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Fri Jul 06, 2012 at 11:44 AM PDT

Judas = Best person in the Bible

by Laffy

Jesus is always praised for his “sacrifice”, but, what really did he give up?  He went from this shit-hole earth to “heaven.”  Give me that deal any day of the fucking week.  “Sacrifice” my ass.  And, everyone praises him for it.  I “die” for 3 days when I get to spend FOREVER in Eternal Disneyland afterwards?  No problemo.

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One reason I love reading this place is the analysis of all the polls.

While the National polls have it pretty much an even race, you guys have showed me that in the swing states, it looks pretty good for Obama.

However, I just read on CNN that Mitt has an 8 point lead in the swing states.

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Wed May 30, 2012 at 11:22 AM PDT

Mitt wants to change the Constitution

by Laffy

I read today that Mitt said the following:  "I'd like to have a provision in the Constitution that in addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president, and the birth place of the president being set by the Constitution, I'd like it also to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business before he can get the job of president.'"

That's cute and everything, but I hope someone asks Mitt this:

"Considering that being Commander in Chief is one of the biggest jobs of being President, do you also think the Constitution should be changed to say a candidate must spend at least 4 years in the military so they better understand their needs and limitations?  Seeing as the biggest war-mongers never served, do you think that would stop them from being so care-free when it comes to sending our troops to fighting wars"?

Will anyone in the "liberal" media have the guts to ask him that?


I think Rush is a disgusting pig and the biggest hypocrite on earth.

And that's exactly why the Left should NOT try to get him off the air.

Instead, what the Left should do is bombard Righty politicians with questions like, "Are you outraged by his comment on (blank)."

Force them to denounce what he says in STRONG terms.  If they don't, women will be disgusted and vote for the Democrat.

And as long as people are asking Righties questions, I wish this one would get asked more often:  "You're always telling us that Republicans 'govern according to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.'  And yet, in instance after instance after instance, you vote exactly OPPOSITE of the 'will of the people.'  Why the blatant hypocrisy?  Why do you only care about the 'will of the people' when it fits your agenda?"

Democrats are stupid for not ramming that question down their throats every chance they get.


Thu Mar 01, 2012 at 08:24 AM PST

A special seat in hell for Breitbart

by Laffy

I will never understand how people say, "Stay classy" and "I offer my prayers to him" when scumbags like this die.

If you aren't classy while alive, and don't want people to call you dog feces after you croak......DON'T BE A PIECE OF CRAP WHILE ALIVE.

Pretty simple.

This is EXACTLY when we should call them out for being scum.

If people KNEW they'd be called out after they died, maybe they'd care more while they were alive.

As it is now, they all know, "I can be the biggest a-hole I want while I'm alive because I know after I die, they'll only say good things about me."

Screw that.

Andrew was EXACTLY what is WRONG with this country:  Telling COMPLETE LIES to DESTROY people for political gain.


Hope he's BURNING right now in a special seat in hell just for him.


Tue Jan 11, 2011 at 06:52 PM PST

Ain't karma great?

by Laffy

For almost 10 years, all we've heard from the Righties is painting every single Muslim as a terrorist because, in their feeble minds, the normal ones don't condemn the bad ones enough.

Forget the fact that they have.


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When he was crying on the radio today, he said that an attempt on Palin could "bring the Republic down."

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Thu Nov 04, 2010 at 09:49 PM PDT

Calling the Righties' bluff

by Laffy

Ever since the election has been over, all I've heard from the Righties is, "We are going to govern by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE."

I wish Dems would hold them to that and call their bluff.

Most of America wants us out of Afghanistan.  Democrats should stand up and say, "We agree with the Republicans when they say we should govern by the Will of the People.  Since The People wants us out of Afghanistan, we propose pulling troops right now."

And speaking of the military, most of America, including Republicans, think we should get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  So, we'd like to thank the Republicans for stopping their fight to keep gays from openly serving since that is what the Will of the People want.

Lastly, the majority of America wants Single Payer.  And since we all agree to govern by the Will of the People, we join hands with the Republicans as they stop calling it Socialism and provide health care for all.

Hopefully some day, Democrats will learn to beat Righties at their own game but, sadly, I'm not holding my breath.


Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 11:51 AM PDT

Here is what I wish Hillary would say

by Laffy

It will never happen, but a guy can dream.........

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Sun Jun 01, 2008 at 12:47 PM PDT

Hillary for the Supreme Court?

by Laffy

I've read that she isn't that fond of the Senate....and will like it even less if she isn't the nominee.


Hillary for the Supreme Court?

26%68 votes
73%187 votes

| 255 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri May 30, 2008 at 09:09 AM PDT

The preacher got it half right.

by Laffy

Hillary doesn't feel entitled to the Presidency "because she's white."  She feels entitled because she's HILLARY CLINTON.

The Clintons think it is OWED to them and HOW DARE ANYONE for standing in their way.

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Wed May 28, 2008 at 04:40 PM PDT

I'm boycotting Dunkin' Donuts

by Laffy

I know these Right Wing bigots are nutjobs, but this really takes the cake.

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