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Up North in Canada I watched the debate last night with great interest and at one moment I saw something from Ryan that touched a nerve

Discussion of when the US should put troops on the ground.

RADDATZ: No humanitarian?

RYAN: Each situation will -- will come up with its own set of circumstances, but putting American troops on the ground? That's got to be within the national security interests of the American people.

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I'm a resident of Ottawa, Canada and today we are receiving a very special visitor today.  President Obama is coming to meet with our Prime Minister and I thought some of you would like to know the back ground of the meeting and how the city has prepared for his visit.

Here is a link to an article which discusses much of what I'm describing.


Ottawa Quiz!

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Andrew Sullivan has a quote from Clinton on O'Reilly last night.   It should be panned by all on the left:

"And you know what, rich people -- God bless us -- we deserve all the opportunities to make sure our country and our blessings continue for the next generation."

More below the fold

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Sat Mar 15, 2008 at 05:38 AM PDT

Good for Clinton

by Mikecan1978

When the chance was given the Lanny Davis a Clinton advisor to pile on with the whole pastor issue with Obama, Lanny said

Clinton adviser gives Obama a pass
There was no formal reaction from the Clinton campaign, but Lanny Davis, a senior adviser, said he took Obama at his word.

"I give Senator Obama completely — completely — the benefit of the doubt that he has nothing to do with this bigotry that’s being spewed forth by this man," Davis said on MSNBC’s "Tucker." "For me, that’s all he has to say.

"I think we should stop this guilt-by-association thing, because some of our supporters say stupid things," Davis said.

I finally like an angle the Clinton's are taking on something!

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Perhaps the feelings that motivate these people are the same as the feelings that draw me to this website.   Being a Canadian the importance of what happens in the US is very dear to me.  The cbc just did this new poll that suggests that many Canadians feel the same way.   Most of them would likely vote for a democrat!

In Canada we have a balance and it's far left of what you have in the states.  Currently the conservatives hold onto power but live in a minority situation.   So I can see why people would rather vote over in the US.  As for 2008

"What they're saying is that in the whole scheme of things, the race will have impact on the world and Canada," said Neuman, Environic's group vice-president, public affairs.


As a US citizen who would vote for

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Thu Jan 17, 2008 at 12:12 PM PST

Canada puts US on Torture list

by Mikecan1978

Canada has placed the USA on a list of coutries which may torture prisoners.  We have also classified some of the technigues you use as torture (water boarding)


"Under "definition of torture" the document lists U.S. interrogation techniques such as forced nudity, isolation, sleep deprivation and blindfolding prisoners."

In another Canada/US relations issue, Gates your defence Sec has just put his big foot in his bigger Mouth see below

More on Both below

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In Canada it isn't Thanksgiving, so I have been watching the news closly as it comes in, in Bagdad today there is little reason to give thanks.

In a series of bombs over 132 people have been killed and 200 people have been hurt some seriously.  This occured in Sadr city and was targeting SHia Muslam's.

Over all this can't be good for any slim hopes that exist for peace to come to Iraq.

In the first explosion at about 1500 local time, a car exploded in the Jamila food market, where eyewitnesses told reporters burned bodies and human flesh littered the ground.
More after the flip.

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I always like when a trusted independant group says something that helps are side.   I'm hoping that this will gets lots of media play like this.

Basically: has found that Negative ads dominate the political scope this year by a rate of ten to 1.  However, republicans are the biggest offenders.

More below the fold

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This is a short diary but something is happening in Thailand.  Tanks are in the streets of Bangkok and blocking off the central Bank.  The Prime Minister is in Trouble (also he controls the largest media group in Thailand).

Lots of stuff to follow as updates but here is the first reuters article below the fold.

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I'm looking over the latest numbers and news from the Lieberman-Lamont race in CT and something struck me.   The GOP candidate is polling at 4%.   Are you kidding me that is near the margin of error for the poll,  Lieberman the republicans choice.

Joe enjoys 75% support among republicans and is sounding very much like a republican by acting like Dick Cheney the man of 19% approval ratings.

I say Lamont should do the following to help his election efforts, this is a frame I think might work and I want your feedback.  

Frame below the fold.


How does this Frame sound?

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Tue Aug 08, 2006 at 01:39 PM PDT

MSNBC Needs to issue a correction

by Mikecan1978

Short diary for some new info.

MSNBC has made a mistake on their Lieberman hacking story it's obvious and should be corrected.

"The site was designed by Geary Interactive, based in Las Vegas, Steinfels said. Efforts to reach company president Dan Geary weren't immediately successful."

Well it looks like Geary Interactive doesn't think much of joe's site or the MSNBC story.

"Please note that Geary Interactive has had no involvment with the official website for Senator Joseph Lieberman, We have never contracted or provided services for the creation, or hosting of this website. For more information, please contact Jean Walcher at J Walcher Communications at or Andreas Roell, Geary Interactive's president and CEO, at "

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Harper is planning on flying to Cyprus and going to bring back 120 stranded Canadians from Lebanon.

Great, Wonderful, good timing.......I just wonder if he'll be wearing a flight suit during his little tour.  Think of the hugs and thanks he'll get from the family's when he returms, when he picks them up etc ......think of the PHOTO's

Never mind that his time might be better spent trying to figure out how to help the other 49 880 Canadians that are stuck in Lebanon...but then again they don't offer such good photo's.

Here's some quotes

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