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For those who haven't got the text yet, it reads as follows:

Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee. Watch the first Obama-Biden rally live at 3pm ET on Spread the word!

I am so happy right now!! I don't think Obama could have made a better VP pick. I was reading a post over at 538 that talked about how this locks down PA and puts Florida back into play.

Plus, I can't wait to watch Joe beat the crap out of Romney (or whoever) in the VP debate.

OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!!!!


Joe Biden

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Sun Apr 20, 2008 at 02:42 PM PDT

The Soldier in the Classroom

by DMOmaha

(The following is an interview between Ryan Anderson of and Richard Carter, the Democratic candidate for United States Congress in Nebraska's Second Congressional District. Please consider giving a donation to Richard's campaign. There are only 22 Days left in the primary!)

Part 1 - The Soldier in the Classroom

Thanks for sitting down with me.  I'm just gonna launch straight into the questions: When did you first start thinking about running for public office?

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Sun Apr 06, 2008 at 01:28 PM PDT

Richard Carter Live Blog Tonight!

by DMOmaha

Richard Carter, Candidate for Congress in NE-02, will be liveblogging here at DKos at about 7:30 CST. Last week, Richard endorsed Darcy Burner's Responsible Plan to end the War in Iraq, and that is what we will be discussing for the most part.

Sorry for the quick hit diary, but we are on our way to a couple of events right now.

Also, our Web site was just rebuilt. We have an entirely new look to it, and within a day or two everything should be updated (the news and issues sections are still being transfered over, our server has been a bit difficult).


As released yesterday, and broken here the day before, Richard Carter, candidate for Congress in the Nebraska Second District, has endorsed Darcy Burner's Responsible Plan to end the War in Iraq.

As I mentioned yesterday, this is proof that we can run progressive candidates everywhere, even in Nebraska, so long as we are honest with the people about the most important issues.

The transcript of the entire speech is below the fold.


NE-02 is

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I wanted to post a diary to tell everyone here that we just sent out a press release announcing that Richard Carter, democratic candidate for Congress in NE-02 (that's right, Nebraska) is going to be giving a major address on the Iraq war tomorrow. During that address, he will endorse The Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.

The press release and more below the fold.

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Richard Carter, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Captain in the Air Force Reserve, and a candidate for Congress in Nebraska's second district, released a statement today on the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

The statement is below the fold.

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Sun Mar 16, 2008 at 12:59 PM PDT

NE-02 Weekend Update

by DMOmaha

A few notes on what's happening this weekend on the Richard Carter for Congress Campaign. (DONATE!)

Of course, at 3:30 CST we will be doing our 4th weekly liveblog. Today we will be discussing civil liberties and the appropriate roles of the executive branch--i.e, FISA and other related topics. If you have a question for Richard on those topics, come join us for the liveblog!!

Also, yesterday was Omaha's St. Patrick's Day Parade. We had a great turnout (hopefully we can get some pictures up soon). The best part, however, was after the parade, when Richard noted that local blogger, DKos member, and former-Carter-webmaster-turned-Kleeb-staffer Mike Nellis had a flat tire on his truck.

Richard, being the stand-up guy he is, offered to change the tire for him. Local media drove buy and noticed the congressional candidate helping out, and we got some of the best free media of all time. You can see the video here. (Something wrong with the video, there is no sound. Hopefully that gets fixed.)


Today, at 3:30 PM Central Time, Richard Carter will be liveblogging on the Economy.

This is our third weekly liveblog; last week's was on education, and the week before that we discussed Iraq and other Veterans issues.

The incumbent in NE-02 is Lee Terry. All Lee does is sit in his chair and vote the way his "leadership" tells him to, which has included voting against enforcing subpoenas, voting against S-CHIP, and, most recently, voting against the Wellstone Mental Health Parity Act.

Come by at 3:30 and ask Richard any questions you've got.

Also, if you like what you hear, or you go back to the last few weeks' liveblogs and you like what you see there, please consider making a donation, even if it is only a small one. We only have 65 days until our primary. Our ActBlue page is here.

Thanks for all your help!!!


Sun Mar 02, 2008 at 11:34 AM PST

NE-02 Live Blog

by DMOmaha

Later today, at 3:30 PM CST, Richard Carter will be liveblogging here on DailyKos.

Richard is running for Congress in NE-02. He is a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and while on active duty earned his Master's Degree in Economics. He currently serves in the Air Force Reserve and teaches economics at a local community college.

Today's live blog will be on education issues. (See last week's live blog on Iraq and other military issues here.)

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Things are heating up for the Democratic party in Nebraska! Yes, Nebraska!

We have a contested Democratic Senate primary and a contested Democratic Congressional primary! If this isnt proof that the 50-state strategy is a great idea, I don't know what is.

One of those very exciting Nebraska Democrats is a man named Richard Carter, running for Congress in NE-02. In addition to being a very exciting candidate, a veteran of the Air Force, a member of the Air Force Reserve, an economist, and a teacher, he is also a member of this community.

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Rep. Lee Terry (R NE-02) has finally put his foot down on Congressional Subpoena power. When one of the infamous witnesses refused to appear, Terry said it was akin to "giving the committee the finger" and that the witness's excuse was "hollow."

Of course, Terry would never stand up to Bush or his Republican "leadership," so how did he manage to make these public comments??

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...and it's going well, so he's sticking around for a little while. The diary is here.

Richard is running for the U.S. Congress in the Nebraska Second. He is a veteran, an economist, and a teacher. Additionally, he is wildly electable. So go join in the conversation...

...or give him money. :)

Or both.

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