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Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, center and wife Cathy, left, check in to vote, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Hartford, Conn.  Malloy is facing Republican candidate Tom Foley in today's election. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)
Hopefully this will be resolved:

The state Democratic Party is going to court to try and extend voting hours in Hartford after the city failed to have voter registration lists ready when the polls opened.

It is the second straight time, an election-day problem involving Connecticut's gubernatorial race is ending up in court.

Voters who showed up at all 26 polling places in Hartford were met with delays because the poll workers didn't have voter registration lists to check off names. At the Hartford Seminary, Secretary of the State Denise W. Merrill voted by affidavit, while Gov. Dannel Malloy delayed his trip to the polls more than a half hour before copies of voter lists arrived.

"Because of delays and other problems at Hartford polling locations, we are filing a complaint in Hartford Superior Court asking that voting hours be extended to accommodate voters who were unable to vote or were discouraged from voting this morning," said Mark Bergman, Malloy's campaign spokesman.

The Democrats are expected to file a motion in Hartford Superior Court to extend the hours in Hartford. Bergman did not say how long the party would seek to keep the polls open. The Judicial Department has judges on call to handle any possible election issues. - The Hartford Courant, 11/4/14

If you still need to find your polling place, please click here:

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There are multiple press reports of eligible voters turned away from voting at their proper polling places during voting hours in Hartford, CT today.

According to CBS,

"The office of the Secretary of the State says it appears the City of Hartford  did not distribute voting lists to the polling places...

...At some polls, poll workers were letting voters vote by affidavit, after showing an ID. At others, voters were turned away because they could not be checked off...

There’s a possibility of an emergency court case, seeking to extend hours."

NBC adds,

"Hartford voters reported a slew of problems at the four polling locations... One of the four polling places to encouter problems was the senior center on Maple Avenue."

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I just enjoy seeing gun nuts in panic mode:

Scott Wilson was clear.

The head of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, standing on the steps of the state Capitol Monday, reiterated two things: Republican Tom Foley is the best candidate to protect the rights of gun owners and petitioning candidate Joe Visconti will only help Gov. Dannel P. Malloy get re-elected.

The gun rights organization grew to 15,000 members after Connecticut passed tough legislation in 2013 in response to the killing of 20 first-graders and six educators in Newtown by a lone shooter with an AR-15 assault rifle.

“On Nov. 4, we will show up at the polls and we will vote to protect those rights,” Wilson said with several dozen supporters standing behind him.

Among them was Timothy Knight, who led the recall election in Colorado against two state senators who voted for a gun law in that state, which has experienced several mass shootings.

Sean Maloney, an attorney and 2nd Amendment activist and leader of the Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio, was also there at Wilson’s invitation.

The state’s law doubled the number of banned assault firearms and added high capacity magazines, while expanding the need for permits. Owners of those weapons, as well as magazines with more than 10 bullets, got to keep them, but they had to be registered. - The Middletown Press, 10/27/14

What's funny is Foley doesn't want to talk about guns and Malloy has been using Visconti against him:

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took advantage of petitioning candidate Joe Visconti's first appearance at a gubernatorial debate Thursday to criticize Republican Tom Foley's nuanced position on Connecticut's gun control legislation, praising Visconti for his outspoken opposition to the law.

"At least he tells you what he thinks and what he wants to do," Malloy said of Visconti, who said he would push to repeal provisions in the law that ban large-capacity ammunition magazines and expand the state's ban on assault weapons. Malloy then accused Foley of "whispering" to gun rights activists that he would sign legislation repealing the gun control law if such a bill reached his desk.

"I was insinuating that somebody wants to have it both ways. Joe doesn't. He's pretty clear on what he would do," the Democratic incumbent said after the debate, adding how Foley "couldn't bring himself to talk about that" during the hour-long debate at the Garde Arts Center in New London.

Foley reiterated Thursday that he believes the gun control legislation passed in the wake of the mass school shooting in Newtown hasn't made Connecticut safer, didn't focus enough on improving available mental health services and took away the rights of many law-abiding citizens. With numerous gun rights advocates in the crowd of about 1,500 people, Foley accused Malloy of going "willy-nilly in the direction he wanted to go" with the gun control legislation but did not say anything like Visconti about which specific parts of the law he opposed. - Kansas City Star, 10/17/14

And Visconti has been campaigning in Foley's territory:

Earlier this month a former Visconti supporter, who now supports Foley, filed a complaint with the State Election Enforcement Commission, alleging that Visconti improperly used a donation of $1,000. Visconti dismissed the claim as completely erroneous and says he has the paperwork to back that up. On Friday, a Republican party insider grabbed shirtless selfies from Visconti’s Facebook page and, asserting the pictures were reminiscent of disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, sent them out to more than a dozen media outlets. There is also a Facebook group dedicated to digging up information to embarrass Visconti, as well as providing a forum for his critics to gripe.

Visconti, a 57-year-old former actor, says it is all part of a coordinated campaign to push him to drop his long-shot bid and instead endorse Tom Foley, the Republican nominee. Foley and Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy were essentially tied in last week's Quinnipiac University poll; Visconti, who drew 9 percent in the survey, could tip the balance in what is likely to be an extremely close election.

So what does Visconti do in the face of mounting pressure? He is spending the weekend campaigning in the heart of Foley country, meeting voters in Fairfield and Westport on Saturday, with plans to swoop into Greenwich, Foley's hometown, on Sunday.

“The Tom Foley surrogate team and members of the Connecticut GOP are trying any underhanded tactic they can to get me out of the race,'' Visconti said. He says has no intention of stepping aside.

Several of Visconti's most impassioned critics are gun rights activists who were once his allies. While they have been attacking his credibility and his conservative credentials for weeks, the tenor of their critique has grown sharper since Visconti appeared in an hourlong televised debate with Malloy on Thursday. With no money for TV ads and only a few political novices helping him on the campaign, the debate gave Visconti a powerful forum to deliver his message. - Hartford Courant, 10/25/14

But it may not be guns that brings Foley down:

The jobs picture for Connecticut looked grim as of this past Monday morning, with just 5,600 new positions added by employers over the previous 12 months.

Tom Foley wanted you to know how bad a year we were having in his effort to bash, and unseat, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The picture changed dramatically by noon Monday. Connecticut, we learned, had added a heady 26,000 jobs over the previous 12 months, when we update the view to include September. If the numbers are true, it's our best year in well over a decade — and Malloy is working hard to get the word out.

Obviously, the state's economy didn't morph from horrible to great with one release of new data. What did happen with the numbers on Monday goes a long way toward explaining the prosperity of Connecticut families and businesses, far and away the biggest issue in the election for governor.

The short answer to the big question — how are we doing? — is that there is no clear answer. Better than we were when Malloy took office, certainly. Better than Foley says, absolutely. Not as well as it might seem if we only listen to Malloy, arguably.

But for lots of reasons, there's a nagging malaise, a sense among voters that we're not doing well at all. At least until recently, that malaise has hurt Malloy, the Democrat seeking a second term.

The irony is that for wealthy people who support Foley because they think, correctly or not, that he will lower their taxes, their man's dour view of the economy is most likely wrong; they're doing just fine. And for many of the working families that support Malloy because they favor a stronger government hand to ensure their well-being, the economy is something of a disappointment. - Hartford Courant, 10/26/14

Now Malloy has been scoring a lot of newspaper endorsements, but this one's pretty big:

One of the tightest races for governor in the country this year is the rematch in Connecticut between Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger, Thomas Foley. Mr. Malloy deserves re-election as a hard-working and effective governor.

In the past four years, he and state legislators raised the minimum wage and expanded sick leave for thousands of workers. He got a sensible gun control law passed after the school massacre at Newtown. He ended the death penalty in Connecticut. He increased state financing for low-performing schools. And he has stabilized the state budget.

Connecticut’s recovery from the recession is still not robust enough. If Mr. Malloy is re-elected, an economic revival will still be the main item on his agenda, while keeping the state’s budget sound. It is a hard balancing act, but Mr. Malloy has proved that he is the one to do it. - New York Times, 10/27/14

Click here to donate and get involved with Malloy's camoaign:
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Where's Foley?
Republican nominee Tom Foley backed out of a debate with Democratic candidate Governor Dan Malloy and unaffiliated candidate Joe Visconti.  As a result, the debate started out with an empty third chair (later removed) and an explanation from the debate moderator Gerry Brooks.
"That brings us to the elephant who is not in the room," Brooks said at the beginning of the forum. "Republican Tom Foley has elected not to take part in tonight's discussion of the issues. We have been in constant touch with Mr. Foley's camp in the weeks leading up to the event; they have never articulated a particular objection to tonight's format."
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Tom Foley press conference near Fusion Paperboard Company.
If you are voting in Connecticut this fall, you need to watch this video. If you know someone voting in Connecticut this fall, you need to watch AND share this video.

The CT Mirror sets the stage:

Near the gate of a doomed paper mill, Republican Tom Foley alighted from the back seat of a blue BMW sedan Tuesday to assail the economic policies of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, only to find himself in a raucous street debate with the local first selectwoman and soon-to-be jobless workers.

Foley, a candidate for governor, came to fault Malloy for the recently announced plans by a global investment firm to close Fusion Paperboard, costing 140 jobs in this struggling mill town. By the time he left, Foley had defended the decision of the absentee owners and told the selectwoman and workers they shared blame for the mill’s demise.

“You want to blame people who are hundreds or thousands of miles away, malign management,” Foley told the workers and First Selectwoman Cathy Osten, a Democratic state senator and Malloy supporter. “Listen, you have failed, because you have lost these jobs.”

Please read below the fold for more on this story and to see the clip.
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Sat May 10, 2014 at 06:30 AM PDT

Newtown Truthers strike again

by DisNoir36

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This is utterly contemptible and despicable.

Thief claiming Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax steals playground sign

Someone stole the "centerpiece" of the playground built in honor of a Sandy Hook victim, then called the grieving family to taunt them.

A sign at the entrance of a new playground for Sandy Hook victim Grace McDonnell was stolen in Mystic Tuesday.

After the sign was taken, police said someone called the McDonnell family and claimed to have taken the sign because the Newtown shooting was a hoax.

Newtown truthers are those idiots running around who think the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.  It's been fueled by web sites like Infowars online claiming it was a conspiracy and certain idiots like Alex Jones, some professor at FSU and various politicians like Martha Dean who WAS running for governor in CT up until yesterday.  

The sign was set up by an organization that builds playgrounds across the country to honor the victims of the shooting.  In this case it was for Sandy Hook victim Grace McConnell and the sign was one she herself drew while she was alive.  It was a peace sign.  It's the second such incident and comes just days after vandals painted graffiti at a playground in Hartford dedicated to Newtown victim Anna Grace Marquez-Greene.  But this one went a step or two thousand beyond indecency because the asshole who stole it called the parents and taunted them claiming that the shooting was a hoax.  Seems some gun nut truther is running around defacing these memorials to the children who died in Sandy Hook.  There are 26 planned around communities throughout the area in honor of the people who died and they'll all be personalized with art and things from the victims.  What these nuts don't realize is that the the communities as a whole and CT in general really doesn't take this lightly.  They're a very tiny minority in CT and the more they do these types of despicable acts the more vehement opposition will be to them.  If you watch the clip at the link above you'll see even the news guy was put off by this incident.

I don't even have words for these people.  That's how much contempt I have for them.  Anyone who claims to know the 'real truth' of Sandy Hook is someone who should be ridiculed and scolded as far as I'm concerned.  To do this to a beautiful memorial set up in honor of a 6 year old whose life was cut short is beyond words.  This scumsucker needs to be taken down hard and used as a example to other would be truther nuts that THIS CRAP WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! There aren't many of these nuts in CT, but enough of them to make noise, stir shit and expose barely healed wounds.  They need to be beaten down like whack a moles every time they pop their filthy heads up.

Some additional comments and an update on Martha Deans gubernatorial campaign below...

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Tue Apr 08, 2014 at 10:23 PM PDT

Congrats to UCONN

by DisNoir36

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Congrats to both the Boys and Girls NCAA Division I 2014 Champions.  Only the second time EVER that both championships were won by same school.  The first time?  UCONN in 2004.

 photo 1016962_725342194179206_3109397338237868536_n_zps84cb1208.jpg

That is all.

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Things took an interesting turn on the Republican side of the 2014 Connecticut Governor's race with a pair of announcements.  One was expected another was a bit of a surprise.  Republican State Senator Toni Boucher of Wilton CT decided to abort her non official campaign and instead focus on holding her state senate seat.  In her place, it seems Martha Dean who was the GOP candidate for State Attorney General in 2010 will run instead.  Martha Dean for those who don't know is a Newtown Truther who agrees with the conspiracy that Newtown was staged by actors put up by the gov't so that they could confiscate guns.

Head below the cheese flavored popcorn for more fun.    

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Good news if you are in favor of stricter gun safety laws:

A federal district court on Thursday upheld a Connecticut gun control law that expanded the state's assault weapons ban, created a dangerous weapon offender registry and formed new rules for buying ammunition, the Hartford Courant reported.
The GOP appointed judge ruled in favor of public safety over plaintiff claims of infringement on the Second Amendment:
Gun control advocates were buoyed Thursday by a federal court decision in Hartford that upholds Connecticut's toughest-in-the-nation assault weapons ban, calling it a constitutionally valid means of balancing gun rights and the government's interest in reducing gun violence.
The gun rights lobby struck out on this one. The judge tossed out all three of the plaintiffs' constitutional challenges.

And best of all, the judge relied on Heller to make his ruling - that seems significant to me. Heller as a precedent to uphold an AWB.

The plaintiffs tried to use the claim that AW are in common use and although the judge acknowledged common use as a concept, he ruled it did not apply in this case.

I am not familiar with the details fo NY Safe ruling by the Fed court, but if it used Heller as well, seems like there is a strong foundation for a national move at some point.

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What is up with multimillionaire oligarchs who love to play dress up and pretend to "act" poor? Yet while the nation is currently focused on the embarrassing spectacle of "reality" show morons who make their living doing this kind of stuff, this smirking bastard is doing some real damage and has so far escaped notice.

His name is Peter Schiff.

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Quick Diary - If you live in Cromwell Connecticut come out and vote today.   If you know anyone call them and get them out to vote.  The Polls are open until 8:00 p.m. at the High School.  Also, one can register at the Voter's Registrars Office at Cromwell Town Hall and vote.

This year is the year the Democrats need to win back City Government from the GOP.  The GOP has raised taxes +10% over the 2 years they have controlled Town Govenment and spent millions on nonsensical law suits, etc  Worse they fired a 25 year town employee with no cause! Now they are punishing Town Employees who had no direction from their superiors in the case of a pay scandel.

Reposted from LunkHead by DisNoir36

No, this is NOT a comment about how politics is local.

New Jersey and New York City are foregone conclusions.

Virginia is a contest that is really about the GOP's voter suppression efforts.

Bridgeport is about whether or not we can protect our children from the looters in the educational industrial complex.

You see, the pro-privatization slate for the school board was defeated in the Democratic Primary by the Connecticut Working Families Party candidates, and so in the general election will be face Republicans, who are being tacitly, and in some cases explicitly, supported by the Democratic Party establishment (including governor Malloy).

So this election is a big deal:

At stake in this race is control of one the most troubled school districts in the state and the chance to be part of a school board that often spends more time arguing than dealing with poor student performance and ways to improve it.

A nine-member board with guaranteed minority party representation, there are five seats up for grab. There are eight candidates and voters can select any three. The three candidates running on the Democratic slate -- Howard Gardner, Dave Hennessey and Andre Baker -- all found their way onto the ballot via successful primaries earlier this year

The Republicans are Joe Larcheveque, Steve Best and John Weldon and Working Families candidates are Eric Stewart-Alicia, Sauda Baraka -- the only incumbent -- and Baker, who is cross endorsed.

His name will appear on two lines.

During the primary, the Democrats who won made it clear they are not fond of Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas.

The Connecticut Working Families Party has worked to remove Vallas, who was brought into the district when the elected board was replaced for a year by a state-appointed board.

Others question the nationally known superintendent's qualifications and the law that allowed him to waive state certification requirements.

About that last big: In Connecticut, superintendents are required to have some training in education, and he has no independently verifiable educational experience, so they created a no show course for him to pretend to attend, and a judge called bullshit on it (Rather blunter article here).

I would also add that during his (mis) management of the Chicago schools, his protege, and later successor, was one Arne Duncan.

Hopefully, the good guys will win, and the education for the benefit of the hedge fund managers crowd lose this election.

On edit: Salon has a good summary of this too.

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