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Having spent more than 18 years in the investment industry, I have come to understand the inner workings of a complicated system.  I have worked as a broker for a regional brokerage firm, and I've built a boutique investment advisory firm that manages more than $150 million for private clients and corporate retirement plans. I have come to understand the motivations of those who embrace our current economic scheme, and because of this, I can no longer remain silent: the prospect of a human future based on the premise of unlimited economic growth fueled by unlimited consumption is an impossibility that must be wholly rejected.

In simple terms, our free-market consumption-based system must be dismantled and replaced with a sustainable economic model based on asset preservation and environmental stewardship.  Find out why below the orange dust cloud...


If you believe that infinite economic growth can exist in a finite world, you are either...

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The non-partisan Mark Christopher Scheffler Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin recently conducted a non-scientific poll on the issue of sustainability in this year’s race for Wisconsin Governor. Respondents were asked five questions on sustainability, and produced some surprising poll results.  The surprise? Sustainability is an important issue, and independent non-partisan candidates are preferred over partisan candidates.  Full results and background offered below the wavy (and completely sustainable) page break...

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Three weekends ago, two local Appleton Wisconsin residents brought loaded, semi-automatic AR-15 rifles to our local farmer's market simply to prove that they had the constitutional right to do so.  This market is like so many others around the country,  open to the public, filled with families and children.  Local citizens did exactly what they were supposed to do: they called 911.  The police arrived, determined that the weapons were genuine, and briefly handcuffed the guys until they could determine their intentions.  Rational, right?

The police determined several minutes later that they could not detain the men as Wisconsin's state statutes allow for "open carry" of any handgun or rifle (including AR-15 assault style rifles), even within 1000 feet of a school.  This has ruffled many-a-feather in our quiet, safe, home-spun community.

Ironically, the City of Appleton has a municipal ordinance that prohibits live chickens from being kept within city limits (even at farmer's markets) as they are considered a health hazard by some.  So a group of residents from the neighborhood that borders the downtown area staged a "Chicken v. Assault Weapon" event to raise awareness of this ridiculous application of the law.  The fine for carrying a loaded AR-15 assault rifle carries a fine of $0; the fine for carrying a live chicken carries a fine of $263.50.  

Hilarity ensues below the nest:

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