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Before I get into the gritty details, please go here and consider the plight of a group of Mental Health Professionals in West Georgia.

My first and second diary dealt with out mistreatment at the hands of our mortgage bank and a group of thugs he hired to steal out property.  This has since been resolved as best as it can be.  Things were looking to get back to what you would call normal, but then my family and several other families were bushwhacked by a scandal that has sent many into fiscal uncertainty and even ruin.

Please follow me below.

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As stated in my first diary, my family and I have been suffering a thorough injustice by the hands of a mortgage servicing company and his hired goons.  I would like to thank the community for all of their condolences, help, and advice, and am pleased to say that we will soon be seeking legal damages from the men who broke into our home, destroyed our property, and attempted to steal our property with intent to sell.

However, I was not prepared for the events of yesterday.  Please follow me down to hear more of the depths a mortgage company's goons will sink.

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I am a looooongtime lurker, first time diarist.  I have been with this website almost since its founding.  It has nearly become my news website, although I will keep my ear to the ground of the general consensus on cable news.

I wish I could begin my writing relationship on better terms, but unfortunately bad news makes better catalyst than contentment.  My family an I have been the victims of gross malfeasance at the hands of a mortgage servicing company (debt collectors).  I will give you a brief backstory, with names withheld to protect possible future legal matters.  All I will say is that this takes place in Georgia.

Please join me below.

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