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Its funny how narratives begin in the media. We hear them, read them and yet there is little we can do to stop them.

I recall one in particular - since the time of the DNC Convention - that Obama could not bring in the same crowds he used to in the old days...Join me after the doohickey for an exercise in media narrative-breaking.


How many fired up Dems will attend President Obama's rally in Madison tomorrow?

26%57 votes
19%43 votes
21%47 votes
18%41 votes
9%21 votes
3%7 votes

| 216 votes | Vote | Results

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Its allowed, right? A short diary when the news is good!

Marquette University Law School:
Obama: 51%
Romney: 43%
MofE +/- 2.9
1243 (!!!)  Likely Voters

WI is blue folks...

A couple of updates under the thingy.

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Marquette University Law School released a new poll for Wisconsin, which look great for the President and ok for Tammy Baldwin.


Obama (53%) leads Romney (42%). Not as big as the last Marquette margin of 14 points, but obviously holding steady in the 50% territory.

Baldwin (48%) still leads Thompson (44%), but not by as much as the last poll, where she held a 9 point lead.

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I'm In!

That was my response to a text message yesterday inviting Obama supporters to a 'Grassroots Event' to be held on the Summerfest Grounds on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, WI. I was lucky enough to see BHO during the 2008 election, in a smaller closed venue, and I cant wait to be part of the sea of supporters Saturday, Sept. 22.

But I am not going alone.

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Not a big shocker here - but apparently Romney will sit down with the hard-hitting team at Fox News for an interview with Neil Cavuto:


No doubt heads will be spinning...but at least the viewers of Fox News will learn about the video. Last night while surfing, I noted that throughout their later night news shows, while every other news show was discussing the video, Fox chose to push more Islamophobia.

After watching other Romneybots respond, it will be a mix of spin, duck, deflect, and smirk.

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Why do people often refer to 'losers' as 'sore losers?

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Mon Feb 15, 2010 at 07:45 AM PST

Breaking. Bye Bayh! (updated)

by DeminWisconsin

No news yet - but Mark Halperin just posted this:

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House Republican Leader, John Permatan Boehner, released a statment regarding the Stimulus Bill recently proposed by democrats (and a few republicans) in the Senate.

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I just received an email and video from the Obama Campaign that I wanted to share with everyone.

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Tue Oct 07, 2008 at 09:18 AM PDT

Remembering Iowa: 28 Days to Go

by DeminWisconsin

There I go again, gosh darnit, bringing up the past.

Nevertheless, judging from many of the diaries over the last 4 days, DKos could use a little inspiration from the past.

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In light of the dishonorable and cowardly approach of John McCain, Caribou Barbie and their pathetic campaign, the next few days will certainly interesting.

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There have been several diaries regarding tonight's debate - but I haven't seen this mentioned.

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