Yes, you read that correctly:  I am the one, true Antichrist, and this is my first DK diary.

Let me clarify at the outset that my quarrel is not with Jesus of Nazareth (if he actually existed) but rather with the Greek-derived title "Christ," which implies that Jesus was divine. Since I deny the existence of ALL gods, any supernatural dimension, the soul, and the afterlife, I feel confident that Jesus was a charismatic, though wholly mortal, reformer who remains as dead as roadkill.  Gods were undoubtedly invented by humans even more primitive than today's Republicans to explain natural phenomena that they could not even begin to understand.  As terrifying as it is to religious believers, who are the least sophisticated of contemporary Homo sapiens sapiens (!!!), the universe is almost certainly 100% natural, except for the products and byproducts of intelligent beings' design (and I use the adjective "intelligent" loosely).

As a new diarist I owe it to my fellow Kossacks to say a few more words by way of introduction.  A 70-year-old Caucasian male, I am also (more significantly) an atheist, an anti-theist, a humanist, a neo-socialist, a logical positivist, an environmentalist, and a passionately pro-choice feminist--i.e., I believe in abortion on demand and in the self-evident superiority of the female gender (due largely to the fact that girls have never been conditioned to experience the male sense of unearned entitlement).

My initial diary/rant continues below the squiggle.  Please stay with me.