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Greetings from the Great State of North Carolina where on Saturday Hardworking, Committed, CAN-DO Obama Volunteers knocked on THOUSANDS of doors! We dropped lit reminding our Democratic voters that it was the last day to register and early vote. And they must have been listening. Early voting lines in NC remained long up to the last day...and it was breathtaking!

Can I say the folks in NC are doin' the damn thing for Mr. Obama! I joined the BADDEST group of Volunteers in Fuquay-Varina, led by the FANTASTIC and FEARLESS Field Director Cheryl E and the AWESOME Chrissy the Field Coordinator, - add Hanna the Vol Coordinator, and Bobbie the Data Coord, and George and all of the rest of the greatest, most committed folks I have ever seen! I call them CC & Company! They have welcomed me warmly and put me to work on behalf of our Prez! We knocked on 1001 of those 150K doors yesterday! We worked from 'sun to sun.' Anyone from the South knows what that means. That song..."Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now...We're on the Move" was really in play yesterday, has been in play in NC all year long. These folks give new meaning to ORGANIZING! It is incredible watching them and they have been doing this for a looooonnnnggggg time...that's why we're going to WIN THIS STATE and WIN THIS ELECTION!

Always wanted to say this...follow me below the squiggly lines..

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While I am no fan of the WaPo, this article Tough Times was "sweet" in the telling! Despite Bob Erlich's desperate attempts, the influx of those "shadow" donors, and the Rethug Gov Assoc money flooding our airwaves, along with this terrible, horrible, no good economy...Marylanders are NOT jumping ship and leaving Team O'Malley/Brown behind! We Get it!

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Sun Nov 02, 2008 at 05:30 AM PST

My Last Days for Obama

by LeoDaLion

I live in a Blue State - mostly - thanks to Montgomery, Prince Georges, pockets of Baltimore/Ann Arundel Counties, and Baltimore City. Yet we still managed to elect Bob Erhlich (R), as Govenor of Maryland in 02..sigh. I am VERY confident Obama will, as did Gore and Kerry, carry my state.  

In 2000 I hunkered down in PA and helped carry the State for Gore, only to...but wait, you know that story. In 04 I didn't volunteer, but donated dollars, and was disappointed again.

This time I decided to donate AND volunteer. This time I crossed into a "southern" battleground state, VIRGINIA!! Wow...and I am psyched!!!

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