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Let's fight the good fight.
Hello, my name is Nicholas J. Stamates and I am the Democratic nominee for  Wisconsin's 20th Senate District as a write in candidate. Some of you many know me under my username (Edgeworth) and from my fundraising diaries for
 Mark Harris' campaign:

Unfortunately, Mark Harris did not win his campaign for Congress last year and his opponent, State Senator Glenn Grothman became a member of Congress and  resigned his State Senate Seat. That is where we are today. Tomorrow, three Republicans will fight for the right to contest the seat on the Republican ticket. All of them support the same positions and  thus, voters will only have a choice of three puppets of Charles and David Koch. The winner will be just another cog in Walker's machine of utter destruction he has set upon our beautiful state. But what if it did not have to be this way? What if we fought a local grassroots campaign that took advantage of a low turnout race and a probable lethargic campaign on behalf of the Republican candidate? What if we energized our base?  What if we turned this all around? That is why I am running and that is why I need your help.  

 I am looking to raise funds so that  starting in March, I can campaign actively across the district and tell the voters that there is indeed a choice at the ballot box. I want to go on the UW-Washington County campus and talk about the  300M cut to the UW system in Governor Walker's budget with local students.  I want to reach voters who are sick of politicians not caring about them.  I want to go precinct by precinct looking for our voters, shaking their hands and getting them to the polls.  That is the type of campaign I want to run and that is what I will do with your help.

The general election in all likelihood will be ignored by whomever the Republicans nominate on their ticket. That fact coupled with with the extremely low turnout that a special election in April of 2015 is sure to bring, means a few thousand votes could win this election and I intended to do everything I can to get those votes. All I need is a small amount of money to get my name out there amongst our base and my fundraising goal reflects that purpose. Even if you can only spare one dollar, I would be thankful and so would every progressive in this dark red district.  With your help, we can give the Republican nominee the fight of their life.


Nicholas J. Stamates

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My campaign website:

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Fri Nov 07, 2014 at 10:22 AM PST

Reblog:Ta-Ta Tate

by Edgeworth

Like the Fire Mike Tate Facebook page

Credit goes to Callen Harty, who said it better than anyone else:

Maybe Mike Tate is a nice man. Maybe he has a lot to offer the world. I don’t know him except as the chairman of Wisconsin’s Democratic Party, but in that capacity he has been a dismal failure. It is time for Mike Tate to leave. Maybe he could become a Republican and lead them to sure losses on upcoming election days and help even the score a little bit. He’s had his chance and has completely blown it. It is time for him to bow out gracefully and move on to something else. The Democratic Party in Wisconsin, and the people of this great state, cannot endure more of his leadership any more than we can endure four more years of Scott Walker in the governor’s seat.

Take a look at Tate’s career and then defend the idea that he should be allowed to stay on any longer than the time it takes to clear out a desk and walk out the door.

Below are some of the highlights of Tate’s career.

He was the State Field Director for Kathleen Falk’s losing bid for the governorship in 2002. In 2004, a year before he graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a bachelor’s degree in political science, he was named the Deputy State Director of America Coming Together (ACT). The national organization disbanded in 2005.

Also in 2004 he served as the State Director of Dean for America. Howard Dean had lost several primaries by the time Wisconsin’s came up. Dean had pretty much listed Wisconsin as a must win and indicated he believed that a win in Wisconsin could turn his entire campaign around and lead him to the Presidency. Under Mike Tate’s leadership of the state campaign Dean finished third here with only 18% of the vote. It pretty much ended his campaign and any chance of becoming President.

Fair Wisconsin in its desperate bid to defeat the 2006 Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in the state of Wisconsin hired Mike Tate to lead the campaign against it. The citizens of the state voted for the amendment with just under 60% of the voters supporting discrimination against their fellow citizens.

In 2008 he was the Executive Director of Advancing Wisconsin, a group that funneled money into the 2008 campaign to elect Barack Obama. Obama did win Wisconsin that year, one of the few things Tate has been associated with where his candidate or position fared well. According to an NPR special series called “secret money project” by Will Evans (11/3/08) Tate was quoted as saying that instead of the group fading away after the election he wanted to create “a permanent grassroots field-organizing infrastructure in Wisconsin.” Great idea if it were true. The organization’s website is no longer active and they are no longer registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

After his service with Advancing Wisconsin Tate became the chairman of Wisconsin’s Democratic Party. There has not been much to cheer about during his tenure. Wisconsin lost one of its most popular Senators when Russ Feingold fell to Ron Johnson. Also in that time Scott Walker won the governorship in 2010, became the first governor in U. S. history to survive a recall election, and proceeded to win re-election in 2014. The Democrats put forth Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett against Walker in 2010 and tried him again in the recall. This year the party, under Tate’s leadership, got behind the virtually unknown businesswoman Mary Burke almost as soon as she announced her candidacy. It was clear they had handpicked her and while Tate denied the party was endorsing her they did everything but come out and say it. Party regulars were denied a meaningful primary and never got fired up for her candidacy. She lost by 5%. Madison and Milwaukee voters did not turn out for her.

How many executives with this kind of record would still be in their positions in a corporation? The shareholders would riot and demand a resignation. It is time for the stakeholders in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to do the same thing. Tate had his time and he had his chance and he has failed.

Let’s close with a couple other tidbits. If his record doesn’t convince you, how about his own words? These quotes are from a WisPolitics e-profile of Tate from November 20, 2006.

    When asked about the winning political formula in Wisconsin, Tate responded with this quote: “I don’t know that I should be asked this question given my track record.” It’s nice to see that he has a sense of humor about it, but his answer rings true.
    In answer to the question, “Most people don’t know I’m good at . . .” Tate’s response was, “I’m not really good at very much. I used to be a good golfer now my game comes and goes.”

Mike Tate, ta-ta.  Time to go play some golf. Or just time to go.

September was a very good month for Democrat Mark Harris (pictured) in more ways than one.
Dear friends,

A recent report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states that County Executive Mark Harris (D) raised over $80k in the month of September alone:

In the 6th District, state Sen. Glenn Grothman, a Republican of Town of Osceola in Fond du Lac County, spent $386,320 on his campaign in the period, including purchases of radio and television time. The period covers spending during the final weeks of his Republican primary campaign. Grothman won the four-way primary on Aug. 12.

His campaign received $341,976 in contributions during the period and ended September with $145,820 cash on hand, according to the federal report.

The contribution total was more than three times the amount, $101,467, received by the campaign of Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, a Democrat of Oshkosh. Nearly $80,000 of the total came in September, according to campaign representatives.

And the good news does not end there, not by a long shot!  The same article also states a little earlier on that State Senator Grothman has already blown through most of his fundraising and that both candidates are on even footing with their cash on hand going into the dog days of the campaign cycle! We have just about done what we as a community  set out to do back at the beginning September.  We have given Mark Harris the ability to take Grothman head on and win. MRA extremist Glenn Grothman can no longer just bank on the R next to his name for a win, he will have to fight.  I am very thankful for that and I thank every single one of you guys who made it happen.  We raised over $2k during just one football game (A very bad football game but I digress.) and so much more was raised even after that, I lost count on it all.  It was a truly marvelous effort. In conclusion,  the momentum is clearly on Mark's side and I think we should be the final gust of wind that pushes him passed the finish line and into the Halls of Congress!



Please consider sending a donation Mark's way:



Mon Oct 06, 2014 at 04:44 PM PDT

Let's go win a Congressional Seat!

by Edgeworth

Democrat Mark Harris (WI-06) meeting with supporters
Dear friends,
It's October, the time when elections are won and lost and the course of policy for our great nation is set.  The men and woman who we decided to send to Congress will have a great impact on the future of our country. And at this moment, one lone Democrat is about to launch his final assault on one of the worst politicians out there.  His name is County Executive Mark Harris and he is running against men's rights activist and all around crazy State Senator, Glenn Grothman in Wisconsin's swingy 6th congressional district.

Here's a quick run down of Glenn Grothman's political positions:

Glenn Grothman on Equal Pay Rights

"You could argue that money is more important for men. I think a guy in their first job, maybe because they expect to be a breadwinner someday, may be a little more money-conscious. To attribute everything to a so-called bias in the workplace is just not true."

Source: The Daily Beast

Glenn Grothman on Single-Parenthood

"A controversial bill targeting single parents came to the table at the Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services and Revenue public hearing in Wisconsin this week.

State senator Glenn Grothman, an admitted opponent of the social welfare establishment that he believes encourages women to have children out of wedlock, introduced Senate Bill 507, which would formally consider single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse, if passed into law.

SB507 would require the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize that non-marital parenthood is a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect."

Source: The Huffington Post

Glenn Grothman on women in the workforce

"Also, and any big company will tell you this, they're doing what they can to promote the women ahead of the men. Now in addition to the fact that that leads to a little bit of chicanery as people pretend the woman's owning the company when the guy's owning the company. In the long run a lot of women like to stay at home and have their husbands be the primary bread winner. You have to ask yourself in this country can we continue to exist if we have a government that is actively discouraging the government or the businesses from hiring men? And that's a very sensitive issue but that's what's going on in America today. It's another issue that nobody is tackling."

Source: Washington County Tea Party Rally, August 2010

If it was not obvious, we can not allow this man to become a congressman and therefore, we must help Mark Harris' final assault succeed!    This a winnable race and the RNCC knows it. They are more than worried about Grothman blowing this seat and have instructed him on a Rose Garden strategy (ducking debates, hiding from the media, etc...)  in hopes of having him win just by the R next to his name on the ballot. We can not allow Glenn Grothman to Where's Waldo? his way into Congress and there are two things we can do to stop that from happening. Here's the kicker, one is absolutely free! Firstly, please consider sending some money Mark's way:  his fundraising has really picked up since September but every penny counts.
Secondly and this is the completely free way of fighting back against Grothman:  Rec this diary and go to the website: Real Glenn Grothman is a website set up by Mark Harris and it is a great resource for finding information on Grothman's positions, the ones he does not want voters of WI-06 to know about and  during this time in the election cycle, a  lot of undecided voters look for information about the candidates and  If we can make that site the second coming of Santorum it could be a huge boost to Mark's campaign!  In conclusion, we have the power to stop the male version of Michele Bachmann from becoming a congressman. We should use it.



Mark Harris' Actblue:

real Glenn Grothman website:

"What?! I actually have to earn the right to be a congressman?!"
Dear friends,

In a recent editorial, the Ripon Commonwealth Press lambasted State Senator Glenn Grothman's unwillingness to debate his Democratic challenger,  County Executive Mark Harris:

While Harris has accepted six other invitations for debates, including one offered by the Center for Politics and the People at Ripon College, Grothman has said he may agree to only one more. That’s too bad, given that the district extends as far south as Watertown, 75 miles north to Neenah, east to Manitowoc and 135 miles west to Adams County.

     Grothman argues that “I think most people know where I stand” as he has served in the Legislature for the past 21 years. But that argument is weak, given that Grothman’s voting address for most of his tenure in the state Assembly and Senate was West Bend. As that city is outside the Sixth District, Grothman is more of a household name in Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s district than he is in Oshkosh, Sheboygan, Montello and Ripon.

     ... Grothman knows that this district leans Republican, but not overwhelmingly — it voted for Romney over Obama by 7.3 points in 2012 but chose Obama over McCain four years earlier by .1 percent.
Better for him tactically to leave the Democrat in the shadows. Harris believes that the more exposure he gets, the more voters may see him as the Petri-style moderate he professes to be. (And that claim may not be just rhetoric; strangely, Petri has not endorsed his fellow Republican would-be successor.)  

Later on, in the vein of the famous Lincoln–Douglas debates, the editorial went on to suggest a compromise of seven future meeting between the two candidates:
So Harris seeks 11 debates. While that may seem a bit much ... [but] Grothman’s insistence on no more than two is too meager for an election in which both candidates are relatively unknown to most of the electorate.

     Absent more than two debates, voters only can learn about the candidates from any free media they receive and from the shallow, vacuous 30-second spots that, at best, give voters distorted views of the candidates’ records and positions.

     How about a number somewhere between two and 11?

     How about seven debates?

     That’s how many debates were held for another state senator and his rival. The guy who won that election didn’t fare too badly.
He went on to become president — the first Republican president in the nation. Then he freed the slaves and ended a Civil War.

     Lincoln’s seven debates is preferable to Grothman’s two, one of which isn’t yet scheduled and the other held behind closed doors. A meager two debates is acceptable only for a candidate who doesn’t want you to know too much about him or his opponent.

 I wholeheartedly agree with this editorial and  I urge you all to  make sure State Senator Grothman's Rose Garden Strategy is an utter failure by supporting Mark Harris' campaign through election day.



Please consider sending a donation Mark's way:


Fri Sep 19, 2014 at 03:57 PM PDT

The Cowardice of Glenn Grothman

by Edgeworth

Democratic candidate Mark Harris, right, answers a question during a debate with Republican candidate Glenn Grothman Monday at an event sponsored by Fond du Lac Noon Rotary Club at Holiday Inn. The men are running for the 6th Congressional District seat held since 1979 by retiring Tom Petri, R-Fond du Lac. (Photo: Doug Raflik/Action Reporter Media)
Dear friends,

State Senator Glenn Grothman and County Executive Mark Harris completed their first debate of the election cycle last week, and if State Senator Grothman has it his way, their last:

During the private debate sponsored by the Fond du Lac Noon Rotary Club, Grothman said he wouldn’t be at the “beck and call” of anyone in the district who wants to have “unlimited” debates.

As you may know, County Executive Mark Harris has challenged State Senator Grothman to a series of 11 debates, one for each county that encompasses Wisconsin's 6th congressional district. This is a reasonable request but one that the State Senator will not even consider! He is running a Rose Garden strategy in hopes that his extremism can sneak right into the Halls of Congress! No man of principle would ever hide from voters what they believe in and it really speaks to the type man that the State Senator is. If it was not obvious already,  we can not allow this man to become a congressman, I encourage you all to send some money Mark's way. I would also encourage you all to write to State Senator Grothman demanding he debate Mark.



Mark Harris' actblue:

Contact State Senator Grothman:  



Dear friends,

Another interesting development has transpired in Wisconsin's open 6th congressional district. State Senator Glenn Grothman has been added to the RNCC's "Young Guns" program:
The "Young Guns" program is used for for aiding Republicans in competitive congressional races:


"Young Gun is the highest level of the Young Guns program.  These candidates have met a series of rigorous goals and surpassed program benchmarks to establish a clear path to victory.

Young Gun candidates represent the most competitive congressional seats in the 2014 election cycle."


You heard that right, national Republicans think Grothman might have a tough road ahead and are preparing for the possibility and the DCCC should take the hint and follow suit!  These first 8 days of September have brought a new energy to Mark Harris' campaign. From the RNCC's fretting, to Rep. Petri's silence and to the over $3000 dollars that have been raised  since my fundraising plea to Kos went online just a few days. With that, one thing has been made clear.  State Senator Glenn Grothman and the red lean of the district are paper tigers that can be beaten and all we have to do is truly put our best foot forward and we will win!



Please consider sending a donation Mark's way:

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Dear friends,

An article in the Wisconsin State Journal revealed what could be a game changer in the effort to stop the ascension of State Senator Glenn Grothman to the Halls of Congress:


Outgoing Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Petri doesn’t strike us as a big fan of conservative state Sen. Glenn Grothman, who narrowly won the GOP primary last month in the race to replace Petri.

When asked about Grothman by on Tuesday, Petri offered tepid praise for his possible successor, calling him “able.”

Read more:

If that does not strike you as an endorsement, that is because it is not.
Going further into the article, you will find some very interesting comments made by Rep. Petri about Democrat Mark Harris, who is Grothman's opponent:

“Mark Harris is a county executive in the biggest county in the district and has had a little different kind of experience, being a businessman and that sort of thing.”

That sounds like a very real opening for a cross party endorsement to me and an endorsement of Mark Harris by none other than beloved Republican Congressmen Tom Petri is not only worth its weight in salt, it would completely validate Mark's main argument of Grothman being too extreme for Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District! So what I ask of you my friends is this, I would like you all  as politely as possible to write to Congressmen Petri and encourage him to stand up for his Ripon Society ideals and endorse Mark Harris campaign to succeed him in Congress.  Knowing his animosity for Grothman, that should not be as hard as you might think and I believe it is worth a try at the very least.



Tom Petri's email:

Mark Harris' act blue:


Thu Sep 04, 2014 at 03:44 PM PDT

A Plea to Markos Moulitsas aka Kos

by Edgeworth

"We need leadership in Congress that is honest about the tough choices, courageous enough to compromise and willing to put the peoples business before party politics."



I am asking you or one of your front page bloggers to make a fundraising diary for the campaign of Democrat Mark L. Harris, who is running for Wisconsin's open  6th's Congressional District against Men's Rights Activist and all around extremist Glenn Grothman. The 6th is a conservative district by nature but President Obama won the district back in 2008 and with someone as extreme as Grothman running history can repeat itself with the right candidate. Mark Harris is that candidate, he is the best the candidate the democrats could have wished for,  but he is in a dire need of funds:

As you can see from that article, Mark could really use a Daily Kos money bomb right now, the DCCC has so far refused to act on his behalf. Please, Kos, don't let the male version of Michele Bachmann walk right into the halls of congress with out fight.


A fellow Democrat

EDIT: As suggested by people in the comments, I am going to talk a little more about Mark Harris.

Mark is a policy wonk and  he is probably one of the smartest guys running this cycle.

He fully supports Social Security:

He is fully behind lowering the cost of College:

And he is a huge advocate of both raising the the minimum wage and investing in our country's infrastructure:

Mark is a true  Democrat, not some liberdem who we have to hold our noses for.
The fact that someone as good as him is running for seat like this is a great thing for our party. If someone like Mark  can win a seat like this then  we can start telling the blue dogs where they can stuff it! So if you would, could you please send a donation Mark's way? I know he will appreciate it the donation no matter how small:

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