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A key reason that Marijuana legalization passed in WA State was the support of communities of minorities, such as LGBTs, Hispanics and African Americans.   These communities are sick of police discrimination, sick of ruined lives due to being arrested for normal behavior.

As Jon Stewart points out “We (waste) spend $8 billion a year, and we lock up only minorities for marijuana usage”.  (And kick kids out of college into prison.)

There are many wrongs in society that are complicated to solve, and that we can’t easily change via ballot initiatives.    The difference is that the wrong of illegal pot is a wrong that fixing LOWERS THE DEFICIT TWO WAYS, by causing us to both waste less in prison spending AND collect much more in tax revenue.  

(And gives the police more time to stop real crime, which, yes, saves society even more money.  So, there are no money arguments against this civil rights issue.)
  More below on the Four Corners of the US strategy.

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The permanent unelected government of Tax Expenditure Welfare Lobbyists and their cousins, cush job seeking Senate $taffers are said to be
plotting to keep Elizabeth Warren from being able to ask questions from a position on the Senate Banking Committee.   By denying her a seat.

It's up to Harry Reid to make the decision.

Click here to sign petition to Reid.

Clearly, President Obama must want Elizabeth on the Banking Committee.   Speak up.

Progressives need to petition Harry Reid to put Elizabeth's experience in designing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to work for us, by placing her on the Banking Committee.
Read the sad truth about Senate staffers looking for jobs at big banks and selling out the country, below the jump.


Should we Petition Reid to include E. Warren on Banking Committee?

98%61 votes
1%1 votes

| 62 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 10:24 PM PST

Smoke in WA State to celebrate

by JEnviro

Weed is gonna win.  So Barry, respect the will of the folks, and your classmates at Punaho.  Fired Up and peaceful.  
WA grown!


Cookies, brownies or vaporizer?

21%3 votes
21%3 votes
57%8 votes

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We can get our FEMA for free.    We regular folks have this Federal Emergency

Management Agency, and banks have their emergency backup – The Federal Reserve.

Why should we use tax revenues for FEMA?

The Fed can fund FEMA repairs with new money created to replace the monetary value destroyed by the storms.   More below.


Should the Federal Reserve be required to fund replacement of public goods destroyed in disasters?

70%12 votes
23%4 votes
5%1 votes

| 17 votes | Vote | Results

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Ryan's red and white checkerboard tie worse than Mitt's speech and Clint's acid trip:

Silly tie

Even worse, Huff Post gave him good advice, but when has this radical ever listened:

Conservatives hate change, wear same ill fitting clothes

Failure to learn from mistakes is inexcusable.   Though it would be cool if we did away with ties.


How can a pennant winning baseball team like Texas give up 45 free trips to first base in only 7 games?

The Curse of Walker Bush, that’s how.

Recall that W. also stands for Worst (President Ever).
After a life of screwing up everything he touched, George W. was given a bribe, cause his Daddy was President.

A “no money down” offer to buy the Texas Rangers in the late 80’s.    (Loser Bush didn’t even have the down payment, but he borrowed it – without having to sign any loan documents!   No corporate favoritism by that bank, eh?)   He wasn’t qualified to run a baseball team, just like he wasn’t qualified for any job.
And thus he cursed the Rangers, in the same way that the Red Sox were once haunted by the Curse of the Bambino.

Everyone knows that the Rangers managed to give up a two run lead in the final inning, the final strike, not once, but twice in Game 6.    And thus lose the Series.
What else could it be, but a curse?

Texas has great players, some commendable battlers.
(Though Republicans must hate them, because most are “scary brown people” with Latin surnames. ) Napoli and Cruz battled through painful injuries, played great.

Sure, the Cardinals have great clutch players too, but even some of them have to think “Why did fate give us this series?”
It can only be “The Curse of W”.

So, he ruined our finances, our agriculture, and our national pastime in our second largest state.
The trifecta – the dude hurt motherhood, apple pie, and even baseball.

Congrats to the Cards, my favorite team.
Next time W., head overseas if Texas gets in the Series.    Maybe to serve your prison sentence for crimes against humanity …. and baseball.


The Federal Budget is the wrong place to pay for the destruction of assets (worth money) by natural disasters.   The nation’s central bank exists to prevent the destruction of money, and so it should pay for disaster relief.

The Federal Reserve Bank (‘the Fed’) controls the creation of money to support the growth of the economy.    It fights the unwanted contraction of the total amount of money and other assets.    Contraction of asset values can lead to a condition that is the opposite of the familiar inflation with rising prices, namely deflation, or prices of the average good declining.
Deflation is difficult for employers, including the government:  few of us workers want to do the same job for less pay next year.     More below.

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Previously I wrote asking Kossacks for help finding a national retailer that would sell us LED lightbulbs that fit into standard household light sockets.    
In the comment threads, I received information that at least one major retailer, Home Depot, will sell a LED light that fits most household ceiling light sockets.  
See the product webpage:

Unfortunately this light isn’t in the retail stores – until you ask for it.
We want ALL retailers to sell the most efficient and the longest lasting light bulbs. If readers print out the information from the website and go by their local store, the manager just might listen and act.  And then go to competitors stores.   Follow me below.

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Every reader of this site would gladly buy the most energy efficient lights -- if only a manufacturer would sell them.

We read about Hollywood types having an entire home full of LED lights installed.    And then paying very low electric bills, and not having to change a bulb for 25 years.

We'd do that too, but Home Depot/Lowes/Costco etc, won't stock or sell these bulbs.    Shouldn't we push for government mandates that at least let us buy these bulbs?
More below.


Do you have a LED lightbulb in your home?

11%13 votes
11%13 votes
27%31 votes
49%56 votes

| 113 votes | Vote | Results

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