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Thu Mar 17, 2011 at 10:21 AM PDT

Time for some Kasich bashing

by OHknighty

Mr. John Kasich is the governor of my great state of Ohio. I refuse to call him my governor because I feel towards him and deep and abiding enmity that will surpass my enmity towards the last President of the United States his true evilness G. W. Bush. I never called him my President but the President. Mr. Kasich is so NOT great at winning friends and influencing people. My friends at Plunderbund got me onto this story in January and I thought I would share.

Between this and his budget, there will be lots to talk about. I appreciate that this is a non-sequitur, but I have held back for a while.

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I did research.
I canvassed.
I phoned.
I met the candidate and like her.
I did multiple daily kos diaries to get her name out and encourage contributions.
I think she is better equipped to beat Rob Portman a rotten "Bushie".
Here's a picture of her in front of the Courage Express.

Jennifer Brunner in front of The Courage Express

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I support Jennifer Brunner. There are a lot of people who call me and many of my friends nobody including some of our friends at the DSCC.  I have pictures of a few of them. Please see below the fold.

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This is the long version of the Haitian tent diary. Please read below the fold.
Mrs. M Obama and Dr. J Biden went to Haiti Tuesday so there was more news than usual concerning Haiti.

Haiti Michelle Obama

I just love them.

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Please look for ways to donate any tents that you're not using.  Even if it's your only tent, how long will it be before you will need it again?  Six months?  Send it to Haiti and buy another one when you get your tax refund.

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This is the 84th diary on the earthquake disaster in Haiti.  The first diary was by Dallasdoc and previous diaries are linked below.  The idea is to keep resources visible and easily available for those wishing help.

ShelterBox:  TexMex is busy moving, but carolina stargazer is still watching the store.  The next ShelterBox diary is planned for Tuesday morning, but activity in Friday's installment will continue to be monitored until then.  

Please also visit the most recent action diary in the Dakota Reservation series.

Join us in the comments for today's news roundup and more.  Be sure to also see diaries by Bev Bell for informed ground-level information on Haiti's needs.  Action alerts and links below the fold.

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The focus of this election from the people's perspective is going to be JOBS. That is all anyone is talking about in the state of Ohio.

During the Portman/Taft/Voinovich/Bush years there was a jobless recovery which means the rich got richer and the middle class lost their jobs.

Stocks rose along with unemployment as companies moved more easily overseas and paid their workers less. It helped the portfolios of Wall Street while destroying the portfolios of Main street all across Ohio and the United States.

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I am new here to DailyKos...and admittedly my political participation has been limited to the following: voting, jury duty, hanging placards for Obama at the end of his campaign 2008. I just didn't care much until I saw his handsome face appear on MSNBC @11 pm eastern time. The projected winner of the 2008 Presidential election is (I love Keith Olbermann's voice)...

As a recovering pessimist, or a born again optimist, yes, I am in the bag for Obama.  Go ahead. Let me have it. Done now, ok fine. Now that you are done with your ranting and have put away your sharp knives, we have to keep working.


What is the alternative? Palin/Romney 2012. Is that what you want? No..
Remember, the other side is persistent, tenacious, blood thirsty and hateful. I respect the GOP for their tenacity and persistence. They hate us. They see us as evil. No wonder because we look like cowards 'cause that's how we act. The minute it looks a little difficult and things don't go our way we turn tail and run. I am not running or giving up after the terrrible aughts we have suffered through.

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