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Fri May 16, 2014 at 07:16 AM PDT

The Ganges gurgles Namo NaMo

by Hiranyagarbha

I am sitting in the “private” bus  stand in Hardwar.

It is just an embankment away from the Ganges waterfront. The entire walkway with steps leading down to fast moving water is built of the red sandstone common in India. You see it in buildings like the Red Fort and the old temples of Vrindavan.

A boy was throwing a long string with a magnet attached to the end to catch lost coins in the current. I threw a few in to see if he could catch any. Not a one, I am afraid. His little brother, perhaps three years old, wearing only an orange T-shirt, was looking on wide-eyed at the strange game.

Finally, when I saw that big brother was not going to get any of my paisa, I put a two-rupee coin in the smaller one's hand. He looked back at me, his clear eyes with their large black irises enlarged in amazement. He turned and threw the coin into the river. This time his brother caught it.

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(Le Soleil, Quebec)

Justin Trudeau, so of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, came out in favor of the legalization of marijuana. Though he claims to have used it "five or six times," he says that his personal and family history has led him to this conclusion.

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The following article is by renowned scholar of the Comparative Science of Cultures at Ghent University in Belgium, S.N. Balagangadhara. It presents an interesting thesis about the changing face and, as he puts it, "the business model," of international terrorism.

Since (as far as I know) it was distributed in limited circulation to scholars of South Asian religion, I am making it available to Kossacks interested in these matters.

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Yahoo’s news page has a wire service article supposedly shedding light on How a terrorist embarks on the 'pathway to terror'. The conclusion is:

"At the broader level, everything has to be done to undermine the idea that individuals think of themselves solely in terms of any particular group of sub-group," said a researcher.

Really one of those, "well, duh" articles. I don’t know why they cannot see that some things are really political and not psychological in nature. After all, did Americans not react as people thinking of themselves as belonging to a particular group or subgroup when they responded to 9-11? Does anybody?

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