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Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 03:20 PM PST

Let them own it

by FLFarmer

I've read this from time to time, from people riffing on the same theme, courtesy of The Godfather, Part 2: "My offer is this, Senator: nothing."

It has never been more fitting than now, dealing with GOP intransigence, as they put their love of their own power over the well-being of the country's citizenry, as they put ideology on a pedestal they usually reserve for sneering references to things they declare to be elitist.

Were I the advisor to the White House, or to the Senate leadership, this would be my mantra: our offer is this, and nothing more.

Everyone seems to have forgotten one jingoistic entry into our U-S-A, U-S-A shouting: we do not negotiate with terrorists. The GOP has become, for lack of a better term for their group, terrorists. They have no interest in compromise, nor do they ever negotiate in good faith. It is impossible to have an adult conversation with people who insist on behaving like petulant two year olds who are not getting their way.

Our offer is this, and nothing more.

Let the GOP vote it down. As a business owner with actual, real employees, I'm not thrilled at the changes this will make to my employees' paychecks. I'm not happy that the proffered deal has a higher baseline than the original $250K limit, although the latter has the potential to raise my own taxes. As an adult, I understand the price that has to paid to live in a civilized nation.

But our offer is this, and nothing more.

Let the GOP own it. Let them be faced once more by their constituents asking why they continue to take the welfare of the country at large and their own constituents in particular hostage again and again, creating a Congress that is simultaneously the least productive and the most dysfunctional it has ever been. Let them wind themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize the positions they take because they swore fealty to someone like Grover Norquist and allowed that to take precedence over their oath of office. Let them face the consequences of their actions, played out in full view of the entire country, as the next election season arrives. Let them own it: the people of the country already hold them responsible, as poll after poll after poll has shown.

Let the GOP finally grasp that there is a spine to be found in the Democratic party. Let the GOP hear this, by standing firm instead of bending once more to accommodate the things they want which do no good for this nation.

Our offer is this, and nothing more.


The President is a big meanie who said harsh things about us and hurt our feelings. He should feel bad and we're not going to let him play with our toys. And math and stuff.

Why is it that the Republicans in Congress seem less mature than the average grade school child? It isn't as if they're all young and the group is filled with members of a generation who feel entitled to everything and anything they want. They are, on average, old white guys, for lack of a better term. This reversion to infantilism since 2010 is deeply mystifying, as they certainly know that government spending is lower than it has been in decades, ditto for taxes, and our real issue in this country is one of revenue. It's a strange choice of delusion to accept as fact things so far removed from reality, and a strange choice for the media to (for the most part) ignore the dysfunction that permeates the Hill in their quest to ensure they're "being balanced".


Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 05:47 PM PST

Another martyr to the cause

by FLFarmer

Keep losing money, geniuses at Hobby Lobby, and eventually you won't have to worry about what icky things your employees do - because you won't have any as you spiral into bankruptcy.

As a business owner myself, I'm not really all that concerned if my employees (who happen to be primarily female) use birth control or not. I am concerned with outlining their job functions, and ensuring that they're doing those jobs to the best of their ability. If they need guidance, I provide it. If they have some kind of personal issue and want to talk about that with me, I'm fine with that and flattered that they would ask me. What I absolutely would never do is force my personal ideological beliefs on them, ever, or expect them to ascribe to my lack of religious beliefs. I didn't (as some CEOs did) threaten to fire them if they didn't vote the way I wanted, or paint some dire picture of the economic outlook for the company if Romney had won - even though I firmly believe that would have been a disaster. Likewise, whatever they do in their bedrooms, in their lives, outside the realm of their work for me, is their own: they are all responsible adults, capable of making decisions for themselves and their families that do not and should not involve whatever they worry I may think of those decisions.

So, Hobby Lobby, keep tilting at those windmills. It's always nice to see the business version of Darwinism in action right before our eyes.


Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 01:12 PM PST

Embracing the physical world

by FLFarmer

I was reading Wanton Tom's diary here and began to add a comment there. But as I thought about it on this rather gorgeous - although chilly, for here - day, it got longer and longer and seemed to be better suited on its own rather than invading the space there like some of the more insidious weeds we have. Follow me down the rabbit hole, if you like.

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