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Nothing against Denny's but John Metz, in particular, needs a lesson.
I believe it could be quite simple actually.

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I was looking for another Monty Python skit yesterday and stumbled across this one. After all these years it reminded me of a typical right winger watching the "fair and balanced" FOX.

Seems about right doesn't it? Folks with brains turn it off without being told to do so. Other morons just eat it up.


With the size and scope of Daily Kos I'm sure this has been covered about 80 gazilion times. So what's one more?

I work for a small business owner. He's done very well having opened up his first "shop" in 1966. His business has grown over the years and in the 1990s I became a customer at his shop.

Over the years we developed a good relationship as customer and shop owner. On a few occastions he offered me a job. The problem was that he offered me a job at paltry wages so I never even considered working for him.

I would be an asset in his business as I know a little about a lot shall we say? In other aspects I knew more then he did and this could be beneficial to his business. Still, the offers he made of employment were an insult basically.

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Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 07:03 PM PST

Comparing Hockey to Politics

by HoosierDebsOleMan

Howdy folks.

This is my first foray on Daily Kos.
I'm an avid (well perhaps fanatic) hockey fan and politically consider myself pretty much a moderate. It changes at times.
Those that follow hockey may get my point. Those that don't may get it as well.

For those that do and those that don't watch hockey each team has six players on the ice at any given time.

Offensively you have a Center, a Left Wing and a Right Wing. Sound familiar?
Furthermore you have a Right Defense and a Left Defense.
Finally you have a Goalie who is pretty much affixed to the center.

Hockey is a fast and free flowing sport. The object of the game it to get the puck into a net guarded by the opposing Goaltender (Goalie).

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