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Right Wing Watch brings us one of the most disgusting, revolting depictions I can remember. But, sometimes I lose track of all the vitriol.

I put this here not for sensationalistic reasons, but to show more people who it is that we are fighting. It is not a fight of our making, but it is a fight we will win (as the saying goes).

We know what to do about this. Write, call, complain. This is someone's fantasy, and it is dangerous.


Is Randall Terry -

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0%1 votes
7%9 votes
32%39 votes
2%3 votes
7%9 votes

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TPM Reports on Spakovsky's Return

Hans von Spakovsky is likely to be confirmed to a volunteer post on a commission that advises the US Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR), along with a attorney who is a member of the Republican National Lawyer's Association, to serve on the State Advisory Committee for Virginia.

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I was almost 12 years old that day. Like his brother before him, Robert F. Kennedy was to be the savior of a generation. It was not to be. I still get a lump in my throat when I think of that year. I tear up when I listen to Teddy talk about his brother.

Earlier in the year, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, and my Dad told me it was the beginning of a lot of trouble. Of course, my Dad was right.

The video below is a compilation of photos set to music, with Teddy Kennedy's eulogy as the spoken accompaniment.

Listen and absorb the photos and words of the eloquent eulogy by Teddy Kennedy. There is a lot to listen to and think about.

Thank you.

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The Washington Post, in an article written by Maria Glod and Rosalind S. Helderman, and published this morning (6-4-09), details the false claims made by Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, and others concerning the possibility of a link between 3rd grade reading scores and predictions for prison bed planning purposes.

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I have to say, this is one of the funniest things I think I have ever seen. This comes to me by way of a decent Republican/Centrist blog in Virginia known as Reason And Revelation. They credit, of all places, that off-color football place (no link, ewwww).

So now, here is Glenn Beck, in a cartoon originally seen on Current TV, interviewing, among others, Jesus of Nazareth. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

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It's too bad stupid begins with an 's' and not a 'b', because the Fox News slugs could put that in their advertising for Glenn Beck's horrendous 'talk' show on the network: "Bold. Brash. Beck."

You would have to have been living on another planet to miss the sheer spectacle that is the '9-12' Project, meant to somehow recapture the 'way you felt the day after 9/11.' It just so happens that there are also accompanying mantras to say over and over to get you in the mood. 9 principles, and 12 values. Get it? Yeah, I know, cheesy.

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Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 09:08 AM PDT

VA-05: Virgil Goode Files For 2010

by Dems2004

According to an article in The Hill, Virgil Goode has filed to try to regain his seat in Congress.

More below the fold.

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Live (or at least breathing) from my basement in The Land That Time Forgot TM, it's Overnight News Digest.

Pass the Cheetos. (Or, since the 2nd bowl of chili is almost ready, make mine Fritos)

No local flavor tonight. I spent part of my evening mopping up a water leak in the basement. Well, actually the leak was in the upstairs (kids) bathroom, but I didn't know until I went down to get home-canned tomatoes - for the chili.

Credits: Reuters for the top stories, AP for the rest. It's a news mashup folks.

So, instead, I have decided to put a few photos here.

Favorite Moments of 2008:

Congressman-elect Tom Perriello signs Alex's cast, late November 2008

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Live (or at least breathing)from my basement in The Land That Time Forgot TM, it's Overnight News Digest.

Pass the Cheetos.

Tonight, I am going to start out with a little local flavor. If you have been hanging out with us here at OND this week, you know that I have mentioned a series of articles on my blog about the abuses of payday lenders. Payday lenders are predatory companies that want to enslave you if you need help.

There are hardly any people who haven't found themselves in a bad way concerning money in their lives at some point. When there is no last resort, payday lenders practice their sometimes completely unregulated 'business'. In Virginia, the Legislature last session debated on what they could do about this problem. Since payday loans were first allowed to be introduced in Virginia in 2002, their 'industry' has grown substantially.

The industry could afford to spend $4m on lobbying alone, not to mention many hundreds of thousands of dollars to officeholders. Since I haven't quite finished this year's report yet, I am reproducing here a part of my report from last year.

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This is awesome news if this poll is to be believed. WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Virginia just released results of their last poll, and it's a doozy!!

From the Tom Perriello Campaign:


November 3, 2008—Ivy, VA—A new poll shows that Tom Perriello has gained considerable momentum and is now within striking distance of a historic upset against Rep. Virgil Goode. The SurveyUSA poll, conducted for WDBJ7, shows that the race now stands at Goode 50% and Perriello at 47%, within the poll's margin of error.

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Virgil Goode, reeling from allegations that his office helped support the showing of the film 'Eden's Curve' at various film festivals in this country and Canada, has said that he will have a meeting of his staff to find out how the government-paid fax number in his office was used as a contact by fax number for promotion of the film, according to the Daily Progress in Charlottesville.

This news comes on the heels of the revelation that WDBJ-TV, the CBS affiliate in Roanoke, Virginia, will not be running the NRCC ad that had been running and continues to run at other media outlets in the district. The station said it wants to see documentation of a claim by Goode that Perriello is in favor of gay marriage.

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Also published at AVG

Honestly, if the schtick Virgil Goode runs gets any more unbelievable, I'll have to lower my expectations of him further than they already are.

In an exchange during last night's debate in Danville, Congressman Goode claimed that Tom Perriello is all-powerful with his allies in the Democratic Party and all those people in New York and elsewhere.

Perriello, a national security consultant and faith-based initiative founder from Albemarle County, said that if he is elected his top priority would be bringing back jobs to the 5th District, which includes the Charlottesville area and stretches down to Danville. Over the past dozen years, he pointed out, the district has lost an estimated 10,000 jobs.

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