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Tue Apr 14, 2015 at 09:39 AM PDT


by Oyibowoman

They finally did it. Any illusion that these democratic senators are any different from republicans just went out the window. They are the same and if you ask me I will say that republicans are better because they at least believe in what they are saying. It  may be wrong headed but they sincerely believe in it and what do our side believe in nothing. I would take a misinformed person that truly believes in what they are selling than a flat out liars and that is what democratic senators just declared themselves.


Mon Nov 24, 2014 at 05:32 PM PST

"How to get away with murder"

by Oyibowoman

Become a cop. I think that should be the bumper sticker message after this debacle with officer Wilson. The taught that we should still be wondering if this guy will be charged with something is a testament to what outsizes power that police has in this country.  This concept has made it possible for Klan members to get into law enforcement as a shield to carry out their well taught out intent towards people the feel should not be part of the society and get protected by the law. Kill as often as you please and get away with it.

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Fri Nov 07, 2014 at 08:03 AM PST

Mr president " call their bluff "

by Oyibowoman

It there ever a time when a man says bring it on, I think that time has come. They can't possibly do any more damage than what they  have already done. They way I see it there is nothing left to lose. You held off at the behest of red states democrats, who taught if you issue EA it will cost them their seats, the lost anyway. They have cost so many people so much, they have stymied every thing, background check, they said no, climate change they said no, Public option they said no. their cowardliness cost some very good people their seats . They were so afraid of their own foot steps that they forgot to run on their record. Senator Udall would have won even though  he ran a very bad campaign if this had been done prior to the election. If I didn't know any better I would say they threw this election by the  kind of campaign they ran. They treated their own party leader as if he was the "EBOLA" himself. This may sound bad, but I think they all deserve to lose for the race they ran. They ran as republican lite, unfortunately for them the real republicans worn.  They have the gall to run away from you republicans are thanking them for their cowardice, a lot of us gave money, knocked on doors six years ago to get these seats that they just gave away each and everyone of them. Can someone please explain to me what they were embarrassed about, 5.9% unemployment, 17,000 on the stock market, reduction in  deficit, ten million people healthcare, ten million more jobs added since the depression. Some even went as far as denying that they voted for you, I guess she can celebrate with whomever she voted for. What a shame. I think you should go ahead and issue that EA, what are they gonna do?, Impeachment, I say to them, please proceed, bring it on.  It's time we start throwing some punches.  We need something to rally around after this miserable drubbing that we just took. I have to know that all is not lost.  


The democratic party is a demolition derby. Prominent democrats are in competition for who will say the most destructive thing against this president and in some ways to the party 3 weeks to the election. The latest is from Senator warren adding to the sound bites that republicans can use against democrats. Right now I beginning to think that some democrats want to lose and the constant drum beat of " Obama bad" coming from prominent democrats so close to this election is making some wonder who is really the opponent here, who are we suppose to be fighting the republican party or Obama. This latest grenade lobbed by senator warren is enough to make people wander what is really the agenda here?.
 I am not against criticizing the president but can they at least hold off until after the election. There are a lot of people out knocking on doors, making phone, trying to get the vote out why do they have to listen to people constant drum beat of  "Obama bad"coming from prominent democrats . Obama is not on the ballot and his future is not in doubt, but a lot of people's futures are. I am just saying.


Sun Apr 27, 2014 at 02:00 PM PDT

Birds of a feather

by Oyibowoman

Don Sterling the owner of LA clippers says his friends calls him with questions and to voice their displeasure with seeing his girlfriends picture with Magic Johnson.My question is ,who are these racist friends?. who are these ignorant racist rich people that will be  so offended with picture of this lady with Magic Johnson a rich person like them that they had to make a phone call and complain. I guess no amount of money can wash aware ignorance. Lip stick on a pig, it is still a pig. What a miserable bunch. It goes to show money can't buy happiness. I have not read or heard anyone ask this questions, who are these friends?. I Would like to know but I doubt he will like  to name them nor would they like to be named.  Shame on him and his so called friends.



Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 08:52 AM PST

Putin is their GUY.

by Oyibowoman

The American right wants you to believe that Putin, they say is tough and decisive that is their cover story and some people have bought into it. Underlying their admiration for Putin is their love for they way he sees gay people and his treatment of gay people and somehow progressives have been distracted by thinking that this insults toward the president from the right  has anything to do with Syria no it doesn't. They Jujitsu that is being played here is the enemy of my enemy is my friend so that makes Putin their friend, they hate the same people and I think is time people understand the reason for their admiration for Putin. He is tough on the people they hate.
    I will suggest the next time they talk about how they admire Putin as a leader someone needs to ask why and how come all of a sudden is good to be dictator, The new American value is now admiration for dictators and leaders that imprison and detain political opponents.They and Putin are a team the sooner people understand and fight back the better. They are attempting to humiliate our president on  the world stage because of their animosity towards his acceptance of people they believe are different. Their is a political landmine for the right in this their new found vocal love for Putin let's make sure it explodes on them.  

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