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Very moving piece by Laura Clawson about Maria Fernandez, the unfortunate soul that passed in a car in between 3 inadequate part-time jobs..Here's the REAL TRAGEDY and FACTS that KOS leaves out because they are afraid of backing a real progressive like me and afraid of poking the tender underbelly of a Democratic Party that has gone awry.
The B.S. type of 'we'll push for increasing minimum wage over two years' Bill in Congress pushed by Democrats and nothing better by republicans is why we are where we are. The Maria Fernandez's needed $10.10 and hour NOW..not in a year..and major incentives for employers to pay living wages at skilled jobs for alternative energy industrial jobs, ranging from office to labor positions. It IS a crisis, and Democrats pander with unpassable Bills, and republicans just throw darts at Dems and do little constructive work while people like Maria pass on. It's NOT JUST Republicans that are dysfunctional and bought off by Lobby money. We need Bernie Sanders as President and Elizabeth Warren as V.P. PERIOD. We need to vote out corporate Dems and Repubs and I'm sorry if it's self-serving, vote people like me in and get the job done on energy, student loans, economy, a sane military policy (I'm a non-combat vet), and better conditions for special needs kids and adults. You can throw barbs at me but I feel I am on the right side of the issues. Any liberal will fight for social issues..that is the 'wag the dog' way of looking good. We need to fight Commercial Bank and corporate based economies like I, Sanders and Warren will PERIOD. Stay tuned for my book.


Wed Sep 10, 2014 at 02:49 PM PDT

Kos endorsed Hu not Teachout

by NorenforSenate

I did not agree with that and that obviously got my last Diary deleted. Chris Bowers never responded to me when I questioned them on this. They went for the sure thing with Cuomo..they just never actually came out and said that. It was by omission; they just didn't endorse her. Not helpful.


Wed Aug 27, 2014 at 02:50 PM PDT

Shooting range Instructor

by NorenforSenate

Tragic that someone would hand an Uzi to a 9 year old and actually think that was the right thing to do...and the range is 'standing by it'...insane...


Though I did not have anywhere near the infrastructure to get ballot signatures as Zephyr Teachout did for a Statewide race, I commend her for challenging the status quo in the upcoming Democratic gubernatorial primary. I encourage people to vote for her, not as a protest vote, but as a legitimate option to our Governor.

There are many issues, but let me describe the status of the three current Statewide office holders on Fracking. In 2012, during the time I tried to run against Senator Gillibrand, I reported in Daily Kos the donations she received from THE WORST POLLUTERS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to her campaign. Here is the link:  By no means can you legitimize these donations if you are truly against more nukes, more fracking, etc. She is for fracking 'if it's done safely'. Right.

Senator Schumer, who I would like to unseat in the next election cycle, has been quoted as follows: "Well, I haven't stepped on the governor's issue on this one. He's being very, very careful because there are environmental concerns," Schumer said. "But overall, the Democrats throughout the country have supported fracking. The president has, most of us have, and it's worked quite well." So, he is out of the closet on supporting Fracking.

Lastly, in Huf Post online, Gabe Elsner, Executive Director, Energy and Policy Institute, reported natural gas industry contributions to State Officials. In 2010, "Governor Cuomo received $153,816.06 from companies ranging from Constellation Energy to Consolidated Edison while running for governor in 2010".  The bottom line is that on a Statewide basis, Zephyr Teachout and myself have unequivocally stood for a ban on fracking. I support it as a national ban like France has done.

Zephyr has a great platform on other issues and we'll see how she fares in any debate if the Governor shows up. I support her based on her anti-fracking platform, as well as numerous other issues that she seems to be very progressive on. The only other progressive in this race is Howie Hawkins on the Green party ticket, but that will be in the General Election. Make sure you vote! Sincerely, Dr. Scott Noren of Ithaca, NY.


Tue Aug 12, 2014 at 02:52 PM PDT

Radio Show Trash Talk!

by NorenforSenate

Whether you agree with a radio talk show host or not, or a t.v. talk show host for that matter, there seem to be some rules of language most people adhere to. There have been calls for people like Rush to resign and he was boycotted after calling the law student a prostitute for trying to get birth control pills paid for by insurance.

Randi Rhodes was fired after she called Hillary Clinton a bitch, and she wasn't even on air at the time she said this. I can't stand Hillary Clinton because she is a fake, corporate Democrat who took massive Lobby money from Wall Street like Gillibrand, Schumer and even President Obama. I like people such as Bernie Sanders and somewhat Elizabeth Warren but I don't go around calling Ms. Clinton a bitch..for sure not in public.

But here is where I really feel you have to draw a line.
Mike Malloy, progressive radio talk show host, filled in for Laura Marshall's Show last night on 8/11/2014. He first discussed why Hamas isn't using human shields in his opinion. Ok..I can disagree with him on that. Then, he called Congressman Steve King of Iowa, a whore and that Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netyanyahu was his pimp.

 This is detestable, and as a progressive myself, very offensive. I am a staunch progressive myself, but this is out of line and worse than many other comments that have been censored and reprimanded by both progressives and conservatives. I think he should be removed from the network and affiliates should pull their sponsorship of him. I have a petition going with if you want to sign. I can get bashed for whatever anti-Israel statements you're going to make..I still think these comments were detestable.


Lots of bean counters spoke here. Bottom line is that many patients in the US have poorer outcomes than in other countries because they just don't have healthy lifestyles. BTW, my goal here is just to spit out little factoids, not write some profound, grammatically perfect diary. As a health care provider, I feel that outcome ratings of doctors can be extremely inaccurate and I'lll give you an example. A patient is admitted for same day surgery for a laparoscopic procedure and goes home uneventfully. He is re-admitted 5 days later with a wound dehiscence. The doctor is dinged for a re-admission even though the patient was a diabetic, poorly controlled due to bad dietary habits, and smokes a pack and half a day.
The above does not represent accurate data collection on the effectiveness of health care providers. There are many more such scenarios that are very analogous.
Lastly, the panel members on this CSPAA edition are often massively overpaid bureaucrats getting insane salaries, like the 9-10 million per year that BCBS guys like Andrew Dreyfus make. In the context of saving health care dollars, it's ludicrous. I don't buy the justifications for present and past salaries of health care insurers CEO's.
So...a major goal for better health care would be people taking better responsibility for their health, higher minimum wage and paid sick hours so they can do this and afford to go to medical appointments, and a huge reduction in premiums for small businesses, unlike the crappy, massively high deductible, massive prescription copay policies that exist currently even with the ACA. Aside from more access to Medicaid, the premiums for small business owners have NOT gotten better.. We have our work cut out to get more affordable health care and reduce waste.


I am an infrequent progressive talk radio I've mentioned before, I think that some shows are more open than others to callers with dissenting opinions. The stand in tonight for the show I was listening to took a call from a lady that felt that the government  just shouldn't tell her what to do. The host told her about blacks in the South that we're barred from restaurants. The caller was unphased and she said again that the gov shouldn't interfere. The host then said that she could feel free to reverse her opinion because as he explained, these same blacks had to sleep in their cars on trips at times because they were barred from many hotels in the South in wide geographic areas until the laws were changed. The caller still maintained her stance, The host then gave a scenario of a dry cleaner who did very good work, but asked the caller if she would still go to this cleaner if she found out he was a Nazi sympathizer and the head of the local KKK. She said she would still use the cleaners if they did a good job. By this time, the host was very polite but somewhat flustered. He then posed the caller with the following scenario. He said the cleaner still did great dry cleaning, but one day it he cleaner smacked his 14 year old daughter in the mouth, making her bleed, smacking her into the wall. He asked her that if she witnessed this, would she still use the dry cleaning service. Her response was, 'well, you might think I'm a bad person but, I would use the cleaners long as they did a good job'. As long as he didn't spit on me or anything like that.

So there you have it folks. This is an example of the mentality of some folks. I've seen it here when people attack me for standing for the right thing, opposing Wall Street backed Democrats, and for being vehemently against corporate over influence in DC. Easy to attack I guess, and harder to really decide to out bought off incumbents and vote in Independent Democrats like myself. Reminds me of my trached patients in the VA who go outside for smoke through their trach. Totally irrational.


These three have progressive shows as you know. However, they are also not quite as Democratic as you think. Because it's a holiday today, they are broadcasting 'best of' shows.
As some might know here, I tried to get on the ballot for US give you an idea of a few things I stood and stand for, you' ll see I'm quite a bit more aggressive on relevant issues that affect real people's pocketbooks and the economy:
1) We should be paying for the first year of Junior College for all US citizens
2) All student loans public and private should be capped at 3% interest rate
3) Interest should not be charged during deferments and forbearances and the grace period after graduation in hardship/unemployment should be extended.
4) I am for a Federal Ban on Fracking
5) I am for manufacturing cars here in the US like Tata Motors air compression engine car, creating jobs and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
All said, why in heavens name do the three hosts insist on an absolute bar on my calling into their show and being part of a Democratic discussion. If I call their shows, they refuse, 100%, to let me on the air. Part of the answer is because I opposed a Wall Street backed, major polluter backed, fake Democrat, Kirsten Gillibrand. If you don't believe the lobby money influence on her and Schumer then you just haven't read what I have on, FEC filings, etc. I have also posted here "The Real Donations to Gillibrand" on her fracking, gas, oil, nuclear lobby money. And if you think Schumer is a saintly Democrat, then you didn't watch PBS Independent Lens, "Money, Power and the American Dream" where it shows how he sold out us progressives for Wall Street.
So the bottom line is, progressive talk radio is down to 6 controlling companies just like Randi Rhodes said...but she is part of the whole G-d complex deciding just who gets to call in and who doesn't when it goes against the Democratic Party even when someone is civil, professional and more liberal in general than the Party pick.

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Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 10:50 PM PST

Eisenhower..still relevant

by NorenforSenate

"So that here we have, really, the compound, the overall philosophy of Lincoln: in all those things that deal with people, be liberal,be human. In all those things that deal with the people's money or their economy, or their form of government, be conservative- and don't be afraid to use the word.
And so today, Republicans come forward with programs in which there are such words as "balanced budgets," and "cutting expenditures," and all the kind of thing that means this economy must be conservative, it must be solvent.
But they also come forward and say we are concerned with every American's health, with a decent house for him, we are concerned that he will have a chance for health, and his children for education. We are going to see that he has power available to him. We are going to see that everything takes place that will enrich his life and let him as an individual, hard-working American citizen, have full opportunity to do for his children and his family what any decent American should want to do."
President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1954
So you need to be decent, hard-working and there should be a balance between fiscal prudence and not just looking out for Wall Street like so many do on BOTH sides of the aisle. For you nay-sayers, I am still about Occupying Congress with real Democrats, not fake ones. Throw your barbs..they don't stick.
Scott Noren DDS
Ithaca, NY
no Fracking, only green here


Mon Oct 15, 2012 at 09:45 PM PDT

The Alternatives for the 99%

by NorenforSenate

There are US Senate seats up in many states. NY has three main people on the ballot but only two are actually tracked in the media. Me? I was hardly covered because I am a Democrat running as an Independent, and didn't get the signatures needed for ballot status. The third party candidate, Colia Clarke running with the Green Party won't be included in the debate either Wednesday in Saratoga Springs.
So what are your alternatives? Wendy Long is the Republican and surely represents the 1% very well. But don't jump to conclusions. As I've posted here, you can see the PAC money influence from gas, oil and nuclear polluters to Gillibrand ( The Real Donations to Gillibrand), prove her support of 'safe fracking' comes from these lobby money influences. Voting against her own Democratic Senator Herb Kohl's bill to reduce Rx drug costs shows her big Pharma money influences. She voted against labeling GMO's which really ticks off people who are not Monsanto fans for potentially harming the public.
So the alternatives are poor.
My platform includes major student loan reform proposals I've written, banning fracking federally, creating green energy jobs via manufacturing residential and commercial heating and cooling products, electric and even air driven vehicles, etc. I also would try to serve veterans, of which I am as well as lowering health care costs by getting the insurance industry further away from controlling medical care decisions and policy.
Attack by some is expected, but for those of you, like me, that will fight against compressor stations from being built in small towns like Minisink NY, or capping student loan interest at 3% public and private, then write me in November 6th in NY as your next US Senator....a real progressive, not a fake one.


Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 09:07 AM PDT

Wag the dog

by NorenforSenate

We have all seen wag the dog before. Aren't you as open minded liberals getting tired of it? Some here attack me for trying to challenge Senator Gillibrand. Let me lay this out. I'm not doing this because I want to hurt the party; this party needs to change. The folks who are bought and paid for are on both sides now. People absorb the two minute sound bites on Fox, MSNBC, or wherever they look for political talk. I'm concerned that about the following:
That the Presidential debates will only be a replay of talking points.
I am actually happy that the alleged Ryan comment about Romney is starting to get press, because if true, then he really IS a Gilligan.
Ok..I know I'll get attacked here now..and just to preface, many Upstate New Yorkers will hear commercials from me, at my own expense on Time Warner about these few issues.
If you are truly a progressive, then why in heavens name would you support Gillibrand for the following and even much more sellout facts. Folks, these are facts, not subjective garbagio.
Senator Herb Kohl proposed a bill that would end a practice by trade name drug companies. They pay off generic drug companies legally, to extend the trade name drug, which is an enormous economic burden on some people's monthly budgets. Senator Kohl was doing the right thing. Real world example is an asthma med of mine that went from like $180 to $27. So what did Senator Gillibrand do? She voted against it...a bill by a liberal fellow Senator. Case 2. GMOs...anyone here care that we have some serious health concerns on corn GMOs and other foods right now? There was an amendment by Bernie Sanders to LABEL GMOs...not even ban, but just label them so you as a consumer can make your own choices. So what did Senator Gillibrand do along with other ag funded members do? She voted against the labeling of GMOs.
Finally, Senator Gillibrand supports safe fracking which for those of us that are for a federal ban, and, the fact that she took fracking company PAC money and lots of other gas and oil money does not ring the progressive bell that is needed to make for a truly progressive and liberal Congress and country. For anyone to attack me here is to attack the inherent concept of liberalism minus corporate influence. Period.


Wed Sep 05, 2012 at 09:01 PM PDT


by NorenforSenate

3 points not talked about on the Dem platform and obviously not on the Republican platform in their convention....
1) Michelle Obama mentioned that the President helped students by keeping the interest rate lower...fact check..that was the Stafford Loan only, it's for one year only, and does nothing about other loans including Direct loans that are at high interest rates and nothing about compounding interest during forbearance and deferment. We need to cap ALL student loans at 3% and think about means testing also.

2) The huge amount of money overspent by individuals on Trade name drugs driven by the Pharma Lobby on both parties crushes personal monthly budgets. There is a bill that addresses this, by Senator Herb Kohl S369. There are only 9 cosponsors, neither NY US Senator has cosponsored the bill which would end the delay payoffs by these drug companies to the generic drug companies.

3) A jobs bill, like the one I proposed in my web site below, would provide capital in adequate amounts, to newly vetted companies or already vetted companies, from the Treasury, not Wall Street and is contingent on providing living wage domestic only jobs.

These items above would put money in consumers pockets and drive GDP growth way past the sluggish current rates. It would be combined with increases in taxes on dividend income above $250,000 per year and meaningful military cuts for additional revenue and debt reduction. It would balance leveraging with deleveraging.
Scott Noren DDS

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