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Wed Sep 12, 2012 at 10:10 PM PDT

four people.

by Fickle

Mr. Romney's colossal screw up brings shame to him, his party, and his defenders.

Often in this country we take politics the way we take our sports. As a game. Who's up. Who's down. We cheer our team and with laugh and joke when the other guy's team sucks. It can be fun. I love a good sarcastic political jab. That's a good part of what this entire site is about.

But yesterday four people died. Four Americans were murdered seemingly over a movie.

Mr. Romney's response was absolutely ridiculous. And he deserves to be ridiculed.

But we would do well to remember that yesterday four people died.

Four people died while serving us. They served not as soldiers but as peace makers. Diplomats. We should be mindful of their loss.

So while we may laugh at Mr. Romney's gross incompetence, we should remain mindful less we become as craven as he,

that four people died yesterday.


A common tactic in modern presidential politics is to attack an opponents strength and turn it into a liability. The preeminent example of this was the swiftboating of John Kerry. There are of course other examples. Paul Lying Ryan's speech was an attempt to turn President Obama's great accomplishment of saving the American auto industry into a liability. Whining about Obama taking "too much credit" for the killing of Osama bin Laden was another. Even the somewhat bizarre right-wing telepromter meme is an attempt to blunt Obama's obvious oratory skills. On the flip side the value of speaking about Bain Capital has been greatly eroded thanks to the Obama camps vulture capitalist attacks.

So as we bask in the afterglow of the circus that was the RNC how can we make use of this? By attacking Mitts core brand: Competence.

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Wed May 02, 2012 at 04:38 AM PDT

Political Jujitsu: Divide and Conquer

by Fickle

If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
Mark 3:24
The current Republican party is roughly composed of three camps:  international corporatists, the religious right and libertarians. Generally these camps play well together but there are important differences between them.

This diary will examine how political messaging can be used to drive a wedge between these groups causing instability in the group and lowering their combined power.

Join me over the orange smudge for an example.  

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Yesterday there was a diary entitled The Coming Right-Wing Clash over the "Half That Pay No Taxes." It examined Eric Cantors bogus claim that 50% of Americans pay no taxes.

It was very well researched and well written. It had all the right graphs and figures and historical facts. As wonkish fact loving its great.

As political rhetoric unfortunately its useless.

Join me below the orange squiggle of death for how to effectively end this republican lie.

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Tue Feb 24, 2009 at 10:47 PM PST

Jindal knocks one out of the park.

by Fickle

There's some other good diaries out there about Bob Jindals response to Obama's excellent speech tonight.  But I just want to touch on 3 simple points about Bobby's little story about the Sherrif and Katrina.  The moral of the story was supposed to be that government can't help.


Jindal's speech. Fail or EPIC FAIL

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52%362 votes
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2%17 votes

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My dear Lynn Foster de Rothschid,

My dearest Lynn thank you so much for your lovely letter on Huffington Post.  My heart skipped as you savagely attacked that "Elitist" Barack Obama for wanting to remove the Bush tax cuts to the struggling uber-rich like yourself and give those elitist middle class workers a tax cut.

Regrettably, the road kill of Obama's reckless rhetoric and policies is not the rich taxpayer, but the entire American economy. The pain will be felt mostly by those who lose their jobs in the economic downturn and are the owners of 401ks and other savings who suffer at the stock market continues to decline. Barack Obama has not been held accountable for the obvious consequences of his tax and trade philosophy and policies. If elected, it will be all Americans who will suffer.

(Ms Rothschild destroys her own arguement after the break)

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