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     Seeing no Daily Bucket and itching to post more links I see in my online neighborhood of the NW tis.

  As usual, haha,  you don't need my permission to use this as an open thread related to natural sciences, stuff we see in our yards and elsewhere, and any political machinations we need to know about:

like this:

Washington State allows Oyster company to spray imidacloprid on Willapa Bay?!?!?!?>

That's the stuff that is blamed for killing's is labeled not to be used on water, but a Oyster company has appealed to use it to kill native shrimp that hurt the oyster farming ..a practice where they seem to lay the oysters on the bottom. Other operations such as the ones in Humboldt bay they now hang them in nets above the bottom avoiding some of the shrimp problems and the still to be seen with google earth eelgrass bed harms.
  And that is about all I know about oyster farming practices...

    They are going to spray this neurotoxin in Willapa Bay Washington in about 14 you have 13 to complain. To whom is maybe relevant...we'll read the article and see.

Today a follow up:

Chefs ‘horrified’ by plan to spray pesticide on oyster beds

Don't make the chefs mad....or me.

I hope I don't lay an egg....I have people for that. well, not people exactly but we raised her from an egg...

Any pictures might maybe actually work in Lightbox them, if they embiggenate for's in Lightbox mode.

more on over past the shrimpy thing..

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Thu Feb 05, 2015 at 05:54 AM PST

The Daily Bucket: What Bird is This!?

by KenBee

Birds are confusing!

What is it?

An old question of mine since I-can't-remember to probably until I-can't-remember anything.

(This may be a Daily Bucket diary, then again....opinions may vary dammit Jim!

In the Daily Bucket we post pictures, links, and jibber jabber about stuff we have seen in the natural world around us.

We get out and look all around™.

You should too.)

    In my wanderings with my new-old-so-it-was-a-deal camera I have been taking a lot! of pictures.
    I am quite addicted of it, especially the instant picture taking qualities of the dslr as different than the older slower point and shoot cameras. We have talked here about that for quite a spell. For me 400 pictures during a two hour wandering is the norm.

    Usually I get lots of pictures of the same 50 common bird species big enough for me to ID, mostly around the estuaries and beaches near in Santa Barbara county. Birders here have among the highest bird counts during the Christmas Bird Count(pdf) every year. The weather is crazy mild and birds and people all flock here. It's a crazy place.

    I see the same birds, sometimes the actual same bird and they are getting to know me and often don't immediately zing away.  I have a pet Willet that walks near me along the Breakwater, I stir up the flies and he gets them. I may be bringing the flies, maybe another diary for that. Or less dairy and less meat...whatever..:>
  There's a Say's Phoebe that lives in another 200' invisible territory box on the beach, sharing testily with a Black Phoebe.
   The harbor Osprey sits about 15' up on a pole indifferent to the walkers below, most of them oblivious of it....until he sprays out a stream of digested fish product. There was a picture locally in the media of me taking it's picture while tourists walked past us.

   There is a Snowy Egret and Black Backed Night Heron rookery near the harbor that produces babies that hang out and hunt together around the nearby beaches as well. We have rescued a couple of them when the babies got out of the trees and into harm's way.

   The harbor shelters migrating birds over the winter, about a dozen Western Grebes are down to about one. The winter Grebe mortality has been very sad, this year especially so. I saw four crawl out onto the boat launch at dusk on night..two were dead by morning. Another humped it's way up onto the sand at my feet and died there. Grebes are not meant to be on means they are very sick or starving.

    It's sad because they have flown so far to get here, exhausted and hungry, then local conditions either feed them...or not. They spend summers in BC, Alaska, and Washington etc and winter way down here 2000 miles south.
     Recently it appears there are a lot less baitfish in the harbor than there were in late fall.

So, living here and having spent so much time in and around the harbor, anything new is pretty noticeable. (I guess that was a long way to go to get to say that huh? No refunds, sry.)

Things do change, we now have about 100 Black Skimmers taking permanent refuge in the harbor sandspit and adjacent beaches, previously they were 150 miles to the south...that seems new in the last 20 years.
     There are likely less dramatic immigrations and lost wanderers we never notice, only the most persistent and experienced birders get to see them, then spend hours wrangling over the ID.
Migrations produce rare looks at birds passing thru, being alert and Out There helps one to see them.
I qualify.

If there is a rare bird, local and nearly local birders flock to see it, mobs ensue...for example, currently there is a huge mob chasing a single Common Scoter around the Crescent City harbor....(just south of Oregon border, as far north as California civilization can be found.)
   The Common Scoter is native to Greenland and so that is a Certified Big Birdy Deal....a first of everything bird record wise I think.

My little pictures often send me on literal wild goose chases..thinking that I/one sees a rarity because it doesn't fit the easy and common renderings or photographs can be pretty funny, driving otherwise saneish people to hyperbole and distraction.

I used to think only I did that..thinking I had found a rarity...but I have company in that. It's the mark of a beginning birder to find rarities I think...haha, and thanks for your regular Bucketeers know me well....too well.

So..when walking the beach lagoons after a high tide/surf event I saw all the usual suspects in their winter and transitional plumage...and then...


Is this a rare never seen here before Dusky Thrush?

100%18 votes

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Add this New York Times article to the list of must read articles about marijuana prohibition and legalization efforts.

New York Time:Blacks Are Singled Out for Marijuana Arrests, Federal Data Suggests

    The recent marijuana diary on the rec list was excellent, being about the Barron's article.

But the obvious fact in the issue getting ignored, big surprise .... are the numbers demonstrating the racism inherent in pot prohibition laws.

That fact is that marijuana prohibition was originally about racism, and still is about racism and police suppression.
    Originally it was about suppressing the black and Mexican and Puerto Rican immigrants. That it was or was not supported by Hearst for his paper profits instead of hemp industry competition is interesting, but not relevant to the racism. This study puts numbers to the racism built in.

The profits made by the private prison industry is also important, but are an aside to the racist underpinnings of this fact of daily life. Not an aside are the vast differences and inequalities and injustices often quoted here in prison populations.

That modern police forces have used marijuana possession laws to incarcerate many people, or to arrest, harass, and consume people's and taxpayer assets has been another obvious fact for a long time. That simple possession laws have been rolled back and /or unenforced, or  not further prosecuted is a start to sensibility in some areas..but arrests and legal defenses are an expense and a huge impact on people and families.

Many times it's a pot arrest made because the cop just 'knows' some person of color or economic class is guilty of something...and the pot is the convenient way to exert the police and society's power over them before they can enact their 'evil schemes'.

  I have seen with my own eyes pot arrests made to suppress gang activity, those gangs being mostly made up of members of color. A police goal seems to be to get these suspected gang members 'in the system' a tool to try and diminish some future behavior. They are id'd, but wait, now dna'd.

That these people are now arrested for simple possession, added charges for intent to sell, conspiracy etc can be added, often it seems to be a way to gain a plea bargain even if the possession or possession with intent to distribute etc is made up.....but at the end, whether dropped by the DA or not, the power has been exerted, often physically on the neck. These kids are now 'in the system' and that record follows them, or not...but the imprint of the boot does.

Like the cops have bragged about: 'you can beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride.'

Marijuana prohibition enforcements have long given them this tool of control, and oppression.

Now this study puts into numbers...probably not for the first time.

It's good to have this study written about by the New York Times, along with the Barron's article.

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Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 03:00 PM PST

Grand Canyon gifts

by KenBee

The Grand Canyon is such a massive experience and place, our puny werds just barely help imagine it.

Jbob's great Grand Canyon diary Part 1 and Part 2 is an excellent start, please do read those, especially part one  for pictures and much wider descriptions covering the almost exact same hike we took.
    JBobs pictures show exactly where she and I went, especially the South Kaibab trail and the Bright Angel trail....I am unashamedly pinching/linking to Jbob's diaries and his great pictures...yeah, I know, I know...

His diary triggered my memory of the time I spent there once..and the gift of that memory still brings me joy.
   It reminded me of when I was young and in love and all of that too....And thanks jbob for it...follow me over the cougar in the snow track to hear my little tale...

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Man o wowzer this girl haz da mad skilz, now she's a videographer and singer, with all that's going on she found time to do this, bless her little heart.


I give it three thumbs up! Well?

92%13 votes
7%1 votes

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 I have found a really good source of info from the live blog at the Guardian newspaper, it has a live blog going, it's not to be missed if you are following the crumbling Murdoch firewall of his media empire.
  Others and the live blog tell the story in great detail, I only want to get us pointed at this Guardian site, and share a bit about why..and yeah they are a competitor, but it's a huge story...

   The 168 year old newspaper News of the World is shutting down, a senior management person is being arrested, another to be arrested in a few days, there have been earlier arrests in the phone hacking scandal.
     Two junior police officers are definitely spotlighted, others have been named.

Scotland Yard has found many public figures have been hacked, even, big surprise, the Royals, but also political figures and media and sports stars.

 This is a really big deal in the UK, people are being sacked at the NoTW who were innocent employees, long time management personality Rebekah Brooks resigned twice, but the resignations were rejected. (Newsroom editors bitterly piped up they would gladly accept it ...)

    A huge drop in advertising is quoted as 'The' Cause, that and the sad and bad happenings and all and so forth.....son-of-Rupert James Murdoch gave his press release mea culpa and apologized as he made the announcement about the closing.

The details are streaming, there's a live blog at the Guardian that really details everything.

A big question for me under the general topic of Murdoch's US empire, is this:

  1. is this going to be found in the US as well

  2. is the shutting down of the NoTW a ploy to send the whole pile to the knackers giving them a legal and plausible way to bury and shred evidence?

An attorney in the UK thinks that may be the case.

Flippity flop...


fascinating with big implications?

37%9 votes
62%15 votes

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Sun Jun 05, 2011 at 07:08 AM PDT

Yet another police shooting

by KenBee

As I always think when I see a headline like that is:
"That could have been me."

I have looked into the little end twice, and that's the times I knew about.

We've read about the tragedies where somebody has been shot for all the wrong reasons, and been saddened and outraged about it.

So should I be taking the police's side in this?

  Should I point out how hard and stressful the job is, and point out all the times they could have done something wrong, but didn't and the right bad guy was arrested and/or not shot, or the out of harmony person raving and swinging garden tools at kids who was talked down without injury or the use of weapons, or the times a lone police officer, woman or man, confront and arrest  a criminal in the dark?

So yes the job is dam hard, going from bored donut eatin stupid to an instant later making life or death decisions.

  I don't know much worth telling, but I do know that nobody's perfect.

So there you are, working in your garage, thinking your treasured family pet is safe, when Blam! Blam! in your front yard...

So in this case, should I take the police's side, or.....

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Fri May 27, 2011 at 02:25 AM PDT

Mac users can get screwed too...

by KenBee

 Now maybe people will stop picking on us and we'll stop sneering....unlikely tho...

Mac users have a new problem :

A new version of rogue antivirus malware that targets the Macintosh operating system does not need victims to type in their administrator passwords to install and infect the machine, a security company said today.

Read more:

Great, just when I finally get another useless  wrecked mac working fast enough to use on dk4, now it can be farked up by some eedjit with a bad apple for a core.



malware developers get kicked with

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23%7 votes
76%23 votes

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In today's Washington Post, Zbigniew Brzezinski former National Security Advisor to President Carter, scholar, author, and 'foreign policy realist' has a don't miss Op-Ed:
A Partner For Dealing With Iran?
The Lessons of U.S.-China Cooperation on Pyongyang
By Zbigniew Brzezinski   Friday, November 30, 2007

       I've been seeing endless books for sale urging us to attack Iran by people like Ledeen and Swiftboat author Jerome Corsi, and watching Benjamin Netanyahu on that despicable Glen Beck's show with the same 'mushroom cloud' arguments we heard about Iraq (worthy of a diary itself).
      And then hearing the Dem candidates spinning their tough talk about Iran...I have been in despair about any rational discussion, decency, or wisdom on the subject. (Heh, except at dkos and other blogs of our ilk.)
   Thank you Mr. Brzezinski!

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I'm going to describe the recent drama unfolding in CA-24, which contains portions of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, north west of Los Angeles.

    Well, here's the play so far:

  1. Rep Elton Gallegly announced withdrawl from the race for CA-24, on Mar 10,2006, at the very last `minute' for filing candidacy papers.

  2. Brett Wagner, the Dem candidate from 2004,with 34% of the vote, withdrew from the race the day after being cleared and vindicated by the state party officials who were looking into `allegations' against him, this on Mar 3, 2006.

  3. Mary Pallant has emailed people that she is out, not filed,quit, as of Mar 12, 2006. See hekebolo's diary on it.

  4. Questions:
Who filed in time?
Are the two announced Democratic Party candidates filed and running?
What's the buzz?
Inquiring minds want to know!
    Read on for more facts, links, rumor, speculation and raw career ruining innuendo...
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Sun Mar 05, 2006 at 03:08 AM PST

CA-24 Race: Wagner Quits!

by KenBee

CA-24 candidate Brett Wagner dropped out of the race against Elton Gallegly in his own style and on his own terms announcing his new quest to recall a local county supervisor  because of this Republican rancher's less than wonderful environmental record.
      Wagner quit a day after it was announced that a series of complaints that were brought against him by some local dems were totally discredited. The effort to force him out of the race started last October. Scandal or wise politics, I don't know.           This all by the way of introduction, read all the way through to the end, thanks.


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Thu Mar 02, 2006 at 07:48 AM PST

Muslim cartoons + College Republicans!

by KenBee

    College Republicans! The concept kinda makes your teeth itch doesn't it?
    On KCAL 9 news on tues nite, feb 28, 2006 there was a report about the College Republicans hosting a 'panel discussion' on the Muslim cartoons and free speech.
      The breeding grounds of future Jack Abramoffs and Karl Roves, they are praticing their deadly sophistry in San Diego and ..guess what, they were protested by Muslims, and a big shouting match ensued.
      There are three articles in the San Diego Union here and here and here

      The hatefulness of it just makes me want to bite someone and chew vigorously.

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