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For years I've been dealing with the pains of being a computer nerd.  Long obscene hours online does take its toll on your body.  From neck, shoulder, and back pain to numb hands and tingling fingers.  Last night was another WTF moment when I was trying to write checks and balance the checkbook.  I had a hard time holding the pen and had an even difficult more time writing out the check.  By the end of it all, it looked like a 5-year-old signed the checks with illegible handwriting.

It doesn't bother me to type but the problem lies in when I use the mouse.  That's where most of my trouble lies - that stupid mouse.  Many have told me to switch the mouse over to my left side so the pain will switch over to my left hand.  I tried but I can't function and have to remain using my right hand.

I've tried many different types of Carpal Tunnel exercises but they generally hurt more than help.  I've tried being online less but being on less doesn't solve anything when the stress sets in that you haven't finished all the work you're suppose to have done.  

My wrist is still numb and my fingers still tingle as I'm typing this right now.   I also had an interesting experience this morning in the shower trying to wash my hair not being able to grasp a hold of the shampoo bottle.  There are other physical ailments that haunt me on a daily basis but no one needs to know about those right now.  I know others have it far worse in life than I do but I just wanted to vent today.


Amy Winehouse, the troubled British singer-songwriter, was found dead in her London home Saturday afternoon.  The cause of death was not immediately known.  Autopsy results were released on Monday as inconclusive.  She had sought treatment as recently as last month for health problems including drug & alcohol abuse and early-stage emphysema.  She was pronounced dead at the scene.  Foul play is not suspected.  Results are expected in a few weeks after further toxicology tests are performed.  

Her family had her cremated which is following in a family tradition.  Her funeral was held today at a synagogue in Edgware, North London.  Family, friends, and industry executives gathered during a very moving service yet very humorous at times.

Police sources say there were no signs of drugs in Amy's Camden home.  She may have been dead for up to six hours before a security guard found her body in bed at around 4 PM.  The last time she had spoken to him was at 10 AM that morning.

She had last seen her doctor just the day before her death.  He was happy with her condition and had no concerns over her health.  She was very fragile and had been admitted to the hospital many times suffering from seizures.  The last time she was admitted to the hospital was weeks before her death after being found in the street.  She had been rushed to a private London clinic.

Amy's father says his daughter had been clean for three weeks and was the happiest she has been in years.  She showed no signs of depression the night before as she was singing & playing the drums in her bedroom.  Her security guard found her dead in her bed the next day.  

Her father says he will now be setting up the Amy Winehouse Foundation as a way to help what Amy loved the most - children, horses, and to help those struggling with substance abuse.  Many now believe that Amy's death was brought on by years of abuse her body had gone through where her system could no longer go on.

Amy's last appearance was with her god-daughter, singer Dionne Bromfield, on stage three days before her death.  You can watch that video at The Sun.

Amy Winehouse's career broke through in 2007 with her album 'Back to Black.'  It earned her six Grammy Award nominations and five wins, tying the record for the most wins by a female artist in a single night.  She couldn't attend the 50th annual Grammy Awards that night but performed on the program via satellite from London.  She won in the categories of Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album.  Her Grammy-winning song 'Rehab' is the song that went on to define her about her refusal to seek treatment for substance abuse.

After news of Amy's death broke, she instantly became a member of the '27 Club.'  It's the name given for a group of influential musicians who died at the age of 27.  The list includes Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, and Kurt Cobain.  Legendary guitarist Robert Johnson is widely believed to be the original member of the '27 Club' after he was poisoned with strychnine in 1938.  According to the book "The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll," more rock stars have died at 27 than at any other age.


For someone who has a long history of screwing up his own marriages, you would think that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani would mind his own business when it comes to gay marriage.  Heterosexuals have done a fine job of destroying families & making a mockery of the sanctity of marriage.  If gay couples want to be as miserable as we all are, then let them get married and let's just stop the hate.

Giuliani's first wife Regina Peruggi is his second cousin and they had known each other since childhood.  He cheated on his second wive Donna Hanover, publicly humiliated her during a 2000 press conference by announcing he was divorcing her, and neglected to tell her either of his decision to leave her or of the press conference.  She first learned of his intentions when she was at home watching his press conference.  He then started parading his mistress Judith Nathan in front of the world while still embracing "family values."  They've now been married since 2003.

After Giuliani left his second wife, he moved in with his good friends Howard Koeppel and Mark Hsiao, a gay couple who've been together since 1991.  The three were real close friends where Koeppel had even asked if Giuliani would perform their wedding ceremony.  He told them he would once gay marriage became legal in New York.  But once Giuliani had delusions of running for president, he distanced himself from Koeppel & Hsiao now stating that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Though now against gay marriage, Rudy Giuliani does say that Republicans should move on from its opposition to gay marriage in an interview with Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday.

"I think that marriage should be between a man and woman," Giuliani said, "but I think that the Republican Party would be well advised to get the heck out of people's bedrooms and let these things get decided by states."

Giuliani said he thinks the decision by the New York state Senate to allow same-sex marriages was "wrong," but he said "there are other things that I think are wrong that get decided by democratic vote."

"And now," he said, "we should move on."

"I don't know what the heck the Republican Party wants to do getting involved in people's sexual lives and personal lives so much for," Giuliani continued. "Stay out of it. And I think we'd be a much more successful political party if we stuck to our economic, conservative roots and our idea of a strong, assertive America that is not embarrassed to be the leader of the world."


Mon Jul 18, 2011 at 03:24 PM PDT

Keep your enemies closer.

by OliviaBennette

Have you ever experienced where the ones who claim to be for free speech are the ones usually wanting to take it away from you?  These are the people who will do everything humanly possible to destroy you.  Free speech is great for them until they decide they don't like what you're saying.  When they don't like what you've said, they then start planning your demise and relishing in your misery.  The rules don't apply to them but there they are dictating to the rest of us how things should be handled.

I've been hurt by more people claiming to be my friend than people who are the enemy.  You know what to expect from your enemies and you're always on guard.  Unlike your friends where your guard is down making you more vulnerable to them.  You can't really trust anyone anymore and it does become miserable to go through life never trusting anyone again.  You put up such a wall where actual genuine friends might be pushed away because it's the only way you know how to protect yourself.

If you have to keep on reminding people what a great person you are, then there might be something wrong with you.  If you're a nice person, you don't have to keep on telling us.  If you have to go around telling everyone your accomplishments and the people you claim to have helped, then you might be only helping these people just so to play hero.  A lot of us help others without feeling the need to rush out and tell everyone.  Many real heroes are silent heroes and are just happy knowing they helped change the world for the better.

This doesn't apply to everyone but it's just my own personal experience.


I got three invitations for the new Google+ but I declined them all.  I don't need to join another black hole that will suck the life out of me.  Too much time is already wasted on social networks that would be better spent on going out and getting some fresh air.  Google is also taking over the world invading our lives and this is just something new in Google's evil plan to know every single thought & move we all make.

Many years ago I practically lived on Myspace, yes it still exists, and it devastated me when the root of all evil known as Facebook lured away all my friends.  Twitter seems to be more my style and I much prefer it to talk to friends.  

The stupidity that exists on Twitter is utterly fascinating making me realize that I'm not the crazy one that my family thinks I am.  I watch in amazement as people say things to one another that they would never say to anyone else face to face.  Lives have been destroyed and families have been torn apart because of saying too much on social networks.  You can't even get a job anymore without your employer pulling your entire online history into question.  

My private Twitter account already takes up enough of my time and I don't need something new to take me away from my already chaotic life.  I've now joined Daily Kos which will now take away even more of my time.  I've been told we can write what we want about any topic we want.  I feel at home here already and my constant need to voice my opinion whether people like it or not seems to fit in here pretty well.  I'm a semi-reformed keyboard warrior trying to change my life and Daily Kos seems to be the perfect fit for me.

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