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Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 09:37 AM PST

Anyone know how is PA doing?

by Inameli

Honestly, I live in Pittsburgh and I seriously cant read this state.
There was definite energy for Obama in '08, with signs, stickers everywhere. You felt this was going to be Obama country, no doubt.

This year. Nothing. There are not that many signs for either candidate. The airwaves were pretty silent, until about 3 days ago, when Mitt decided to do a late push, so anti Obama ads have picked up.

Unscientific poll of politically enclined friends on fb is inconclusive as well...about even, with edge repubs for intensity.

I have no idea what to think. Anyone with a clearer picture??


Mon Oct 22, 2012 at 11:39 PM PDT

ZOMG, fell in love with Romney tonight

by Inameli

Settle down,

I meant Miles Romney!

My cynical heart sometimes forget there are things more important than politics.
And one of the cutest thing was on display tonight on stage.

Wonder what kind of post-debate analysis POTUS was sharing with 5 year old Miles Romney tonight ?:)

Via Buzzfeed ,

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Apologies for the short diary but I'm on my Ipad and couldn't contain myself when reading this article.

I quicky searched if there was a diary about this but didn't find it ( if I missed it,  I ll delete this one)

Anyway,  'memba  the ladies that were kicked off Paul Ryan first rally?
'Memba his remark (which honestly I thought veered on sexist): These ladies must not be from IA because they're usually nice and quiet? ( obviously am paraphrasing but that's basically the gist of what he was saying)

Well one of them just penned him a letter in a Salon article...

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I know there have been lots of diaries about the Repubs freakout over a rather modest "yay, us !" Obama ad but seriously, I can't get over the fact that our side, FOR ONCE, has them on the run, on national security no less !!

I 'm not going to lie, there is a little bit of uneasiness on my end about going around doing a victory dance that we killed a man, no matter how horrible they are.

But, honestly, it all goes away when I see the right wing just lose their freaking minds over it. haha.

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I didn't see another diary about this so thought to start one up.

This is ground we know, we've lived through it and a 17 min video could not possibly do justice to the insanity of the past 4 years.

But this Obama campaign mini-documentary/re-election ad surely does try. And by G-d, I could actually listen to Tom Hanks all day ( Mr. Freeman, watch out).

Video and small comments after the squiggly orange...

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Mon Aug 22, 2011 at 10:03 AM PDT

Thank you Sign in Benghazi

by Inameli

Via ThinkProgress, a giant THANK YOU Sign to Allies

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Sometimes, things are just so absurd , you can't help but laugh... Not much of a diary, but again, sometimes, there just aren't words...

Apparently, a tea partier very "concerned" about "civility" heckled the President of the US at a town hall...

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My title was going to be "Progressive Intelligentsia vs Obama" then I remembered that the last 3 Democratic Presidents had the same run ins with the progressive intellectuals to the point where one had to fight off a primary and lost his re-election bid and the other was pretty much reduced to use the loathed "triangulation" method to govern.
By all current measures, Jimmy Carter fit all the "progressive" check lists but the left at the time didn't see it that way and just couldn't believe how much of a mess he made of things..
And now I hear," oh, Carter was progressive even if he lost".

Have you ever had a friend who's had so much bad luck dating and always blames their exes but you just want to say.. " you know, have you ever considered that maybe it's just you?"

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Sat Apr 23, 2011 at 08:10 AM PDT

These people are just awful.

by Inameli

I know that we're supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Just because they criticize the President doesnt mean they are racists.
Fair enough.
Just because they believe he is a socialist doesnt mean they are racists.
Ok. Sure.
Just because they believe he wasnt born in this country, was raised by his stepfather in Kenya (!) and is a practicing Muslim doesnt mean they are racists.

Give me a break.

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So I got flamed into oblivion for my last diary ( check if you like) that said that this community is really not reality based. Granted, it was more of a rant than a carefully constructed essay but my sentiments still stand.

I don't understand progressives on this site and apparently neither does the rest of America. Yes, I know , you all saw, 69% of Americans sort of approve of the tax deal compromise -

We don't really believe in polls, I know but let me tell you 69% is still pretty decisive.

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I'm not going to make it very long.
Just as some of you "omg painfully realized" that Obama was "weak" , " sellout" , "capitulator" , I also came to realize most of ppl here do not live in reality. And it's my fault, not anyone else's.

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This is really not a diary.
I just read that somewhere and thought " Could finally the media realize that the emperor has no clothes?"

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