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This Politico article is awesome. In it we got donors bitching they were lied to. Their money stolen. Essentially they're saying they were victims of consumer fraud. Their donations taken from them on false pretenses.

Advisers to Mitt Romney insisted Wednesday that they were surprised by the scale of their loss to President Barack Obama, while big-time GOP donors griped about the campaign’s unflinching confidence in the final stretch.
You know when you support a candidate who'll say anything for years to get elected, who'd take any position, who had zero core convictions and only cared about one thing, getting elected, then I'm sorry I have no sympathy for you and the loss of your money. As far as I'm concerned, you can't plead ignorance. No, you're co-conspirators in the fraud that was attempted to be pulled on the American people. A campaign about nothing and with no values, true positions or consistency.

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Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 03:44 PM PST

CBS: Romney Campaign Concerned

by GDoyle

This is just going to be a quick diary, but I wanted Kossacks to know since there are so many viewing choices for your election coverage.

I turned on CBS from MSNBC for their nightly newscast at 6:30 PM EST. After going thru their exit polling, which has been widely discussed on the 'net already, they cut to the reporter covering the Romney campaign in Boston. This is the woman who has followed the campaign, so presumably she has built up working relationships with the staff.

I'm sorry I forgot her name as it was quick and I was just getting settled. But she said her talks with Romney campaign sources indicated they were satisfied they were getting bigger turnout than John McCain in 2008 among Republicans. This is no surprise, we all knew they'd beat his pathetic performance of 2008. That was truly one of the worst run campaigns of my lifetime. But the way she said it I got the impression it was mild improvement, not the wave they had counted on.

Secondly, and this is the thumper, she added her sources inside the campaign indicated the Romney people were very concerned with the numbers they were seeing for the President in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. I got the feeling the turnout they were hoping was way down is proving not to be.

That was the money shot. And since its a reporter very familiar to the campaign who has been with them for awhile, I got to think its accurate.


Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 06:56 PM PST

Republican Facebook Friends

by GDoyle

I have plenty of Republican friends. I'm white and grew up in a suburban middle class town and then went to college and majored in business. So, as a consequence, many of my friends are Republicans (not all). Or at least people who think that's what they are. I love/like most of them. I wouldn't be friends with them in real life if I didn't. A few on Facebook I wouldn't go that far. Some I'm friends with in that fake world just because I have some connection to them and somehow we ended up becoming Facebook connections.

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Read it and weep Mittens:

Our latest poll shows President Obama gaining momentum in Florida and now leading Mitt Romney 49% to 47%, with the pool of undecided voters shrinking to just 4%. Among the 29% who have already cast their ballot, the President received the support of over half—topping Romney 51% to 47%. Last week the President was tied with his challenger.
Another lead in Florida. No wonder why Mittens was forced to defend it and spend the whole day there. Its slip, sliding away.
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Great news for John McCain! Sorry for the short diary but these states are now out of play and closed, if they were ever even really in play before. But I think now its beyond even arguable for Romney and the MSM. Even Morning Joe conceded PPP was one of more accurate pollsters despite slight D lean.

As stated in the title its Iowa: President Barack Obama 50 Mittens 45

Wisconsin: President Barack Obama 51 Mittens 46

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So the Globe story is out about Mitt Romney's testimony in a 1991 hearing and deposition related to a Massachusetts Norfolk County divorce. While The Globe doesn't use the term directly, the implication and evidence is clear.....Romney lied.

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The tide is really shifting! I'm sure the media will cherry pick a single outlier that shows Romney's best shot....while ignoring the other dozen or more polls the last two days that show a real, major shift to Obama the last week but particularly since Tuesday's debate.

Florida: Obama 47 Romney 45 7 percent there remain undecided

Colorado: Obama 46 Romney 43 8 percent undecided

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Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 05:31 AM PDT

UPI/C-Voter Poll: Obama 49 Romney 47

by GDoyle

It was Romney 49 Obama 46 in the same poll released on October 15th and apparently tied headed into the third debate. This seems to be a tracking poll. So this is a trend in the right direction. Link below

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I live in Boston, grew up in Massachusetts, follow politics very closely and I gotta admit, if someone had asked me around the start of 2012 my opinion of Scott Brown I probably would have said I would never vote for him, because I'm a very committed Democrat, but he seems like a decent guy and certainly one of the least objectionable Republicans I was aware of. I would have conceded he had made some good votes against his party, and was hardly hateable to me. I certainly didn't agree with a lot of his voting record, but it was not the 100% horrible record you see from a lot of modern day Republicans. He seemed...I don't know....somewhat of the nice guy his reputation said he was.

Boy was I wrong. As the winter wore into spring and the spring into summer and now the summer into fall, he revealed a darker, uglier, bad side to his personality. He revealed himself to not be so nice afterall, in fact to be a jerk. A frat boy. Not all that well versed on the issues and oblivious to running a campaign on what's good in his record. And in October once and for all.....he has blown any chance he had left of being re-elected.

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Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 11:31 AM PDT

Scott Brown Invented The Internet

by GDoyle

We all know the story and unfair characterizations of Al Gore supposedly claiming to have said he "invented the internet." A typical GOP, inaccurate slur and lie. But unfortunately the lie stuck and many people, incorrectly, believe he said that when the only thing he said remotely close was he had worked on legislation that helped created the internet.

Lets examine things Scott Brown said last night in his debate with Elizabeth Warren using the same standard after the fold


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Scott Brown was asked about the man in Austin crashing his plane into an IRS building and said

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Watch R.E.M. celebrate news of the Obama victory at a concert in Chile last night!

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