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I post this with humor. I know some are going to be pissed I did not take the chance... but I was tired and not in the mood for a fight.

I was flying home from SXSW last Monday. I booked this flight like last year, because I was speaking, I booked the flight as soon as I had learned that my talk had been selected.

The seat I had was the best I could get in this 2x2 small plane I was on, and not in first class, the bulk head seat on the aisle. Plenty of leg room, but no place to store your carry on...

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Yesterday was a huge victory for the LGBT community, but for many of us in the "fly over" states, yesterday's decisions was... Empty. Allow me to give you some background and explain.

(Also forgive any text mistakes, doing this on an ipad.)

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Dear Tea Party, There is no quorum needed at the Electoral College, stay home if you want, in fact all 24 states that went for Romney could not show, and Obama would still be re-elected.

I am always shocked when people who claim to have gone to some kind of higher educational institution fails to interpret simple text (Patrick Henry College is not included). I feel I need to help them out. Here is a simple news flash to the “Tea Party” cult members who have failed to take a moment and READ the twelfth amendment (it is 208 years old, you have had the time), and trust me, it is not that long, but it does have some big words in it.

The WAY the Electoral College is votes is laid out in the first paragraph (bolds are mine as bolds were not invented until the 20th century).

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Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 06:55 AM PST

FOX Sunday only uses Real Clear Politics?

by Ioo

I am looking to understand. The peeps on FOX Sunday morning are going out of their way to make sure that every time the speak of a poll, it is from "Real Clear Politics" or "RCP"

The RCP poll apparently says that the first 100 days of the Romney are going great! The FOX dudes have all but said that Obama looks like he may win, but Romney is going to be great.

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Watching the Sunday News and there is a new add from Mitt Romney. The ad is such a lie I almost did a spit take of my coffee.

The add opens by saying "WHO IS GOING TO RAISE YOUR TAXES?"

it goes on to say that according to a NON PARTISAN study that  BO and the "liberals" were going to raise the taxes of the middle class by $4000, and that Mitt's plan not a cent!

If we want more information on this NON PARTISAN tax group, we are invited to go to, the official news portal for the American Enterprise Institute

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Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 07:49 PM PDT

What was the thing on Romney's flag?

by Ioo

The whole time I watched the debate ( you know the one, the one where they said there was a moderator, but I did not hear one) there was something on Mitt's flag lapel pin. A little black spot. Any idea what that was?


In selecting Paul Ryan Mitt Romney now gets to own some of the most right wing hate budgets ever passed by the house.

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I want to write a diary about the democrats and the GLBT community, I am a little nervous, because this is some very raw thoughts and fears.

And I pray I am wrong, and if I am, I will eat my words.

If you will allow me, I would like to first say a few words about the movement as a whole.

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This is a small diary, but I think it is worth saying. Right now, people are starting to look at the things Obama said he would try to bring to this great nation, and health care for all is one of them.

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So I was thinking about how the Mormons want the US to be all faith based, so I would recommend you call congress now and urge them to pass the The "If you are going to use faith to take away rights, then lets go all the way" ACT of 2009

I wrote this as a joke, and I hope you all see it as such, it is meant to be offensive and crude. I am a gay man, married in CA, so prop 8 is personal. It is also to help me deal with how pissed I am!!!

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For a long time I never saw myself as a gay rights activiest at any level. Sure I was gay, but I was also in the military, and I am also a musician. To me, the fact that I was gay as little more than one part of the total Mark...

When CA said that my partner of 14 years (we have been together from when I was 20) could marry, we made plans... 2 weeks ago today we hopped on a plane and flew from DC to San Fran, where he and I got hitched... IT WAS WHILE I WAS THERE that I found my hidden gay activist... to see the ads on TV, the signs, the evil and vitriol of those that have no business at all in my bedroom made me sick...

So I share with you this what I found today... PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ALL THOSE THAT CAN CHANGE THIS...

My trip to CA has changed me, and I will no longer stand for my rights to be passively dismissed.

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Sun Oct 12, 2008 at 08:29 AM PDT

Elected Democrats, The Gays Need Your Help

by Ioo

I am going to say something that many Democrats may not want to hear, and many Democrats have been turning a blind eye to for some time. The federal level Democrats have done little for the Gay community, other than pay us lip service. Now, that said, I also think they have done little to hurt us as well. In short, the federal level Democrats have been passive bystanders as gay men and women fight to have their relationships recognized, to protect their properties, to live their lives, and work out end of life issues. But right here, and right now, I think it is time for the Democrats to do ONE SIMPLE THING to get us one step closer to equality.

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