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In a highly unusual move Monday, Walmart closed 5 stores, citing plumbing problems requiring a 6 month closure being needed for repairs to be made. The closures were made suddenly with as little as 5 hours notice to many of the employees of the pending closures and layoffs. This is a highly unusual move by Walmart when you look at the work being done in the stores through renovations and upgrading to Walmart SuperCenters where contractors and employees were forced to work through the projects without store closures. This raises suspicion that the reason for the store closures may be something other than what Walmart is claiming publicly.

The stores closing are located in the southern tier of the US coast to coast. The stores are located in:

Pico Rivera, CA. 530 employees, were told they will continue to receive regular pay, and benefits for 60 days, along with possibly being transferred to another store.

Midland, TX. 400 employees, were told they would be able to transfer to other stores or, get the compensation packages. With 60 days pay due to the short notice of closing and are eligible will receive a severance pay of one week of pay per year of service. Upon reopening current employees who did not stay with Wal-Mart will have to reapply.

Livingston, Tx. 400 employees, employees will receive two months pay, with some being eligible for severance pay, and also a position at another store which isn't guaranteed.

Tulsa, OK. 400 employees, employees will receive two months pay, with some being eligible for severance pay 1 week per year worked, and also a position at another store which isn't guaranteed.

Brandon, FL. 400-500 employees, who will be able to receive two months pay, severance pay depending on length of service, and possibly a transfer to another store.

It should be noted that the 60 days pay is required by law in the event of a closure without notice and not the benevolence of America's Richest Family. All of the affected stores have had at least 100 plumbing issues documented in the last year claimed by Walmart as the reason for closing. Despite that claim several news reports claim to have contacted local building officials asking if permits have been applied for or, plans have been submitted and none were noted as of yet. Building officials also stated that no building code violations were noted at the locations. In addition no contractors or repair services have been visible at any of the locations closing. Liberty Tax Service who had kiosks in many of the stores were also suddenly told to vacate the building along with the employees on April 13th, just 2 days before the April 15th, IRS Tax Filing Deadline.

Read More About the Real Reason Why The Walmart Stores Are Closing Below The Orange Doodle...

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On March 13, 2013 FOX 61 CT aired a news segment from the State Capitol in Hartford, CT. the state's Women's Day, which should celebrate female achievement and equality. The female news anchor Erika Arias seemed hesitant as the segment started, which was unusual after all what could possibly go wrong?

 photo Screenshot2013-03-19at62855PM_zpsb65c5d7d.png

We'll find out below the inappropriate sexist orange doodle with Photos & Video.


Is Fox 61 CT's Coverage of Women's Day At The Connecticut State Capital

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Well Weatherdude was right! We got snow and a lot of it!

Also notice I didn't use a fictitious name of a storm invented by a useless weather channel on cable.

Was the Northeast Blizzard 2013 the "Snow Storm of the Century?" MEH...

But still it wasn't anything that deserved panicing about, it was just snow and that happens in winter in the northeast. Just do all the usual be ready stuff and you'll be fine. No I didn't buy any bread, bottled water or, D-cell batteries, I had plenty of bread already, I have better emergency lighting that doesn't use D-cells, and I fill my own water bottles. Just regular common sense stuff.

Almost everything went okay...

The snow started covering the bare ground early Friday morning shortly after sunrise.
It was light at first with only an inch or two on the road by noon when it was starting to get worse. My wife came home from attending to her last minute details (regular shopping not emergency shopping) and parked in front of the house to unload, then I was running out to get gasoline completing our full storm readiness.

I'd have gotten gas earlier but the lines were unbelievable, better to wait until it gets ugly and the amateurs go home. No traffic and no lines, a good set of snow tires gives you that level of confidence.

As we finished carrying in the groceries the phone rang and I was on it a little while, but way too long. As I came out of the house to go get gas the car was nowhere to be seen...


A quick phone call to the local police says come on down to the station with $110 CASH, then to the place where it was towed to about 2 miles away. and I'd have a car again. No cabs or, buses are running as it was starting to come down heavy, but the next door neighbor with a 4WD truck gives me a ride to the ATM, Police Station, and the Impound Yard where I finally have a car again...

Got my gas and went home to hibernate through the storm...

Here are some pictures from the storm and afterwards: Under the orange doodle...

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Yesterday I received an E-Mail from Sen. Richard Blumenthal D-CT discussing his views on Gun Control & the Mass Murders in Newtown, CT.  I'd like to share the E-Mail and my response with you.  We need to respond to these E-Mails from our elected leaders in congress to let them know we support or, disagree with their position to keep "Gun Control Legislation" cooking on the burner.  If our leaders in congress are not generating letters or, e-mails detailing their position on "Gun Control Legislation" we need to make them respond by writing them demanding action!

Please take the time in your busy day to do your part in making democracy work, by writing your elected representatives in congress, asking them to take meaningful action in the efforts to pass "Gun Control Legislation" in our country under siege.

Read Sen. Richard Blumenthal's E-Mail & My Response under the orange doodle...

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