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The German journalist and pundit Stefan Kuzmany published an IMO very smart commentary on the Charlie Hebdo Shooting that I wish to share with the DK community.

The most important segment of the piece below the fold:

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Yesterday the Representative of my district in the German parliament (the Bundestag), Hans-Christian Ströbele of the Green party, was able to meet Snowden in Russia. The majority of Germans views Edward Snowden as a hero. Therefore, this scoop is the number one topic in the German media at the moment.

Snowden is willing to testify to the German government, if he is granted protection from being extradited to the US. He gave Ströbele a letter detailling his motives and objectives which you can read here (note that he seemed to have used a typewriter).

You can read the English article of Der Spiegel here.

Some background about the German view on Snowden, NSA et al.:
The majority of Germans are appalled by the limitless mass surveillance by the NSA, which is illegal and unconstitutional regarding the domestic spying. Many progressive Representatives have voiced the opinion, that Germany should grant asylum to Snowden. Due to reason of state (and IMO general spinelessness), Merkel has been indifferent concerning the mass surveillance that we have been and are being subjected to. The official line of the ruling parties before the recent elections (the conservative CDU/CSU and the right wing neo-liberal FDP) was to downplay the NSA-scandal or even deny the facts revealed by Snowden (especially obnoxious and ignorant was the Minister of the Chancellor, Ronald Pofalla).

That Merkel's mobile phone was tapped by the NSA changed the narrative and the perception of the German conservatives: Now they cannot ignore the issue anymore. Most of them are outraged; again, it needed them to be personally affected to catch up with the majority of the German public (as usual: Conservatives are hypocrites...).

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