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Was it just bad timing for an administration trying to show a different face on immigration? While the President was holding holding a series of meetings on immigration reform, ICE was conducting raids at work places and homes up the road in Maryland. Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to Mexico all but ruled out immigration reform this year.

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The President had a series of meetings on immigration reform that reflect the pressure he is feeling to act.  The patience of Latino and immigrant voters is wearing thin and the cost to the Latino community for every week and month that we fail to reform the system is too high.

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According to an Associated Press report Saturday, every person with a Puerto Rican birth certificate will need to get a new one this year.  That's a big hassle.  And not that many people who are directly affected know about it yet and it could even interfere with their ability to vote in 2010 or beyond.  

Moreover, it's another example of the knots we twist ourselves into because we haven't addressed our broken immigration system.  Did I just say there was an immigration issue related to Puerto Ricans?  That doesn't make sense.  Read on...

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The legislative process is messy, with many ups and downs along the way if any significant or even incremental change is to be made against the (almost) immoveable forces arrayed against progress in Washington.  As the health care reform effort moves closer to the end game that will now likely result in a bill signing at the White House, those progressives gearing up for the fight for comprehensive immigration reform – by most accounts one of the next major issues on the national agenda – should take careful notes.

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