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No, the title does not appear to be satire, or fake, or a cruel joke. I don't think anyway.

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It's not often I feel the need to cite The Daily Show / Jon Stewart for commentary, because Mr. Stewart is so ubiquitous to the fabric of social and political commentary...he doesn't need my help for any promotion, I guess is one way of looking at it.

But TPM shares a clip from last night's show in which Stewart says more than once he "Doesn't know what to say" regarding the Eric Garner NYPD non-indictment.

Maybe it's not "rare" for Stewart to not be as verbose, but in this context, he can't be more right.

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First, please forgive me from shamelessly borrowing a phrase from John Cole's Balloon Juice regarding my feelings about the establishment media in this country. It's one of my favorite phrases, and wish it'd become a more widely used hashtag (Seriously, I think I might be the only person using it...)

...But I digress. Only a little.

No, friends I would like to talk about something that has been going on for at least as long as I've been alive (probably), but has only in the past few days really rankled me.

The coverage of "Black Friday" as a legitimate news story by our failed media (experiment).


Are You Shopping Today?

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87%28 votes
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3%1 votes

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ThinkProgress has a piece up that says that outgoing Democratic Governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, is ready to allow Fracking in Maryland.

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That was the sentiment that Senator Warren (D-MA) expressed to Huffington Post reporter Ryan Grim in regards to the new leadership position she's been elevated to by Senator Harry Reid.

In the piece here, Warren pushes back on some of the initial memes coming out of the media in the past day or so.

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...Until a ton of problems surrounding our men and women in uniform are either solved, or seriously worked on.

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Just when it seems like the rabid right wing whack job, and walking delusion that is Senator (ugh) Ted Cruz (R-TX) cannot get any dumber, he trots out the following gem on Twitter in reaction to President Obama's support for Net Neutrality:

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We all give crap to people like Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd for journalistic failures on MSNBC, but tonight, some stunning clarity that Democrats of all stripes would be wise to heed.

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For those who didn't watch, Alison L. Grimes took on Mitch McConnell in the only debate that Mitch's people would agree to.

Alison Grimes provided a much clearer choice for the people of Kentucky tonight, and I am hoping that whatever undecideds remain out there strongly consider voting for her now.

Mitch McConnell? All he did was punctuate every answer with a literal or proverbial ..."Obama!!!!" and that's about it.

To me, Alison Grimes came off as someone who wants to take public service seriously...while Mitch McConnell sounded as scuzzy as the untrustworthy used car salesman who can't wait for you to sign on the line and drive that lemon off his lot.

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You almost can't make this shit up anymore with uber-right conservatives, but they sure do try their hardest to keep nudging that dial on the Crazy-O-Meter up even further.

Today, Virginia's Former Attorney General (and we can't be thankful enough for the "Former" part), Ken Cuccinelli took to Facebook today to whine and moan about the "Dangerous Precedent" set by SCOTUS today.

"Even if you didn't vote for the Marriage Amendment in Virginia in 2006, I hope you'll agree this sets a dangerous precedent that the federal government can dictate to the states what is and is not law."

Yes, Ken Cuccinelli is bellyaching because the Federal Government, you know, the level of government which the beloved Founding Fathers granted power to run the country, exercised that power in a way that "unfairly" tells the Commonwealth of Virginia that they can no longer be bigoted troglodytes towards homosexual couples when it comes to marriage.

You know, it's almost like...the Federal Government is acting like it has...Supremacy...over the States!

It's also absurdly hilarious that The Cooch is busy whining about the Supreme Court's denying cert to the 4th Circuit case today, and he uses the phrase "Unelected Judges" in describing, presumably, the Circuit Court judges who issued the ruling in the first place.

But, because this is Ken Kookinelli, and there's a very good chance he might be referring to the Supremes's more than a little bit delicious that Cuccinelli is complaining about several Justices who were, you know, appointed by Republican Presidents. Like the Chief Justice, for example.

Cuccinelli's pity party just continues to show that Conservatives don't really want to live in the United States of America. They want to live in Conservatopia, where "Activist Judges" don't preside, and every neighborhood is "A good place to raise a family".

These assholes can whine all they want, but they've just about lost the war. And even if Cuccinelli secretly knows it, he's going to keep the 27% foaming at the mouth about social issues on which they are decidedly on the wrong side of from here on out.


Since Glenn Beck's FOX show ended its run, it seems like we don't hear as much about the weepy, hate-spewing, anti-Obama super patriot as we used to.

But after years of fighting the good fight, and selling you gold, guns, and survivalist claptrap, Glenn Beck has apparently become...the enemy.

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I just listened to the speech that Secretary of State John Kerry gave regarding Syria.

I have to say, I feel a sick sense of "not this shit again" when I listened not only to his speech, but to the instant cable news reaction to it.

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