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Mon Mar 01, 2010 at 06:04 PM PST

Today, I became a Democrat.

by Novem

 Sometime after 8:40 this morning I walked into Town Hall and registered for the first time to vote.  Today, I turned 18.  On the registration form, I was given the opportunity to check off a box for Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, or No Party.  After a moment's excited hesitation, I checkmarked Democratic.

This was not a decision I made overnight.  This was a decision I took time to arrive at.

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I am not stating anything new to anyone when I say that the murder of Dr. George Tiller on Sunday produced a profound reaction on Daily Kos and throughout the liberal community in general.  I am not making a bold claim when I say that, just as after every school shooting and every tragedy, saddened and angry people ask themselves and each other "why?", and "how did this happen?".  Just as after so many other acts of terrorism, murder, and violence, many answers are making themselves heard.   Just as after so many other tragedies, some of the explanations are insightful, while others are fallacious at best and destructive at worse.  Hearing and seeing the fights over these inspired some thoughts about the nature of the American public and our innately conservative desire to place blame anywhere but where it belongs:  on ourselves.

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