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Thu Jul 31, 2014 at 10:25 AM PDT

Update: Is This What We've Come To?

by IndieGuy

Serious question. Is this what Daily Kos has come to?

Personally, I think as long as a Palestinian (2+ / 1-)

…is left alive, Israel will be under attack.

I speak as a military strategist and anthropologist.

Israel has no choice but to murder them all, if it wants to survive.

The line of asymmetrical human obscenity within a civilization/tribe has been breeched.

by [redacted] on [redacted]

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I haven't seen this diaried yet, so figured I'd put it out there. File this under I'll be Damned, but according to TPM,

In an unprecedented move, the Pentagon is trying to transfer convicted national security leaker Pvt. Chelsea Manning to a civilian prison so she can get treatment for her gender disorder, defense officials said.


The request was the first ever made by a transgender military inmate and set up a dilemma for the Defense Department: How to treat a soldier for a diagnosed disorder without violating long-standing military policy. Transgender people are not allowed to serve in the U.S. military and the Defense Department does not provide such treatment, but Manning can't be discharged from the service while serving her 35-year prison sentence.

Apparently Chuck Hagel intervened in Manning's case, ordering the Army to find a way to transfer her to a civilian, Bureau of Prisons run facility for the treatment she needs and has formally requested.
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Tue Dec 03, 2013 at 02:17 PM PST

Critical Thinking is Your Friend

by IndieGuy

So, a diary just hit the rec list, based on the premise that Rick Perry and Texas Republicans are beginning to cave on Obamacare. While it's certainly entertaining, and clearly fits within our own beliefs and desires, there are a few problems: The newspaper "quoted" in the diary doesn't exist; there is no "staff writer" with the name quoted (a mix of Molly Ivins and Wendy Davis); there are no links; and the alleged direct quotations are too steeped in vernacular (of the "we're gonna get our asses whupped" variety).

Folks. If it seems too good to be true...?

Before tipping and rec'ing, even if it sounds really, really good, please think about what you're reading.

/ soapbox


Fri Sep 20, 2013 at 06:29 AM PDT

Mama Mia! Even More Quantum Theory

by IndieGuy

Troubadour's rec-listed quantum physics diary is a fascinating read, but it's missing something: Musical accompaniment.

"Bohemian Gravity" is an a capella take on Queen's famous song redone with physics lyrics. It's all by one man: Tim Blais, a physics graduate student at McGill University in Canada. One of his hobbies is recording science-y cover versions of popular songs.

Here's a lyrics selection to get you in the mood: "Space is a pure void. Why should it be stringy? Because it's quantum not classical. Nonrenormalizable. Any way you quantize. You'll encounter infinity. You see." ...

Part of what makes this version spectacular, besides the lyrics, is that Blais had to multi-track himself to create the layers of vocals needed for the song. The video shows him tackling all the parts as he illustrates the lyrics with blackboard equations and an Einstein hand puppet.

Apparently Blais put this together at the same time he was writing his Master's thesis (A new quantization condition for parity-violating three-dimensional gravity). This thing is way freakin' cool.


Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 09:18 AM PST

"Cheney Backs Obama On Drones"

by IndieGuy

"I think it's a good program."  'Nuff said.


Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 10:03 PM PST

Time to Party!

by IndieGuy


Just sayin'.


Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 09:19 AM PDT

Officer Down: "You Hold My Heart"

by IndieGuy

Most of us instinctively understand that law enforcement is by definition, dangerous.  Sometimes, though, we lose sight of the actual cost.  That cost is brought home when an officer dies in the line of duty.  The cost to society in general, of course, is high - but it is infinitely higher for the families, friends, and coworkers of the fallen officers.  Today we're remembering four of the fallen:

  • Officer Thomas Philip Coleman, CA Highway Patrol
  • Detective Michael Perry, White Plains, NY, PD
  • Sergeant Doug Weddleton, MA State Police
  • Deputy Caroline Green, Richmond, VA, Sheriff's Office

This diary is written to honor the lives of these officers, and to remember the sacrifice they and their families have made in defending all of us.

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Sat Jun 12, 2010 at 07:00 PM PDT

Another Hero Died Last Week

by IndieGuy

Sometimes here we see some unfortunate trends.  One of these is a vocal minority of people who take every opportunity to denigrate police officers.  This takes several forms:  From name-calling ("pig" still seems a favorite), to factually inaccurate hyperbole ("All cops are killers!") to apparent satisfaction when a cop is killed.  When one diarist was reminded of the murders of two police officers in Arkansas a few weeks ago, his response was, "I feel sorry for the families."

These people seem to fall into a few distinct camps.   One group consists of people who honestly have been mistreated by the police.  These folks have a legitimate concern, and my intent is not to second-guess their understandable generalization – though generalization it is.   Another group is people who have simply bought into that old sixties-era "Cops are the man; fight the power!" cliché.  Their hatred of cops is based on nothing other than anecdotal experience.  The third group is people whose interactions with the police have been, quite frankly, self-imposed:  People who have been legitimately arrested and jailed for breaking the law.  Rather than learning, "Don’t do that," they blame the police instead of themselves.

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I'm lucky enough to work in Washington, DC, a few blocks from the White House.  The weather is nice today, so I went outside for lunch.  Walking across the street from the Old Executive Office Building I saw 3 or 4 people trying to hand out flyers of some kind.  I was curious so went over to check it out.

These people had signs propped on the sidewalk with "Impeach Obama" printed all over them.  They even had the obligatory picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

Hot damn!  Pay dirt!

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< rant >

This is an open letter to the attractive, young girl sitting next to me on the Orange Line this morning.  You're the one who called the customer service desk for a new card.  (Two, actually.)  You helpfully gave the nice lady all the information she needed to process your request.  Yes, that's you.

I now have your date of birth (early January 1991) and your Social Security number (I really wasn't taking notes).  With a hi-jacked Merchant ID I could now have access to your complete credit report, including account numbers and payment amounts.  I could also have your home address and your phone number(s).  I know the station where you boarded, and I know which station you exited.

Since I wish you nothing but a long and happy life, I sincerely hope this creeps you out.  The next guy may be taking notes.  His wishes may be different.


I just don't get it.  Were we all really that clueless at 19?


According to the weekly Blue Mountain Eagle, the only newspaper in Grant County, Oregon, the Aryan Nations wants to establish a new "national compound" in the city of John Day, in a scenic area midway between Bend and Boise.  A spokesman for the group, a guy named Paul R. Mullet, was recently in John Day looking for property for the group.  According to the article:

Mullet, wearing a uniform shirt with a swastika patch on it, said the group's goal is to create a homeland for white people.

"That area is the Pacific Northwest," he said. "The blacks have Africa, the Jews have Israel ..."

Mullet claims the group is looking for property where they can provide barracks and other facilities for recruit training.  Grant County is attractive, he claims, due to its proximity to the mountains for "survival training".  Claiming that the people living in the area share common values with the Aryan Nations, he vowed to have members patrolling the streets of John Day "making it safer for the residents who live here".

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