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Tue Feb 14, 2012 at 07:27 AM PST

San Diego Seniors Expo, Personal Story

by arodb

Reposted from ARODB by arodb

This is the final of a three part series.  The first two focused on my "heroically" taking on the forces of evil, a right wing radio personality and a powerful developer who was quietly expanding his control of the media in this great city. First diary,  Second

The full title of the exposition is "Successful Aging Expo of 2012, Sponsored by the San Diego Union Tribune"  The right wing hate radio monster, was a funny, comedic libertarian a 27 year old who unlike other speakers with M.D.s and Ph.Ds, just barely got his B.A.,  who handled dealing with these people in the audience, the "Depends" and "Ensure" crowd by imagining we were his Nana, who loves him dearly so there was nothing to be nervous about-that's exactly what his Nana told him to do.

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Reposted from ARODB by arodb Editor's Note: This diary reflects the effort to get a message in the print media when it is opposing a political figure popular with the readership. I connected with a columnist in the metropolitan San Diego Union Tribune to get the N.Y. Times story mentioned, but had to write the follow up myself as described in this diary. -- arodb

San Diego County California has a single metropolitan Newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune.  It's long time owners, the Copley family, sold it to a venture capital firm a couple of years ago, and it is on the block again.  The price is cheap, the cost of the real estate, if anyone is interested in being a newspaper publisher.

Needless to say, they don't have much money for staff, and the most important question at interviews is how cheap are you willing to work for.  But you can correspond with the executive editor, and I have developed a relationship with a regular columnist, Logan Jenkins.   We both are tennis players and have corresponded extensively over the years.   I prod him as he says to "higher stakes journalism" and sometimes he accepts my challenge.  

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This is a re-posting of an article that was just posted to my home townLucadia Blog in Encinitas California.   It can be read there, where the editor has linked the video of a ten minute City Council flairup that demonstrates how much much of the dysfunctionality of government is driven by fear of attack ads.  You can comment there, here or both places if you like.

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Reposted from ePluribus Media by arodb Editor's Note: Valuable compendium of tools for getting to those with the key to a story. Persistence, Persistence, Persistence, being able to soldier on when no one else thinks it's worth the effort. -- arodb

Since its formation, ePluribus Media has published a collection of resources to help members improve their "news" writing skills. The most recent publication was January 24, 2010. Although we are currently in the midst of restructuring, we've created the Citizen Journalism group here on Daily Kos in order to help start the process of re-introducing ourselves to the community, in hopes that people here will benefit from our work and perhaps join with us in our collective pursuit of fact-checking and reporting important events of historical, cultural and social significance.

If you'd like to learn more, make the jump and we'll catch you on the flip side.

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Sun Feb 20, 2011 at 12:54 PM PST

Investigative Journalism Group

by arodb

Reposted from ARODB by arodb Editor's Note: I first published this around noon Sunday, but not on this group. Now it's also on this group's blog. Don't quite have the system down pat yet, as you can tell. I've emailed the address of the first diary to a number of people so I can delete that one. So, if inclined to rec this, please do so on the first diary, that is on the recently rec'd diary list. -- arodb

Investigative Journalism is serious business.  It can get you killed, arrested or hounded into dispair.   It can also destroy the organization that publishes such work.  On the other hand, this such reporting can change the world.

It comes in many forms; from novels, to non-fiction books, television segments, newspaper articles-- to now, Youtube videos.   I would say that  "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is an early example, even if  Abraham Lincoln never really said to Harriet Beecher Stow, "I've always wanted to meet the women who gave us this great war"  It has become true because the book did, in fact, contribute to creating this nation changing conflict.

Upton Sinclair's  The Jungle, and Ralph Nader's " Unsafe at any speed " both changed the course of major industries in this country.  Nader was followed by G.M. Detectives who attempted to find vulnerabilities to personally attack him on.   And then there is the work of  Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward that brought down a presidency.

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