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Mon Apr 20, 2015 at 10:20 AM PDT

The Stench from Texas

by FaithChatham

I'm not listing the obnoxious things that offend us about Ted Cruz, Joe Barton, Blake Farenthold and others who feed at the Federal Trough thanks to the Lone Star State. It's about what contributes to getting them elected and what can be done to get them out.

Will Hailer resigned as Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party effective Jan. 1, 2015. His "replacement", Crystal Kay Perkins,   was in Fort Worth and Tyler last week. When asked what plans the party has during a Federal Election year to help Democrats recapture U.S. House seats she said that the party has "no plans". She said they are "listening" and "regrouping for 2018."

It was pointed out that the Texas Democratic Party does not have anyone who coordinates or acts as a liaison for Federal Candidates. Asked if that would be rectified we were told: "We aren't going to do that."

One dedicated former Battleground Texas volunteer listening to this finally had enough. She jumped in and told the State Party's Executive Director: "You say you are going to listen to us but you aren't listening. We are telling you that not doing anything is not good enough. You act like you have it already figured out and know what you are going to do and nothing we say matters."

Hearing that the TDP Executive Director said: "Oh no, I'm definitely not saying that. We definitely do not know what we are doing!"

Well, the catfish was good that we were served, but there was not much I heard that was very encouraging. Afterward, I spoke with Crystal Kay Perkins and  pointed out that in 2014 most of the Federal Candidates did not even know each other. I told her that it took time to mine the data to get contact information for some of them. Being able to network and help each other would be a start. I said that a meeting between the State Party and those who have already declared for 2016 would be a good move, even a conference call. She said: "Ok,  if you pull it together."

From what I heard Saturday, it seems that the down and dirty truth of it is that the State Democratic Party plans to sit on their hands and bemoan the dismal Mid-Term Elections and ignore the Presidential cycle where Democrats are more likely to win than in the mid-terms. (All current Democratic U.S. House members except one were initially elected to office in Presidential election years. Texas has not elected a Democrat to state wide office in a mid-term election for over 2 decades!)

 Perkins also stated that her understanding is the DCCC is only planning on trying to recruit for one Texas U.S. House district "because that is all they see as viable."

I heard nothing to indicate that I'm mistaken in my position that a void in leadership and support  contributes to handing over U.S. House and Senate Seats to really awful people. Texas has 36 U.S. House seats and now only 11 are occupied by Democrats. Money is collected from Texans and funneled to other states to support their candidates but a U.S. House candidate in Texas does not even get listed on the web site of the DCCC, let alone get other assistance. Few DCCC donors from Texas comprehend that giving to the DCCC probably will not help candidates  in Texas compete against GOP incumbents.

I am glad that we moved forward to establish the Texas Federal Blue Seed PAC. I know that many of the GOP incumbents are not that popular with their voters. It should not be necessary to match them dollar for dollar to gain some of these seats. The reality is that starving out good Democratic Challengers because the seats are occupied by Republicans is a strategy which insures that only Republicans win these seats. We must band together and hold those who vote to the detriment of the citizens of this state accountable. We must create whatever legal venues we can to bring good candidates into the public eye, to help them not have to be forever reinventing the wheel. We must give Texans a venue for joining together to raise money which will support other Texans running for Federal Office. Changing the Federal Delegation from Texas is a goal that will benefit people throughout this nation. The stench from Texas does not stay in Texas. The policies they vote on and vote against impact every citizen in the United States. Therefore the Texas Blue Seed PAC will accept donations and members who are U.S. citizens who are registered to vote from all over the United States. Support from the PAC will go to progressives running for Federal offices on the ballot in Texas.

To get out from under the yoke of Republican oppression, we in Texas must do it ourselves. (There may be a few from other states that assist a little, but basically we on the grassroots must do it ourselves.) Leadership is not coming from the State or National Democratic Party. Recently we founded the Texas Federal Blue Seed Political Action Committee.  See:
This PAC is different from most. Instead of waiting to see who is strong enough to win without much help, the mission of the PAC is to seed progressive challenger races for Federal offices on the ballot in Texas. The intent is to raise money and distribute it early in the election cycle instead of watching to determine who is most likely to win without assistance. Most PACs tend to give money to incumbent and those sure to win so that incumbents will keep their doors open after they are elected. There is a niche for this kind of political action committee. Yet, it does not help much in reversing a bad status quo!

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Thu Apr 16, 2015 at 05:00 AM PDT

Same Work, Less Pay Sucks

by FaithChatham

Women on average work 100 days more than men doing the same job to make the same pay. Minority women have to work even longer. That is JUST NOT RIGHT.

Every GOP member of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate voted against the Pay Day Fairness Act. Help us HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Give $6, $16 or $26

In Texas 27 of the 38 members of the U.S. House and Senate are Republicans. They ALL VOTED to allow employers to continue cheating women in the workplace.

Our mission is to help Progressive Challengers replace Red Incumbents in U.S. House Districts on the 2016 ballot in Texas. We are uniting to keep the White House Blue in 2016 and to change those who are SUPPOSED to REPRESENT US in Congress.. We are interested in retaining our Texas Democratic incumbents but prioritize assisting challengers, because it is much more difficult to get support when you are challenging an incumbent than after you secure that seat.

 photo 9aa4bec1-1680-4d91-bc11-87818b8b95f3_zpsyhslrrd8.png

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In 2014 David E. Cozad was the last Texas Democrat to file for the U.S. House of Representatives.  March 7th 2015  he became the first Congressional candidate in Texas to officially launch his 2016 Congressional Campaign.

Kickoff2016montaage photo kickmontage_zpsl5bu30ie.png
 Cozad's supporters clapped and padded their feet to the music of The Ackermans of Texas and cheered when David Cozad  told them his kick-off was occurring in Meadowbrook (far East Fort Worth) "because when the votes were tallied last November, I was humbled to learn that I'd recieved the highest percentage of votes cast in any Congressional District in Texas for a non-incumbent Democrat." Cozad told the crowd: "You did that!"And I thank you!" "if you walked for any Democrat last year, if you phoned for any Democrat last year, if you gave money or volunteered for any Democrat last year, you helped them and you helped me and I thank you!" he said.''

With a small, totally volunteer staff, Cozad stretched a little over $13,000 through the Primary and General Elections. Other challengers had staff and raised more money. The philosophy of the Cozad campaign was to create everything possible in-house and to improvise without taking any short-cuts on following the F.E.C. law.

One staffer told him that they epitomized the rural idiom: "If you don't own a horse, ride a cow!' Cozad said he's willing to ride a goat or sheep if necessary to get the job done and return some sanity to Congress..

The former U.S. Marine Corps officer  attributes the solid blue majority in all of the precincts in Meadowbrook and adjacent Handley to the combined work of the Wendy Davis campaign, the Leticia Van de Putte campaign, the Libby Willis campaign, the Gwinda Burns Judicial Campaign and the Nicole Collier State Representative Campaign and to an "incredible group of persistent volunteers."  

He explained that having been drafted to run only a few days before filing deadline, in 2014 he did not have a year for preparation and fundraising. Therefore many voters in Tarrant County and some of the two counties south of Tarrant did not get his message. In Meadowbrook and Handley.

He said: "When my volunteers walked, they never handed out just my push cards. They made sure that they had something with at least a photograph and a short write-up on every Democratic candidate on the ballot in the precincts we walked." Cozad said: "If a campaign did not furnish us their literature, my volunteers found some individual who would run something off on their home computers. We helped them to be sure and get the disclaimers correct and legal."

"Now we know what will work. Now we know how to turn out the voters. Now we know that when we work together we can persuade people to vote Democratic.  In a tough mid-term election year what we saw work in Meadowbrook and Handley is what I intend to see happen in 2016 throughout the entire US Texas 6th District."

 photo 786646c3-7e8f-499f-b954-561aeb72310b_zpsbdrxjhmd.png
Follow Cozad Campaign on Twitter @cozadTX6

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The Texas Democratic Party is circulating a straw poll this week which will be considered at the SDEC meeting in San Antonio next weekend. They intend to ask the national Democratic Party for an exemption (again) to allow Texas to deviate from the National Democratic Party Rules and continue with the discriminatory Texas 2-step. They intend to continue basing the number of delegates apportioned to each precinct for the 2016 Presidential Year Texas Democratic Senatorial and State Convention upon a percentage of the votes cast in the 2014 Gov's election.

The Straw Poll gives folks opportunity to state whether you prefer doing away with alternates altogether, doing away with at large alternates, changing the percentage of votes per delegate from the current 300 or making it a delegate for every 275. However, they are not asking Texas Democrats whether we think basing the Delegate selection in a Presidential Election year upon the turn-out in a Gov's election year is a stupid idea or not. IT IS A STUPID IDEA. It is discriminatory to many of Texas's voters and to the people who run for president. It also skews the electoral college by having one of our nation's largest states base the decision on which candidate gets the vote upon an election other than the Presidential Election!

Here is some of the ways it is discriminatory:
The Texas 2 step gives 25% of the selection of delegates to the senatorial convention to those who appear in person at the precinct conventions and 75% to the votes cast in the Democratic Primary. The delegates sing with a Presidential preference and select delegates to the State and ultimately to the National Convention. When we vote at the polls we are voting for DELEGATES to SELECT our PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE. It is important (to me at least) that we have a fair, transparent, honest process for selecting the delegates who ultimately select the national delegates who ultimately nominate the party's Presidential nominee.

If a Texas voter is home bound, or has a job which does not allow him or her to appear in person at the precinct convention, their vote only counts 75% toward selecting the delegates to the senatorial convention. Those who participate in both get the full 100%. At least on the surface, that is how it appears. The Texas 2-step further complicates the process by basing the number of delegates to a percentage per precinct based on the number of votes cast in the previous Gov's election. Now what happened in the Gov's election really shouldn't have anything to do with what Presidential Candidate Texans select as the Presidential Nominee, but there are precincts which are historically heavy Democratic voting precincts and leaders in those precincts have more clout with the Party leaders and do not want to change it. They don't seem to care if our active-duty military which cannot vote in person at the Precinct conventions get shafted and only get a 75% say in selecting their Commander-in-Chief. They don't seem to think it is important enough for our nurses and doctors and first responders who work shifts which conflict with precinct conventions to have an opportunity to voice their choice for our nation's next president and have 100% say along with those who attend precinct conventions. They don't seem to care that there is no method in Texas for home bound, or those who must work (or in my precinct) those who do not have transportation to the precinct conventions) to get their full 100% say.


Do you think selection of delegates to nominate the president should be

71%25 votes
0%0 votes
2%1 votes
2%1 votes
11%4 votes
11%4 votes

| 35 votes | Vote | Results

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By Faith Chatham - March 6, 2015
Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager for Credo Action has posted a misleading petition calling for Hillary Clinton to "give back money she received from foreign governments through the Clinton Foundation", Shame on you Elijah. Hillary didn't receive any money from foreign governments. The Clinton Foundation is an audited international humanitarian organization and is a respected, reliable conduit for developmental assistance to many of the most vulnerable populations in the world. Money given THROUGH the Clinton Foundation does not go to HIllary Clinton. The contributions to the Clinton Foundation are not hers, they are not political campaign contributions, they should not be "returned" because there is no conflict of interest for an foundation involved in international aid and development to allow citizens of other nations and other governments to partner in international relief and development.

It is not American's responsibility to shoulder the full cost of projects which assist the neediest of people in other parts of the world. The Clinton Foundation is one of several respected US based foundations which are other world leaders respect as a reliable partner which ensures that monies donated actually goes to the "intended cause" instead of into the bank accounts of warlords who profit off of the plight of the poor in their countries.

I urge Mr. Zarlin to remove his petition, reconsider his international myopic vision, and apologize to the Clinton Foundation and Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.


The right wing pundits poll asking if Wendy Davis stepped over the line with her wheel chair ad backfired. An overwhelming majority says no.

My observation (and this comes from someone who depended on a power chair for five of the past ten years) Abbot is a creep who gives folks in a wheelchair a bad rap. He got rich from a $10 million court settlement from lawsuit against the homeowner whose tree fell on him; then he set out to prevent others who are injured from getting  even modest settlements to cover some of their medical and lost income. He has one standard for Abbot and the rest of the world are peasants who don't deserve a fair shot. He gives mobility impaired people a bad rap.

Maybe the tree injured his brain. I thought I'd read lots of stupid briefs but the one Abbott filed in  the 5th Circuit Court of Texas this week against same sex marriages is the heights of stupid. He argues that same sex marriages will increase the number of out-of-wedlock births! Seems something collided with his brain and convinced him that if G/L adults are forbidden to marry each other they'll rush out and "procreate" with the opposite sex. Furthermore, he assumes that they'll all procreate outside of marriage. Gee. what a convoluted journey one can make through the thought processes of the man who thinks he should be Texas's next Governor. Even if folks disapprove of same-sex marriage they should be afraid of electing someone so incredibly stupid as Greg Abbott. His mental and moral state has nothing to do with being in a wheel chair. I know numerous sane and intelligent people who are mobility impaired. Greg Abbot fails to measure up to their standards.

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For David E. Cozad running for Congress is about looking out for his grandchildren and their generation, it's about standing up for working families and retirees who have spent their entire lifetimes working to make this nation better and about caring for our service men and women who have served our country.

  photo tx6logo6_zps67435273.jpg
 It's about investing in people, in education, in healthcare, and seeing that our Federal Policies make sense. Sound environmental and workplace practices makes good business sense to Cozad.  Education, innovation, implementation with research and development are key to creating and keeping jobs here.

Cozad says that our tax code works against us when it allows American corporations to move their HQ offshore to avoid paying taxes, and encourages offshore manufacturing instead of investment in the American workforce. For decades our tax code and international trade agreements have encouraged profit taking at the expense of domestic business investment. It's too easy to export capital and spend human resource dollars abroad instead of here in the USA. American ingenuity develops new technologies and companies ship the specs overseas for manufacturing and lose control of patents that should be creating good paying jobs here.  

Seems like it's "tilting at windmills" to launch a U.S. Congressional Race on at filing deadline and with no war chest. This race is about Texans deserving better than we are are getting from the men and women who are suppose to represent us in Washington.
 photo joepinkslip_zpsa05ab549.pngThis race isn't so much about Barton as this race is about the people; It's especially about the children - and our generation not "using everything up". David E. Cozad says: "I'm running for Congress again against Joe Barton because it is too important not to."

 photo 10300170_10152533993687246_7773803815918579265_n_zps1c379609.jpg
For Cozad it is about what life will be for his grandchildren and their generation. Short-term solutions at the expense of the children is not acceptable. For his staff, where David is on the issues and where the incumbent isn't is what is is about.

David E. Cozad makes lots of sense when he talks to women about pay. He's seen his wife graduate with a degree in Architecture and not get hired because they were only hiring men. He knows his daughters' generation is still underpaid compared to men doing the same job. He knows that Pay Day Fairness should not be a partisan issue, but it is. David Cozad would have voted with those in the House of Representatives who supported Pay Day Fairness. That means he'd have stood against every member of the GOP Texas Delegation. Every Republican member of the House voted for women to continue getting paid less than men for doing the same job.

 photo Bk5aCvxCYAAPIeD_zpsb82af5c3.jpg

In Texas this year's Governor's race reflects why we need Pay Day Fairness passed and enforced on the Federal level.
 photo 76ff353c-52ae-4bc9-b352-0c3bebad3297_zpsb0f4e3e9.jpg Republican Greg Abbott demonstrates why the Federal Law is necessary. Women in the Texas Attorney General's office under Greg Abbott get paid 21% less than men with the same qualifications doing the same job. This is perfectly fine with Mr. Abbott. It is not "fine" with me, and it is not "fine" with Wendy Davis, and it is not "fine" with Congressman Marc Veasey.  It was not "fine" with any Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives on April 9, 2014 when they voted for Pay Day Fairness. Only the Republicans think it is 'Fine". Only the Republicans voted to keep women getting shortchanged on pay day.

There was a 40% difference between what this author was paid and what a male new-hire with my same education and less newspaper experience received when we went to work at Harte-Hanks Communication in 1972. In 42 years only seeing a 13% improvement doesn't seem like acceptable progress to me! I don't understand why any intelligent professional woman can vote Republican when every man and woman in the GOP in the US House and Senate votes to keep women working for less than men!  Pay Day Fairness should not be a partisan issue. The GOP makes it partisan by continuing to do the WRONG THING BY WOMEN.

Only the Republicans think it is "fine" for hardworking Americans to not know what others are getting paid in the same company for doing the same work. Only the Republicans think it is "fine" to keep people in the dark about how fair their employer is to them and others at their workplace. Only the Republicans think knowing how much others doing the same job you are doing at your place of employment are paid in comparison to you is "just cause" for getting fired!
 photo posterpaydayfairness_zpsaabcbbbe.jpg

David E. Cozad understand that PAY DAY FAIRNESS IS MORE THAN JUST A WOMAN'S ISSUE. Men and Women deserved to know if they are being treated fairly at work. Everyone deserves enough information to make intelligent decisions about where you work and how much you are worth on the job market.  No one deserves to be FIRED for knowing what a new hire doing your same job is paid in  comparison to your pay!  David's understanding is probably why the AFGE and AFL-CIO of Texas found David Cozad "credible enough" to endorse for US Congress over incumbent Joe Barton, despite Joe's hefty war chest and David's slim one!

Pay Day Fairness did not pass the House. There were not enough votes to defeat the Republicans. David E. Cozad knows that it is WRONG to fire someone for acquiring information necessary to make sound judgements about where you work and how much you are worth in the marketplace. The Dallas Morning News says Joe Barton's challenger isn't "ready", that his campaign isn't "credible" enough for the DMN Editorial Board. However, those who hear what he says and know him find him credible.  The DMN Editorial Board may  not be ready for him to defeat Joe Barton, but lots of other people are ready. We are more than ready. Personally, I'm past "ready!"  Sure it would be nice to have someone younger, someone with more money who was as intelligent as Cozad to challenge Joe.  David tried to recruit others to challenge Barton. Finally other people recruited David. He's who we've got. He's smart. He's educated. He is rich in life experience. He has integrity. He'll do a much better job for the people of the Sixth District than Joe Barton.  This is a race where folks need to weigh what is really credible? Is it merely money or is it character and intelligence? If it's only money, then the DMN Editorial Board may have it right. If it is the latter, then they missed the mark.

What lacks credibility to me is when journalist at one of our nation's leading daily newspapers don't call-out an incumbent Congressman who says we no longer need the minimum wage because "no bread winner works for minimum wage these days" (Joe Barton at Sept. 2014 Town Hall Meeting). Surely they've seen the MSNBC poll which shows that

 photo BartonrepealMinW_zps37a6a53d.png

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Wed Sep 24, 2014 at 06:30 PM PDT

Joe Barton is Wrong about Oil

by FaithChatham

Joe Barton is WRONG about exporting our Oil!
PRESS RELEASE by Cozad for Congress
Press Contact: Faith Chatham
Twitter: Cozad-TX6
Statement by David E. Cozad, Democratic Nominee for US Congress TX6

Congressman Joe Barton recently stated: "I'm in favor of overturning the ban on crude oil exports."

Mr Barton is wrong on this. Most of his fellow Republicans in the House are afraid to come out in public with their position. As the Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress for the Texas 6th District, currently occupied by Congressman Barton, I differ with Barton because lifting of the ban on exporting crude oil jeopardizes our national security and risks damaging our national economy.

I will stand and debate Congressman Barton on why this ban is in the best interest of the people of the United States, and especially to the people of the 6th District of Texas. I believe that the people deserve to weigh and evaluate the positions and priorities of the men and women who seek to serve them for the next two years in the United States Congress. Mr. Barton has avoided facing his opponents in open forums for decades. I challenge him, for the good of the country and the district, to have the integrity to step forward and debate me. Hugh Chauvin (L) and David Cozad (D) will debate at UTA in October. We are waiting to see if Congressman Barton will join us. The debate will go on with or without him.

In preparation for our debate, here are some points the incumbent from the Texas 6th District should consider:

1. In 1974, after the Energy Department of the US government discovered that Peak Oil was real, it was decided the US should always have first call on any and all crude oil produced in the US to protect our economy and our national defense. Peak Oil occurred in the USA in the late 1970s. At the time, no one knew exactly when global peak oil would occur, but it was expected to occur within a few decades. Now we know it occurred in late 2005 or early 2006. It was the primary reason why oil hit $147 per barrel in 2008.

2. Although the US has used its military, diplomatic, and financial power to wring crude oil out of the rest of the world, the ability to do that is about to permanently change. Despite the disinformation given to government regulators and intense political lobbying and massive expenditures in donations by Big Oil and with the help from their bought and paid for officials such as Congressman Joe Barton, the United States developed the real data that indicates the US will sustain a new sub Peak during the 2016 - 2019 period. This is when the production rate of oil produced by fracking will falter and then begin a long and permanent decline.


Is Joe Barton wrong about lifting ban on exporting American crude?

0%0 votes
20%3 votes
0%0 votes
6%1 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
6%1 votes
6%1 votes
40%6 votes
6%1 votes
0%0 votes
13%2 votes

| 15 votes | Vote | Results

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Texas Oil and Gas Regulator David Porter accused environmentalist who oppose fracking to extract oil and natural gas as participating with "Vladimir Putin in a plot to hurt the United States Economy."  Texas Rail Road Commissioner Porter warned Secretary of State John Kerry of the "Underhanded Anti-Hydraulic Fracturing Campaign Designed to Drive Dollars from US to Russia" in a letter September 8th.

Commissioner Porter (R), a CPA from Giddings, Texas, was elected to serve a 6 year-term on the Texas Railroad Commission, the state agency charged with oversight and regulation of Oil and Gas production in Texas. Porter's term expires in 2016

Porter accused Oscar-nominated film director/producer Josh Fox of utilizing lobbyists of Putin in distributing "Gasland", his highly acclaimed environmental documentary. Mr. Fox released this statement through his publicist:

Mr. Porter's assertions are outright fabrications and are utterly ridiculous.   There is no connection between the Gasland films and Vladimir Putin whatsoever.  Such statements by Mr. Porter are a brazen deceitful attempt to stir up controversy and focus attention away from the corrupt agency that he heads.  The Texas Railroad Commission has been derelict in its duty to protect citizens from harmful fracking on dozens of occasions.  Mr. Porter should be ashamed of himself for such outright lies.  Furthermore, I am opposed to gas fracking anywhere on earth- here in the US, in Russia -everywhere.  We have developed a grassroots campaign at to foster the development of renewable energy so that we can move towards distributed generation of locally produced renewable energy.   We must move away from energy as a fossil fuel commodity and towards renewable energy. If energy continues to be a commodity we will all continue to be dependent on robber barons and despots like Mr. Putin who will fight and kill for fuel.  The wind and the sun should put all of these despicable characters out of business and put energy in the hands of the people.  No more wars for fossil fuels abroad. No more misinformation about fossil fuels from those who would betray the public trust like Mr. Porter.  

Josh Fox

Texas State Representative Lon Burnam said:
It is not at all surprising that one of the RRC commissioners is taking cheap shots at Josh Fox. Fox's films have done more than any other medium to raise important questions about the impacts of Fracking. These questions need to be asked. Elected officials that try to quite the public discussion about these concerns are not serving the public interest.
Railroad Commissioner Porter, in his letter to Secretary of State Kerry, touched on what is probably his inspiration for his Cold War rhetoric fear mongering when he wrote:
The Commissioner is in the process of developing a solution to assuage the Russian onslaught to Texas industry, including encouraging Congress to streamline the permitting process to build LNG plants in Texas and to allow oil exports.
Porter and his cohorts are at the beck and call of those who prefer selling American natural gas and oil at world market prices, which are higher than our domestic prices. Former Chair of the US House Energy Committee, Joe Barton, brought this up last Thursday at his Arlington, Texas Town Hall meeting.  Barton says he favors repealing the ban on exporting US Crude. The ban has been in place over 40 years to ensure that oil produced in the United States is available for American national defense and industrial use. Currently the US Domestic price is lower than the world price per barrel of crude.

Barton was quizzed by constituents Thursday who are concerned that lifting the ban would cause domestic gasoline prices to rise. Barton said: "No, the price of gasoline is determined by the price of oil per gallon on the world market. Releasing our excess crude will drive down the World Price of oil and thus reduce what we pay for gasoline."

Barton's Democratic opponent in the November Primary, David E. Cozad says: "Barton is wrong. It is amazing that he could serve this long in Congress and not know that the price we pay per gallon of gasoline in this region is determined by West Texas Intermediate Crude (WTIC) not the World price per barrel. If the ban is lifted, it will drive up the price the refineries pay for WTIC and the price  of gasoline we pay here in Texas and Oklahoma will go up."


It is in America's best interest to:

11%2 votes
29%5 votes
58%10 votes

| 17 votes | Vote | Results

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Something as small as what you normally spend a day on coffee can change who is in Congress.

In Texas we must elect 7 more Democrats to Congress to stop the obstruction from the far-right. In Texas the number is 7.   Giving $7 to at least three challengers each month through November can be the significant difference required to replace 7  obstructionist incumbents with problem-solving Democrats.

Something as simple as what most Texans spend a day for coffee can mean THE SIGNIFICANT Difference in Texas and in our nation as a whole.

That will replace the 2 R: 1 D ratio with a 19 D: 17R ratio.

Currently Texas Republicans Members of Congress outnumber Democrats 2: 1 in the Texas US Congressional Delegation. They get to define our State's Federal Agenda and determine what does and does not get Federal Funding. There are 12 Democratic Incumbents and 24 Republican incumbents in Congress. In 2014 there will be 29 Democrats running in the 36 US Congressional Districts in Texas. There are NO Texas Districts targeted by the DCCC as Red to Blue and there will be no money coming to Texas from the DCCC.

Some think it is hopeless because money of the "big donors" is going to other races or staying in their pockets. They think that without help from the DCCC we have to accept what we have. We don't agree. We believe that Texans can chart our own destiny. When Texans understand what is at stake and decide to act, we change things.

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By Faith Chatham - July 4, 2014

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, Inc. is viewed by some religious conservatives as a decision in favor of religious freedom. However, most constitutional law scholars view the "hidden payload" of this decision as a set-back for religious freedom.

 photo 670px-ruth_bader_ginsburg_official_scotus_portrait-e1404151951302_zps26309b49.jpg
Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"The decision “demands accommodation of a for-profit corporation’s religious beliefs no matter the impact that accommodation may have on third parties who do not share the corporation owners’ religious faith—in these cases, thousands of women employed by Hobby Lobby,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in a dissent that was mostly joined by Justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotmayor.”...In her dissent, Ginsburg said court precedent and common wisdom suggest “the exercise of religion is characteristic of natural persons, not artificial legal entities.”  (Quote from Forbes Magazine editorial by Daniel Fisher published 6/30/2014: Supreme Court Holds Congress To Its Word in Hobby Lobby Decision.)
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The contrast between the Democratic Nominee  (Cole Ballweg) and the Tea Party Republican who defeated Diane Patrick in the Republican Primary (Tony D. Tinderholt) is distinct. Balleweg has founded and operated a successful business and Tinderholt(R) who defeated Diane Patrick in the Republican Primary for Texas House District 94,  is a retired military man who has an incredible depth of experience in both marriage and divorce.

Mr. Tinderholt probably holds the record this year for the “Family Values” candidate who has divorced (or been divorced by) most wives! In a society where divorce is common, Mr. Tinderholt has carried it far beyond the norm. For a candidate who much of his campaign message is been based upon family values, and whose pro-life ideologue and membership in the Catholic Church and St. Vincent de Paul Society is highlighted on his website and in his campaign literature, the number of marriage and divorces seems excessive.

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