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Fri Mar 27, 2015 at 08:15 AM PDT

Red State shows its Racism

by ProfessionalSmartAss

Red State headline:  "Obama surrenders to Iran".  But look at the photo they chose to use.

This was the first story this morning on Red State.  It was written by Streiff, one of Erick son of Erick's more delusional team members.  However, the implication couldn't be more clear.  Not a surprise, as the comments there are often full of racist content, but this is the first time I've noticed something this blatant on the front page.  
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While I couldn't give a shit if Grover Norquist goes to Burning Man, I do want the world to know that he acknowledged passing out Cuban Cigars as Playa gifts.
In his opinion piece in the Guardian, Norquist admits that he have out Cuban cigars as part of the sharing environment while out in the Desert in Black Rock City.

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RedStater's are clutching their pearls at the moment.  Apparently, per a RS thread by Robert Hahn, Obama used the word "teabag" to describe the tea-partiers.  The actual quote they are claiming is "Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care?"

Sorry if this is (or will be covered) in the normal RSDB, but couldn't resist.

Update:  As the 2nd comment points out, there has been some clarification by the Congressman who originally relayed the story (which was not referenced in the RS Posting).  However, the RedStaters are having a field day with some internal fratricide as one of their own points out that some people still use the word Teabagger as a noun, in a non-perjorative way to describe the tea-partiers.  Great fun, as they hold themselves out to be paragons of civility.

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Utilizing my (as yet) unbanned RedState id, I snuck in to see what's big news over there.  Perusing the actual editorial posts (not the individual comment threads/diaries) one finds lots of talk about SC Appointee Sotomayor,  accusing Obama of palling around with Terrorists (i.e. Chavez), Obama supporting dictators (Zelaya), etc.  The one thing that is curiously NOT being talked about, is Sarah Palin.  Nope, nothing going back all the way to July 3rd.

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