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Regardless of how you feel about whether its right to keep a brain dead person alive... consider who should make that decision? The family, or the hospital?

One of the big claims against Obamacare by the right wing was that death panels - hospitals - would get to make these calls. Liberals called that out as the lie it was...

Or so I thought. Turns out if you're black; the conservatives were right.

Jahi McMath went into the hospital for a routine tonsil surgery to help with a sleeping issue. The operation went tragically wrong, and she is now brain dead.

McMath underwent tonsil surgery to treat her sleep apnea on Dec. 9 and was diagnosed as brain dead three days later. She has been hospitalized since.

The Children’s Hospital in Oakland has remained adamant that McMath is medically dead. Officials blasted the family’s lawyer Chris Dolan on Wednesday, claiming that he is dishonestly delaying the girl’s inevitable death.

Terri Schiavo family supporting Jahi McMath’s fight to stay alive

My instinct tell me that as she's black - San Francisco seems to have stopped deciding its newsworthy...

I had to find an update in a UK paper...

The family is fighting the hospital JUST to be able to move her to private care they are going to pay for... The hospital's stance is "we have decided she is dead, you black folks don't get to make that call."

The girl's mother wants to transfer her to another facility and to compel the hospital to allow Jahi to be fitted with the breathing and feeding tubes she would need to be moved safely.

The hospital has refused to perform those procedures because they say it is wrong to operate on a dead body.

Parents of girl left brain dead after routine tonsil surgery MUST settle fight to keep her alive with hospital, judge says

Thoughts below:

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Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 10:47 AM PST

Corporations have souls... wait, what?

by Jyotai

Is the Supreme Court gearing up to try and claim divine authority and declare that Corporations have Souls?

Last time we had to set about to a fight over who had souls... was when Columbus went and asked the Pope about my ancestors... It was absurd to think we didn't, but Conquistadors wanted to push that angle so they could clear us out.

Its just as absurd to think a contractual construction meant to move money from poor people over to rich people has a soul... let alone is a person.

Mind you the SCOTUS has never even ruled that Corporations are people. That comes from the dicta or a supporting opinion to a case. But they have acted since as if it was a part of the ruling.

Will we see the same result after Hobby Lobby?

Will some crazy right winger who's name might just begin with 'Sc' and end in 'a' opine about the religious beliefs of corporations... only to cite himself down the road in some essay about the 'Soul' of Capitalism and Corporations and their divine right to express their faith... or some other crazy illogic.

Nothing is too absurd for a body that has reached the conclusion that an economic contract is a person with all rights thereof...

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I'm taking what was intended as a comment to here:
Pope Francis: Unfettered Capitalism Is "Tyranny"; Economic Inequality "Kills."
And making a full diary out of it after I realized I was writing way too much. :)

So this Pope Francis has come out and said something rather uncharacteristic for a Pope. Again. He keeps talking like a Christian:

"As long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality, no solution will be found for the world's problems or, for that matter, to any problems,"
- quoting from The Guardian article

Finally. A Pope who like Yeshua Christ (the word Jesus is a mistranslation), is anti-Capitalist.

Mind you he's not there on many issues that Yeshua was silent on; such as women Priests. But he is advocating a stronger role for women. Sensible middle ground. Given the important role of the two Marys in Yeshua's life - it is possible one was his wife or an apostle. Actually, its very likely she was his wife. But the facts have been covered up so its a battle for... another day...

But on wealth and poverty the Popes have been on the wrong side for far too long.

If you ever sit down and read what Yeshua Christ said...

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."
(Matthew 19:24)
-one such quote among many
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Remember this from last month:

If You Could Be Pulled Over and Raped Roadside By Cops at Any Time, Would It Change Your Commute?


Those were cases of groping and other forms of assault. Now... its getting worse:

Texas Cop Accused of Raping 19-Year-Old During Routine Traffic Stop

A San Antonio police officer was arrested this past weekend for allegedly sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman during what should have been a routine traffic stop
. . .
Neal asked the woman to get out of the vehicle so he could pat her down, according to the affidavit. The woman said she felt uncomfortable and asked that a female officer pat her down, but her request was ignored. During the pat-down, the affidavit said, Neal groped the woman, placed her in handcuffs and moved her to the back of his patrol car. The document said he then raped her and instructed her not to tell anyone.
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This is my first attempt at a diary here, so hopefully I'm doing it properly...

In re to:
Last stop—Fruitvale Station
"“There are millions of Americans that don’t see Trayvon’s potential. They look at him and see him as a thug who got what he deserved. You know he was a 17-year-old boy that couldn’t even vote yet, had never been arrested, never had a criminal record. My question is, why do people look at him and see that?” Coogler concluded, “We look at him and see something else. We look at him and see us.”"

The don't see Trayvon as a person, and they likely never will.

As a person of mixed heritage its been a bit of a rude shock for me to discuss this with family. Family that I thought would be more enlightened by virtue of having me and the other side of my family as their kin... The hasty speed at which they instantly jump to a defense of Zimmerman that is not even a defense of Zimmerman, but an attack on Trayvon is surprising.

It enlightens me on the motives of those who hastily jump in to defend the verdict.

It is not that "those people" identify with Zimmerman or feel he acted right, but that they cannot envision a world where the Trayvon Martins are not thugs.

In a heartbeat, I was hit with a litany of cases of black on black violence, or black on white violence. And then stone cold silence when I went through those examples and asked for which of them were there no arrests, or no trials, or no guilty verdict.

Though it is no accident that this worldview links the case to their perceptions of OJ Simpson's trial, just as my own worldview links it to Oscar Grant. And mind you, when Grant was murdered, some from that view started bringing up OJ again too...

Somehow that there is so much trouble in the ghetto, is enough to prove that Trayvon, not even a ghetto kid, was the real threat.

Trayvon hasn't just been killed, he's been convicted in the minds of countless people in this nation. Convicted for things that cannot rationally be attached to him.

The list of slanders, or of attributes listed as if they were slanders (I've heard him called a "rapper" for example, as if that were a crime, nevermind that he wasn't a rapper...)...

"They" -NEED- to convict the Trayvons of the world, or they will have to call into question so much about their world and their worldview. A certain worldview, a certain world of privilege, simply cannot justify itself unless it vilifies its victims.

They're not defending Zimmerman... lets face it, in a slightly different fact pattern they'd hang him too. He's a Latino after all. A mostly white Latino, but still a Latino.

As I walked away from the meeting with family that gave me the shock I mentioned... I was followed by a police patrol car for a block, until I turned into a path between buildings. A car that kept pace with me as I walked on the sidewalk...

That is an experience I have had all too many times in 40 years of life... As a mixed person, I am not Hispanic, but my features are similar. I could, were I of a different mentality, be a Zimmerman... When you've got that look that I share with Zimmerman, you find that sometimes you are "one of them" and sometimes you are grouped with "the others" - depending on which labels makes "them" feel more comfortable with their perception of the world. You can even hear this in the language used to describe Zimmerman - he will often flip races in mid conversation, depending on which races better backs up the perception that both Trayvon was the thug, and that this wasn't about white entitlement.

But when I see Trayvon, and know that I'm a lot more like him.

This whole thing had nothing to do with acquitting Zimmerman, and everything to do with convicting Trayvon.

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