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Eric Cantor (R-Big Corporations), part of the republican Congressional 'leadership"(term used loosely), has said:

   House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Friday gave every indication that the House will not consider a bill to extend emergency unemployment benefits, even if the Senate passes the bill as expected early next week.

    Cantor was asked directly on the House floor by Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) whether Senate action on its bill next week might prompt the House to act. Cantor did not explicitly say yes or no, but strongly indicated Republicans would not consider it.

    “It doesn’t create any jobs, and right now we are in the business of trying to see how we can get people back to work, for an America that works for more people,” he said.

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Wed Apr 23, 2014 at 07:36 AM PDT

Joe Leibham

by Jeffsimpson

Wisconsin State Senator Joe Leibham(R-no accomplishments)has decided to throw his invisible undistinguished hat into the ring for the 6th Congressional seat, left open by tea party victim Tom Petri's retirement.  

Leibham is running on an America sucks but I can fix it platform:

The future of the nation we all know and love is at risk, and I am excited about using my conservative leadership, personality and energy to stop this decline and restore the greatness of America
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Scott Walker is in the business of giving us photo ops, which could be the picture on the front cover of his future ghostwritten autobiography titled Unintimidated.  He gave us option 1, option 2and option 3 and now we have a video.

Will Williams has been a Madison resident for about 40 years.  Will Williams is a Vietnam Veteran.  Will Williams has received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.  Will Williams was 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Wolfhounds Vietnam  U.S. Army, 1962-1970). When Will Williams was in Vietnam, fighting for our country, he watched his best friend die and sat overnight with his friends body in a bomb crater.  Will William's used to be full of hate and now fights for peace.  Will Williams is a person whose lifestory is so interesting that a documentary was made about his life.

TodayWill Williams was the guy the Capitol Police hand cuffed and arrested for singing peacefully in the Rotunda of the Capitol.  Today, Will Williams is the person who, while in the care of the Capitol Police, they let fall, handcuffed, down the marble staircase.     Will Williams is the guy, who while down,  the Capitol Police let stay down, and would not even afford him the dignity of uncuffing him.

Will Williams sat in the blazing heat of a jungle, on the other side of the world, and faced death practically hourly to defend the UNITED States of America.  Scott Walker flies around the country and attends $2500/ plate fundraisers and brags of his strategy of "divide and conquer".

Scott Walker will not let the death of a 15 year old child get in the way of his ambitions, so there is no way he will let a national hero do it either!  

Wisconsin deserves better.

Will Williams DEFINITELY deserves better!  

PS:  If you think this is bad, wait until you see what Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald have in store for Mr. Williams when he tries to vote next year!  

UPDATE:  In true Wisconsin republican, Scott Walker, Mike Huebsch style, Mr. Williams was NOT given a ticket, this day, for this incident.  One was later mailed to his home.    

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Sun Jul 21, 2013 at 10:43 PM PDT

Republican War on Education!

by Jeffsimpson

I know that the republican party likes to pretend that they care about education, but as I always say, sometimes they actually tell you the truth! When they do we should listen!

In recent days, we have had current Purdue University President and former right wing extremist Governor of Indiana banning History books, republican controlled states all over the country expanding vouchers, a GOP lawmaker in Utah wanting to END "compulsory education"(honestly he said that, he wants education to be a choice because what teenager wouldn't choose going to high school over everything else available to them?), toMichele Bachman and everything in between.  

In Wisconsin(where I live) therepublican party PLATFORM could not have been more anti-education if Dick DeVos had written it himself(although I am sure he had a big part in it)!  

A Couple quick highlights:

* Calls for the state legislature to eliminate funding of 4-year-old kindergarten;

* Urges Congress to pass legislation that prohibits schools from forcing or coercing parents to put their children on drugs and eliminates all funding for government-mandated mental health screening of all children;

* Supports allowing properly trained adult staff to be armed in public school

There is so much more, read their platform if you dare(but not before bed, it will give you nightmares)!  

Is this really what we want for our children?  Is this the future we see for our kids?  Is this how we will make America a leader in the 21st Century?  

I think we all know the answer to these questions!

In 2014, no matter what state you live in, it is absolutely imperative that support of public education has to be a litmus test for politicians you and I support!  

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” Derek Bok.
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