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Now it remains to be seen if this "mistake" is abused.

As reported by The Daily Caller (and no doubt every other news outlet by now):

There’s no actual debt ceiling right now.

The fiscal deal passed by Congress on Wednesday evening to re-open the government and get around the $16.4 trillion limit on borrowing doesn’t actually increase the debt limit. It just temporarily suspends enforcement of it.

That means Americans have no idea how much debt their government is going to rack up between now and Feb. 7, when the limits are supposed to go back into place and will have to be raised.

There is no dollar amount set for how much debt the government can accumulate between now and then. The suspension strategy was employed first earlier this year during previous fiscal battles in Congress.


Will this "mistake" ultimately be abused?

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23%19 votes
35%28 votes
20%16 votes

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Who knew?  As it turns out, Trayvon Martin had a stepmother, Alicia Stanley, a woman with whom he apparently lived from the age of three and was raised by her along with her daughters.  No, this is not the lady to whom father Tracy Martin is now engaged (Brandy Green), to whose home Trayvon was returning the night of the incident.

Alicia Stanley's interview on CNN by Anderson Cooper follows below.  In it, she says she is doing the interview to "let people know that I exist, that I'm the one who raised him."


Was Alicia Stanley's exclusion from media coverage about Trayvon Martin a dereliction of journalistic duty?

73%307 votes
11%49 votes
15%63 votes

| 419 votes | Vote | Results

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Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

Developing: Nuclear Cover-Up? Extreme Radiation Levels Prompt EPA Censorship, DHS Hazmat Team

Breaking: Major Nuclear Base Running ‘Containment Exercise’ Amid Censored Radiation Spikes

[Update below the fleur de Kos.]



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46%26 votes
26%15 votes

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Cross-posted at Right Trumps Might.

In a stunning new development, whistle-blowing attorney Richard I. Fine was released from Men's Central Jail late last evening (Sept. 17th) by L.A. Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe, whom Fine had forced to admit had perpetuated fraud on the court for jailing Fine on the basis of what turned out to be a non-existent court order.

More over the jump.

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California Chief Justice Ronald M. George announced his retirement today.

Although he lied about the reason for his departure, we'll take it.  The coming indictment will spell things out soon enough.

Kudos to Full Disclosure Network and the "Free Richard Fine" team for their UNRELENTING investigating and reporting, without which California would still be under the thumb of this crook.  The LA Times ought to be ASHAMED of itself for refusing to report the sordid details of this story.

Long-Con Ron is GONE!!  Huzzah!!!!!

More on page 2.

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