Carolina, called, Moral Mondays. It's reported that 924 protestors were arrested for peaceful 'civil disobedience' in 2013.

June 2013
The Supreme Court decision for Shelby v. Holder includes gutting a major part of the of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, giving states and many counties/municipalities, with the propensity for voter suppression, to have the right to change their election laws - without federal approval.

August 2013 
Governor McCrory signs new voting laws allegedly meant to suppress and discourage the votes of blacks, minorities, the elderly, the poor, many whom are known to vote Democrat.  

August 2013
NC NAAP and ACLU file lawsuit against Governor McCrory (NC NAACP v. McCrory).

September 2013
Attorney General Eric Holder with the Department of Justice files a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina over the new voting laws.

Here are some of the events from 2014:
February 2014
Tens of thousands show up for Moral March (aka Moral Mondays/Forward Together - Not One Step Back) in Raleigh.

June 2014
After watching the NC Moral Mondays/Forward Together grow by the thousands, NC Senator Thom Goolsby writes op-ed calling the Moral Monday citizens, 'Moral Morons.'

September 2014
 Over 100,000 erroneous voter packages are sent out by Koch brothers' Americans For Prosperity reportedly to mislead and misinform NC voters.

October 2014
After the League of Women Voters and others file a lawsuit against Governor McCrory and members of the NC Board of Elections leading to an Appeals court panel to blocks two key voter suppression provisions of new North Carolina voting laws

October 8, 2014
Supreme Court overrides the Appeals Court decision.

November  2014
Midterms lead to overwhelming Republican victories causing Republicans to maintain majority in the House, Senate, NC Supreme Court, and Governor's Office.

Here are some of the events from 2015, as well as some important upcoming events:
February 2015
Once again, tens of thousands show up for a 2015 Forward Together Moral March in downtown Raleigh.

May 7, 2015
Daily Kos writer, DocDawg, reveals large drop in voter registration drops and discrepancies in a Daily Kos breaking story.

May 11, 2015
Rev Barber calls emergency press conference where Rev. Barber discusses the disturbing evidence from the aforementioned Daily Kos breaking story and the NC NAACP demand official records from Governor McCrory. Here is the youtube video of the May 11th press conference.

May 12, 2015
Daily Kos diarist, DocDawg, updates the North Carolina voter registration meltdown.

May 16, 2015
Rev. Barber announces new court date for lawsuit, NC NAACP v. McCrory against Governor Pat McCrory, Senator Thom Tillis, and Senator Philip Berger is now July 13, 2015 in Winston Salem.


July 13, 2015
Court date scheduled for the NC NAAP v. McCrory trial, and a historic march in Winston-Salem, NC.

The results of this North Carolina lawsuit may be an incredible game changer for this country. At minimum, we hope to see these messages resonate to other states that are accused of voter suppression. Cheers to the Rev. Barber, the NC NAACP, and most of all to the thousands of Moral Monday protestors and supporters of 'justice for all.' Stay tuned for more updates.

This movement is amazing. Here are some photos I took on my iPhone while participating in Moral Monday rallies last summer. The photos don't show the huge crowds, but show the beauty of everyday Americans, both genders, all ages, colors, religions, economic statuses, political parties, and all walks of life coming together in joyful and peaceful spirit to protest injustice. It was life-changing for me. These images were also published in a Daily Kos diary from last September. See more photos below the fold.

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Good day and welcome to DKos Asheville. This is the weekly DKos Asheville open thread for Saturday, May 15th. We try to get together every weekend to share with everyone what we're all up to in Western North Carolina and beyond. We hope this group and others serve to invigorate us locally and regionally here on Daily Kos, building on the sense of community that's grown through our online engagement. DKos Asheville and other local and state groups can give us all a better sense of connection, a better understanding of who we stand with, work with, and share with. We hope this local and wider community can help leverage our orange passion for progressive politics to elect more and better Democrats.

Tip of the week:
1- Learn about registering voters in your state. Takes just a few minutes.
2- Aquire voter registration forms and keep them with you.
3- Make this shirt and wear it.


4- Register voters.
5- Follow up with legal requirements within required times.
6- Feel good, make a difference.

Please follow us below the fold. This week's edition is an opportunity to talk about North Carolina politics and discuss what we can do to support each other and build networks. I've put together a North Carolina news and issue round up that I hope you enjoy. Please help shed light on these stories.
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