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Mon Jan 27, 2014 at 11:20 AM PST

Mitch McConnell is right

by Jlukes

I think the President is right in saying he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling. I also think Mitch McConnell is right in saying It would be irresponsible not to negotiate on it. This my solution. The Democrats in the House and Senate demand an increase to 30% (still well below what a salaried person makes at the top income) on capital gains and carried interest. This will help pay for reinstating the cuts in SNAP and  long term unemployment benefits and help pay down the deficit. If their side wants to wish for the moon so should we. I am tired of them demanding the moon and we demanding nothing.

Short diary, best I could do. Just wanted to make a point.


Fri Jan 17, 2014 at 08:54 AM PST

The Gullible versus the Non Gullible

by Jlukes

This is my latest LTE in my hometown local Conservative newspaper Which is here with all the glorious comments. It was a response to a Conservative LTE who called me gullible for pointing that the very rich pay less in taxes than a middle class person by percentage. This was more interesting and amusing than the normal "you are a communist, fascist, gay loving, climate change fabricator who is going to destroy our culture and brings tears to the eyes of God" that I felt it deserved a response. Here my LTE:

The über-wealthy with their conservative media have done a great job on the gullible. They have convinced them that if the über-wealthy pay the same amount in taxes by percentage as a person on minimum wage, this would be communism or socialism.

We, the non-gullible, would just like the über-wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. The gullible, on the other hand, do not want to lose the freedom of paying more in taxes — making up for the revenue loss caused by the über-wealthy buying lobbyists and politicians so they can write a tax code putting more of the burden on freedom lovers like the super-gullible of the middle class.

The non-gullible would not mind the gullible being lackeys to the über-wealthy except that it cost us non-gullible tax payers so much more money because we have to make up for the revenue loss caused by the über-wealthy moochers that do not pay for their fair share on the tax burden.

This not standing up for communism, this is having common sense.

Life is so much fun.

Is gullibility the biggest problem of our time?

76%10 votes
23%3 votes

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Wed Jan 08, 2014 at 01:53 AM PST

The Real Moochers

by Jlukes

My latest LTE to my local hometown conservative newspaper can be found here. Since my first letter on the subject the local Conservatives have been hammering me pretty good and have written a few letters themselves. What is interesting is that most people including those on our side cannot see the truth of what I am saying.

Income inequality with the exception of climate change is the problem of our times not only here but around the world. I believe the uber wealthy paying far less of their income by percentage in taxes is the driving force of this problem. We have to hammer home the truth of this for most people are unaware of the situation

Here is my letter:

It is interesting to read the comments of the conservatives to the thesis I laid out in my previous letter. I said that when you take into account all the taxes, whatever type, the über-rich such as Mitt Romney pay less in percentage than a minimum-wage worker and clearly less than a middle-class person. They have made no credible argument against this for it is the simple truth.

Mr. Baxter keeps saying that über-rich liberals pay less, too, so I guess that somehow makes it right. Mr. Liebich and Mr. Baxter keep harping on me to say what is their fair share, as if that is argument against my thesis. I am not advocating a solution but pointing out the problem. It seems as though they recognize the truth of what I am saying, but do not think it is a problem. They think it is OK that the über-rich pay less in percentage in taxes.

The economy is an engine that people who participate in make money because of its existence. If it did not exist, they would not be able to make any money. The economy requires money to maintain its ability for all of us to make a living from it. The fact that those who make the most money from it pay less in percentage on maintenance fees (taxes and fees) is unfair and frankly immoral. This situation has led to what most economists believe is the main problem of our time, which is income inequality.

Mr. Baxter would have you believe it is because all of a sudden, since Reagan, the American people have become lazy bums and moochers. The reality is that the über-wealthy, through buying lobbyists, the Republican Party and some Democrats, have shifted the real tax burden to the middle class through the tax code. This has hollowed out the middle class, and if this situation continues it will disappear.

Mr. Baxter is right when he talks about there being moochers. It is the über-wealthy.


Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 11:06 AM PST

I want my meat

by Jlukes

This is my latest LTE to my local Conservative newspaper which can be seen here. The response is hot and heavy. I think I drive them crazy. Responding to the comments can be a challenge because wingnuts do not hear what you are saying and respond with Fox News talking points. I use the " I want my meat" idea by ignoring their nonsense and bring them back on point. It is fun. Below is the LTE and then the examples of what I am talking about. Remember rule #1 HAVE FUN!!!! (hat tip to Molly Ivins)

The interesting thing about Darrell Baumbach’s reply (“President Reagan helped the economy grow,” Dec. 12) to my recent letter (“We need to get back to building a stronger economy,” Dec. 10) was that he never answered my main point, which was about the ultra-rich in this country like Mr. Romney, who pays less in percentage in taxes than a minimum-wage worker.

Like most right-wing ideologues, when confronted with facts that cannot be disputed, they ignore them and go straight to their talking points. I doubt he even heard the argument. In this way, ideologues of all stripes resemble addicts. They cannot hear anything against their substance of choice.

A country’s economy produces so much income. To keep an economy going, a certain percentage of that income must go to keeping the engine in shape so it is able to keep producing income. The uber-rich, through an army of lobbyists and bought politicians, have skewered the way we pay taxes; they pay less in percentage than people who work at Walmart, and certainly the middle class which is getting hit the hardest.

Their standard canard is that if the rich pay less in taxes, they will invest more and we will be awash in jobs. We have been down this road for 33 years since Reagan. How has this worked out?

I think the cruelest and meanest talking point is that many minimum-wage workers pay no income tax and need to get some “skin” in the game. The fact that more of their money goes to the government as a percentage of other taxes than the uber-rich is lost on them.

The pope and the president have both spoken out eloquently on the problem of income inequality. The Republican Party through its lobbyists and bought politicians — with a little help from certain Democrats — has created a situation where the wealth of this nation is being funneled to the uber-rich by letting them get away with not paying their fair share of taxes needed to keep the engine of our economy going. This is politically controlled wealth distribution at its finest.

Why do we put up with it?

Jerome Kinderman posted at 6:28 am on Wed, Dec 18, 2013.

You may very well get your heart's desire, Mr. Lucas. All those ultra-rich veterans are about to get those oh-so-excessive pensions cut. Finally!! The rich paying their fair share.

Notice my friend Jerome neglected to address anything I brought up. I Replied:

Like Mr Baxter, I see you agree with the basic points of my letter. Thanks Jerome.

My favorite is my friend Joe Baxter. Here is his comment:

Here we go, AGAIN. More whining from the liberals that wealthy people don't pay their "fair share". Tell us, Mr. Lucas, what is your idea of "fair share"? Don't regurgitate the Romney example, which is a bs assumption on your part.. There are plenty of super wealthy liberals that most likely pay less in taxes than Romney but we couldn't have a liberal complain about liberals, could we. I take every advantage of tax law to minimize my taxes, as do most prudent people. As long as taxpayers follow the laws, what is your beef? If you don't like the tax laws, write your Congressman to get them changed. But you have to remember, most Congressmen are rich and don't want to pay more taxes. Good luck with that.
This is very typical for my friend Joe. Is he not beautiful? Here is my reply:

Thank you, Joe. I am glad that you at least agree that people like Mitt Romney pay less in percentage to the government than a minimum wage worker. It is sad that you think this is the way it should be. I do write my congressman and I do write LTE's about what to me is an obvious injustice. You are doing the same thing. You are writing about your approval of this obvious injustice which is why we love you so much. Most Conservatives try to hide their contempt for working people and try to claim what I am saying is not true. You are upfront about your contempt and uncaring attitude for working people and we appreciate it. I have said it many times. You do more for the Liberal cause than any other writer on this forum. Thanks for your contribution to our cause.



Sun Dec 15, 2013 at 09:51 AM PST

We are losing the messaging war

by Jlukes

I have been a member of the DailyKos community for 8 1/2 years and there is no other time than now where I have been frustrated with its messaging. There has never been a time than I have been more frustrated with the Democratic Party messaging. There was a time that the Democratic Party was perceived as protectors of the working person and the middle class. I believe that is still true but it does not matter what I believe. What matters is the public perception. The public believes that we have abandoned the middle class and really only care about the poor, women’s rights, taking away peoples guns and illegal aliens. The Republicans have a very effective messaging system that is greatly aided by an utter lack of conscience. Witness their campaign to demonize the poor and say they are the reason for the pressure the middle class feels pressure financially. We have let them in the minds of many of the middle class present themselves as the protectors of the middle class. It is nonsense, of course, but people do not vote for someone because of what is the truth but what they think is the truth.

How do we change that? It is actually quite simple. You have to have an issue. It has to simple and understandable by the average voter. Then you have to get everyone together and hammer it home. The last is the hardest.

There is no question with the possible exception of climate change the greatest challenge we face is income inequality. When Kos and the other front pagers talk about this I want to tear my hair out. They are basically singing to the choir and if they talked to the average person it would take about 10 seconds for their eyes to glaze over. If it was not for Hunter, Charlie Pierce and Robert Reich I think I would just give up. Even my heroine Elizabeth Warren does not know how to get the message across. You gotta make it simple and personal.

I am very good at this. In every conversation whether at a store or any chance meeting I always ask the same question. Are you obeying the rules? They will reply, what rules? I always say rule #1 is to have fun and rule #2 is never vote for a Republican. The other day I was at the VA and had to park at an outer parking lot and they have people on little carts that come along and take you to the main entrance. I laid my rule thing out and this nice young lady stopped the cart and laughingly told me to get off and kept going. It was all in good humor. By time she got to the main entrance she knew that she paid a far greater percentage of her income to the government than people like Mitt Romney did as did anyone on minimum wage. She got it and she will probably still vote for the evil ones but a seed was planted. This happens a lot. My message is simple and understandable and most important I made it personal.

I write many LTE’s to our conservative local newspaper. the last on published was here. The issue is simple. Why do the uber rich pay less to the government that a minimum wage worker? I also point out the tax burden that a true small businessman has to pay. If you look at all the LTE’s you will find that I always create a controversy and have the most comments than anyone else. The comments now are pre modulated and only put up twice a day. My letter used to get over two hundred comments but now it usually stops at about a hundred. Obviously I am not singing to the choir.

This is my next letter:

The interesting thing about Mr Baumbach's reply to my recent LTE was that he never answered my main point which was the ultra rich in this country like Mr. Romney pays less in percentage in taxes than a minimum wage worker. Like most right wing ideologues when confronted with facts that cannot be disputed they ignore them and go straight to their talking points. I doubt he even heard the argument. In this way ideologues of all stripes resemble addicts. They cannot hear anything against their substance of choice.

A country’s economy produces so much income. To keep an economy going a certain percentage of that income must go to keeping the engine in shape so it is able to keep producing income. The uber rich through an army of lobbyists and bought politicians has skewered the way we pay taxes that they pay less in percentage than people who work at Walmart and certainly the middle class which is getting hit the hardest.

Their standard canard is that if the rich pay less in taxes they will invest more and we will be awash in jobs. We have been down this road for 33 years since Reagan. How has this worked out?

I think the cruelest and meanest talking point is that many minimum wage workers pay no income tax and need to get some “skin” in the game. The fact that more of their money goes to the government as a percentage of other taxes than the uber rich is lost on them.

The Pope and the President have both spoken out eloquently on the problem of income inequality. The Republican party through its lobbyists and bought politicians with a little help from certain Democrats has created a situation where the wealth of this nation is being funneled to the uber rich by letting them get away with not paying their fair share of taxes needed to keep the engine of our economy going. This is politically controlled wealth distribution at its finest.

Why do we put up with it?

You can read Mr Baumbach’s letter here. It is basically an ode to Ronald Reagan who I trash at ever given opportunity part of the reason being just to set people like Mr Baumbach’s pants on fire. Molly Ivans said we should have some fun too.

My psychologist sister taught me the “I want my meat” idea. If we want to win the midterms and win back the house this is the issue that will do it for us. If a Democrat gets asked any question on any of the shows the answer should always include. “ Why do the rich have to pay less percentage of their income to the government than a person on minimum wage? Why does the middle class have to carry the burden caused by the uber wealthy not paying their fair share?”

Right now the Republicans have started a campaign to demonize the poor. They want us to get bogged down in a message war we cannot win. We should ignore this and go with our own message. The message is clear, true and will resonate with those in the middle class. I have never seen a petition on this. I do not see our party asking these questions. I repeat:

 “ Why do the rich have to pay less percentage of their income to the government than a person on minimum wage? Why does the middle class have to carry the burden caused by the uber wealthy not paying their fair share?”

Short, simple, true. This is the issue. This is where we have to go. We have to go after them with this every goddamn day until election day. They have no answer. We cannot let ourselves be sidelined by any of their rhetoric. Our mantra needs to be “I want my meat”


Tue Dec 10, 2013 at 02:07 PM PST

The Importance of LTE's

by Jlukes

In blockquotes is my latest LTE to the local Newspaper which, with the comments, can be found here. I was telling someone I respect that writing these things seems a waste of time. She pointed out that I was just about the only Democrat who wrote them to our little conservative newspaper and the political LTE's here are generally right wing talking points. She said that change comes hard and to reach a tipping point requires a crescendo of voices speaking loudly and logically their truth. This is what the right wing did with their commercial media and talk shows. It is the main reason for the right wing ascendancy we have suffered under. Imagine if millions of progressives started writing an LTE once a month. The reason I write these things is just to be part of that crescendo. I also participate in the comments. There you are not just singing to the choir but engaging those who disagree with you. Our ideas will never come into being unless they are first heard. Those ideas must be repeated over and over again. This is the main lesson our right wing brothers have taught us.

The rules:
1. Have fun
2. Never vote for a Republican

We have a party that does not want to extend unemployment benefits because, as Ronald Reagan said, “Unemployment insurance is prepaid vacation for freeloaders.” Meanwhile in Madera the unemployment rate is near 14 percent.

In has been 40 years since Ronald Reagan introduced “supply side economics,” which is just another name for “trickle-down economics.” We have watched the ultra-wealthy’s share of the national income go from 8 percent to 23 percent. We have a situation where the top 400 wealthy families have more wealth than the bottom 150 million people in our country. We have seen a situation where a vulture capitalist like Mitt Romney pays 14 percent in taxes on $20 million while a small businessman having an adjusted net income of $100,000 pays 50 percent.

The hollowing out of the middle class has been devastating, as have the effects on the poor. This is a worldwide phenomenon.

Most people just do not get what is happening. Then an international figure speaks out and is immediately called a Marxist by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

This is what Pope Francis said: “Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world.”

Francis wrote in the papal statement: “This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system.”

“Meanwhile,” he added, “the excluded are still waiting.”

We are at the crossroads. We can continue to elect Republicans whose only real job seems to protect the interests of the uber-wealthy, or we can come together and get back to economic policies that built the greatest middle class the world has ever known.

Frankly, I fear for the Pope’s safety. Men who stand up against the plutocracy put themselves at risk. The Kennedys, Martin Luther King Jr. and Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador are just a few examples. I, for one, will pray for the Pope’s safety.


Tue Nov 26, 2013 at 11:36 PM PST

The World”s Greatest Con Men

by Jlukes

The Republican Party and the Conservative media machine, which includes the most of the mainstream media, consists of some of the greatest con men ever to grace this earth. They have made the American public believe things that are clearly false to the most casual observer. Much of this is our (Liberals and Progressives) fault for we do not talk about issues in a way that is easily understandable. I will try to talk about two of them. A short one on healthcare and a little about the greatest con of all.

When I talk to people about healthcare the vast majority understand after a couple of minutes. I say to them we spend twice as much per person on healthcare than anyone else in the world and that if we spent the same amount as a percentage of GDP as the highest rated healthcare system in the world, France, we would save a trillion dollars a year, EVERY YEAR. The American healthcare system was designed in hell. It cost twice as much, does not cover everyone but it does give us the freedom to watch our neighbors suffer, did and go bankrupt needlessly which does not happen in the rest of the industrialized world. It also makes a few people incredibly wealthy at which point I bring up the CEO salaries of healthcare companies especially the United Healthcare CEO who cashed in 134 million dollars of his 750 million he had in stock options. I talk about the difference in admin costs between Medicare and the healthcare companies. I talk about the two things that are the biggest drivers in bringing down healthcare costs, preventative medicine and seeing a doctor when one first gets sick which health insurance companies actually discourage. It is a pretty easy argument.

The second is about taxes. It is a bit more complicated but the problem is really how we think and talk about them. The first concept that I think everyone misses it that the US economy is really a single entity and all citizens are really owners of it and elections can really be thought as shareholders election people to run the company. Weird but true.

A business must set aside a certain percentage of money for it’s infrastructure otherwise it will fall apart. The money we set aside for the infrastructure is called taxes.  It goes to building and maintaining roads, bridges, schools, education, defense, the safety net etc. These things are vital if we are going to have a strong economy.

The common wisdom was that a progressive tax system was best. The more you made the higher percentage you paid. I am talking about the effective tax rate which is the actual money paid. The right wing propaganda machine has turned that around and what used to be common wisdom is now considered radical.

The poster boy for this change was Mitt Romney. The one year he showed his tax returns it said 13.8%( actually 9% amended) on 20 million dollars. A small businessman whose adjusted income is $100,000 will pay 15% FICA, 28% Federal and whatever states taxes owed. He is is generally on the hook at about 50%. Outrageous if you ask me.

The real logical basis for a progressive tax is the idea of disposable income. Mitt had 18 million dollars which he probably invested most of it. The business owner above and all people living paycheck to paycheck will find that most of the money after paying FICA, Federal and State taxes will be subject to sales and other taxes. THE FACT IS THAT ALL TAXES ARE THERE TO PAY FOR THE INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!  A very important point.

Social Security, Medicare are infrastructure items. Walmart makes a lot of money on people who are on social security. It also is the moral thing a country does so its elderly can live and receive medical care. The case for incomes $106,000 is just another way for the very wealthy to get out of paying their fair share. If there was no ceiling on these taxes we could lower the percentage and those incomes below $106,000 would have more disposable income

The very rich in this country have conned everyone that if the do not pay taxes they will create tons of jobs. They own the media and this is the line. Actually customers create jobs. In the 50’s and 60’s the effective tax rate for the very wealthy was between 50% to 60%. The economy boomed because workers and small businessmen had more disposable income and spent most of it.

The tired old argument that the Conservative media brings out that the very wealthy pay most of the income taxes in this county holds no water when one realizes that all taxes are there to pay for the infrastructure. It is a major part of the con job.

The very wealthy and corporations are welching on their obligation to pay their share for the very infrastructure their income depends on. What that means in reality is that the rest of us have to pay more. Their propaganda machine, bought politicians and lobbyists have made a mockery of tax fairness. It is shameful and immoral. The middle class is being obliterated and we are on our way to becoming a third world country.

Billionaire Nick Hanauer explains it much better than I can here


Can the economy be thought of as a single entity?

53%7 votes
46%6 votes
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Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 08:00 AM PST

Filibuster Nonsense and Democrat Weenies

by Jlukes

I am a Democrat. I believe in equal rights for everyone. I most certainly believe in a woman's power over her reproductive system. I believe in progressive income tax and think there should be a minimum of 50% take on incomes over a million bucks. I believe in strong labor laws that equalize the playing field between labor and management. I believe in very strong financial regulatory system. I believe in Keynesian economics. I believe the economics part of the above built the greatest middle class in history.

The reality is that we are in a fight for policies. The filibuster is not a way to protect the minority but to protect the status quo. We either believe in what we stand for or we do not. The flip side is that we believe that the Republican policies do not work in the real world. The fear is that if we lose the filibuster they will be able to ram their policies down our throat. So what? Their policies do not work and they will lose the next election. If by some miracle we win the Senate and the House next year we should completely get rid of the filibuster and proceed to govern as Democrats putting our ideas to work. It will be time to put up or shut up.


Can Democrats quit being weenies?

45%11 votes
29%7 votes
25%6 votes

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Thu Nov 21, 2013 at 12:59 AM PST

A tale of two LTE''s

by Jlukes

My local newspaper printed my latest LTE which I put below and can be seen here with the comments by my Conservative friends. What is interesting is the other letter they published which you can read  here with all the beautiful comments. It is by one of my fellow Conservative residents of my town and shows the results of the chain mail emails system set up by our Conservative friends. Yes, they are crackers.

It is interesting to read the hysteria about the cancellation of health insurance policies on the individual market. This has no effect on the 80 percent of Americans covered by employers or Medicare. Fifteen percent are uninsured and the remaining 5 percent are on the individual market.
On this market, only 17 percent kept their insurance two years in a row, and before Obamacare, 80 percent were canceled annually. What is happening now is nothing new, and the cause for the most part is not Obamacare. This is normal for this market, but does not stop our right-wing friends from pretending the world as we know it is coming to an end.
The reality is, the vast majority of these people will get better insurance at a better price when they get the website working. Some will pay more, but they will be in a vast minority.
What’s more interesting to me is the 5.4 million people who are being denied health insurance because Republican governors refuse the Medicaid expansion, which costs these states nothing for three years and then the states only pay 10 percent of the cost. In these states, the cost of everyone else’s insurance will go up to pay for those emergency visits forced on these people who are being denied Medicaid. This will put an added strain on the hospitals in these states, and some will go out of business.
Gov. Kasich, a conservative Republican, accepted the Medicaid expansion. He said, “When you die and get to the meeting with St. Peter, he’s probably not going to ask you much about what you did about keeping government small. But he is going to ask you what you did for the poor.” That it is good for Ohio financially did not hurt.
Our Christian letter writers are always writing screeds on the social issues of the day. As some are against this Medicaid expansion, it would be interesting to hear the reasoning for denying people basic health care by not accepting the expansion. It would be the Christian thing to do.

Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 03:13 AM PST

Changing American Values

by Jlukes

This is my LTE which is published here. The lack of integrity of the co-called Conservatives leads to two main problems. How do you negotiate or deal with people who live outside of reality and filter facts through an ideology. The second is how can you come to any solution when clear factual data is anything one wants it to be? The only solution is to beat these people politically and keep their hands off the power levers.

There are two areas where American values have changed since I was a young man 50 or so years ago. The first was serving our country via the draft, and the second involves integrity.
I cringe every time someone lays that "thank you for your service" nonsense to me. My dad and all my uncles served in the military in World War II, and my brother and I served in Vietnam. It used to be something expected, no big deal. If it was up to me, everyone would serve two years in the service of our country, the military being one option.
The Republican Party and the conservative media have lost all sense of integrity when dealing with facts. An example of this is when Sean Hannity had four people on saying how Obamacare had hurt them. A reporter from another organization followed up and found that three of them would be helped by Obamacare, and with the fourth, it was not clear. Mr. Hannity never acknowledged his error. He just went on to his next lie. This is the norm for all conservative media.
There will be some who say that both sides do it. To a very small extent, this is true but the Republican Party, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Drudge Report, etc., have made it an art form. The so-called left-wing media for the most part gets its facts straight, and when wrong will acknowledge it. I am not talking about opinions, but clear, demonstrable facts.
I have conservative friends who are embarrassed by the stunning lack of integrity shown by the Republican Party and the conservative media. Having honor, they have no place to go. They, like me, understand the need for a debate between the two sides to keep each other honest. They also understand that you cannot solve problems if you do not have a respect for the facts.
The Republican Party and the conservative media have become a national embarrassment. Their main problem is this stunning lack of integrity, and not their political opinions.

Conservative media's main problem

100%7 votes
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In one of the best articles I have ever read Julie Driscoll of perfectly describes what these Tea Party Assholes are all about. The article is here. Here are the traits she describes in the article. I have thought this a long time but she does an excellent job of putting it all into focus.

Like abusers, Republicans must win at all costs.

Like abusers, Republicans will invalidate you.

Like abusers, Republicans will grind you down

Like an abuser, Republicans don’t care who they hurt.

On our side of the fence individuals for the most try to take a look at our motivations, seek to come to some sort of compromise with others and try to act with as much integrity as we can. To the Tea Party types these are weaknesses to be taken advantage of. Enough is enough. It is time to do what Julie advises.

Now, it’s time to call their bluff.

This is what the President and the Democrats did when these abusers threatened to blow up the economy of the country they supposedly love. We must always be aware of what we are dealing with.


Tue Oct 15, 2013 at 12:10 PM PDT

Watching the Shock Doctrine in Action

by Jlukes

It seems to me that battle lines can be drawn in the following manner outside of social issues.
Karl Marx said Capitalism carries the seeds of its own destruction. That cancer is income inequality. In the 1930' the greatest American President ever did four ideas that is the cure for that cancer

1. Highly progressive income tax
2. Strong labor laws
3. Strong financial regulation.
4. Keynesian economics

These ideas are what made the building of the greatest middle class the world has ever seen. The Republicans are against all of them and since Reagan have been wining the war thus income inequality is at its worst since before the great depression.

Social issues are vital and important but economically this is where the rubber meets the road. The Republicans use social issues to deflect any discussion of these economic issues. They want to create as much chaos as possible so there can be no intelligent discussion of these issues. Underneath the chaos you hear the drumbeat against these four ideas(think tanks, Conservative media). Their media hammer home hypnotic suggestions rather than a intelligent debate. They are now creating economic chaos (shock doctrine, Klein) out of thin air so they can implement policies diametrically opposed to these ideas.


Are they consciously using Shock Doctrine?

55%26 votes
6%3 votes
8%4 votes
29%14 votes

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